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Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim

  • Release date:
    November 18, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 26m
  • Cast:
    Myla Sinanaj

Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX Celebrity Sextape
Vivid Celeb
Directed by
Date of Production:
Running Time:


Myla Sinanaj

Special Features: NA

Technical Stats: NA

Overall Thoughts:

Watch Internet sensation Myla Sinanaj devour her massive Kris Humphries look alike. Myla is insatiable as she tries to one up her arch nemesis Kim Kardashian. As the Kim tape rolls Myla shows why she's one Backdoor expert. In the sexy no holes barred romp Myla shows why she's one hot Backdoor babe. This ain't Kim xxx..hotter then hell

Well if you were to imagine what a sex tape would look like, this is that. Compared to the other one that has been released, this seems the most typical of a sex tape. Handheld camera and we get to see the action from various views, as they share the filming duties.

Even though this is the more typical sex tape in a way, although still has a porn performer in it, so there’s that. This one doesn’t change my thoughts on sex tapes and really could care less about watching this and I think this is one that is getting a SKIP IT from me.  Once again, need to state this review was from the Vivid Celeb site, so technical stats and special features are not included in the review score, but I don’t think that would change my opinion of this in anyway.

Scene One: 55:14

Talk about a shameless plug, as they start off and he’s watching the Kim K sex tape, and she doesn’t seem too impressed. Later, she is on the bed reading in some lingerie, and he’s got the cameras all set up and is ready to have some fun…action! I can see the similarities in this lady and Kim in the body type. She rolls on her side and he grabs onto her big booty, and then directs her a bit before it’s back to her booty. I see were the focus is going to be. And for the foot fetish people, she finds his crotch through his pants and teases it with her feet. She opens his pants and grabs onto his cock and gives it a few strokes and swallows. Some nice oral work, and then she lays back and he slides off her panties and shoves his fingers in her pussy a bit, then his cock. He picks up the pace and they do their best to keep the action in frame. But that’s ok, I know some big studios who have issues with that. And it’s back to the booty, as it fills up the camera as they continue with some doggy. The booty shows continues as she hops on and rides and grinds on his cock, as it seems her pussy is getting nice and wet. After a brief break, it’s back to some missionary as she is about to cum for him. Well it’s time to break out the Hitachi and give her pussy some added pleasure, as he slides back inside her and even some finger in her ass, if she doesn’t cum from all of this stimulation, something’s wrong. But don’t worry he’s going to give her something bigger than his fingers in her ass very soon, as he tries to open up her tight ass. And it seems we are going to keep the backdoor action in some doggy. After some missionary he pulls out and sprays her with cum, as she continues to use the Hitachi on her pussy. But she’s going to give his cock some more attention as she multi-tasks. He leaves but she is determined to climax with the Hitachi.

Scene Two: 22:36

Once again he has the Kim K tape on, and she is wearing a skin tight dress, and after some playful teasing, she takes a seat on the bed, and slides off his pants and grabs on tight to his cock and is back to work. She gives it plenty of spit this time around and gets him at attention pretty quick. She lays back and it seems like he needs a little help before he can make it back inside her, perhaps some oral love will do the work. It seems to work as she makes her way once again on his cock and rides him, as the big booty gains your attention, until we see his POV, as she plays with her tits. The booty show continues with some doggy and then she ends up jerking him off and back to some missionary before he cums.

Scene Three: 6:44

It’s back to solo time as she shows off her body to the camera, focusing on her booty of course. She moves onto her tits, and then it’s time for the Hitachi once again, as she tries to make herself cum for the camera.


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