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My Friend’s Hot Girl Vol. 3

  • Release date:
    October 19, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 34m
  • Cast:
    Madison Ivy|Samantha Saint|Jayden Lee|Natalie Heart|Blake Rose

Genre: Vignette

Director: ?

Cast: Blake Rose, Jaslene Jade, Jayden Lee, Samantha Saint, Madison Ivy, Rocco Reed, Johnny Sins, James Deen, Seth Gamble

Length: 154 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: This section has a nice looking photo gallery and several trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

Overview: My Friend's Hot Girl 3 is the third installment to this fairly young series for this studio. I like the premise of these plotlines about a guy fooling around with his best buddy's girl. In this version, we have several hot ladies that the fans enjoy watching on screen especially for this company. Many of their scenes are rated in the 8's or 9's range on the Naughty America website.

Scene One: Seth Gamble arrives at pretty blonde Blake Rose's home. They talk a bit on the couch about his friend cheating on her. So, in order to get back at him, the pretty blonde makes out with his best friend. He sucks her hot breasts for a moment before the woman sucks his manhood with good admiration. She really enjoys the titty fuck. Then, the guy eats her pretty passion fruit. The woman's body looks so hot as she lays on the couch. Next, she sticks his dick into her for the spooning moments. We get a very good shot of her pussy when Seth fucks her in the ass during the reverse cowgirl screw. Blake's ass looks hot in the cowgirl position. One of the more exciting moments occur during the mish session.  

Scene Two: A horny Jaslene Jade wants to do a quickie right before she leaves on her trip, but her boyfriend is too busy to pay any attention to her. So, the young woman decides to play with herself instead. When James Deen comes over to take her to the airport, he says her masturbating. Later on, the pair begin to make out on her bed once she discovers that her friend saw her fooling around. Some kissing action occurs and suddenly, the guy rubs her pussy underneath her pink lace panties. He removes them and sucks her nice pussy. She gets turned on by his workout the longer he delves into her tasty morsel. After he rubs it and kisses her, the woman gets on the white carpet to suck his dick and balls. She provides some very good eye contact with him during her steady stroking display. Then, the screwing session is steady too as he spoons, mishes, and doggies her. It's not one of James' more exciting scenes. It was alright. During the cockriding activity, he cums up her body.

Scene Three: On Saint Patrick's Day, Samantha Saint tries to comfort her guy's best friend Johnny Sins. The frisky blonde is looking to get lucky too and she has her eyes on him. They kiss on the couch and soon, she is on his lap. Johnny sucks and squeezes her hot breasts for a while. I like seeing her nipples become hard and pointy. Their kissing action gets more passionate. Then, he bites her nipples and feels her ass. Then, she positions herself so that she can pleasure his dick. The playful woman sucks it well. She does a good job in trying to deep throat. I also like how his dick got pretty wet. Her blow job action got me very turned on. Next, Johnny eats and fingerfucks her pussy. His solid actions make Samantha moan loudly. There are also good shots of her pretty pussy. Afterwards, the missionary screw occurs. She smiles and looks happy as he increases his rhythm. More good shots of her pussy are shown during the reverse cowgirl ride. Samantha applies nice humping effort during the cowgirl ride. As for the fuck from behind action, it takes time for it to build up excitement. It looks more appealing when she is laying flat on her tummy on the couch. The pace of the fucking activity speeds up in the spooning position where Johnny gets to hold onto the woman better to obtain the leverage. After Samantha gets off nicely, the guy cums at her wide open mouth.

Scene Four: Jayden Lee is appreciative to Johnny Sins for taking her to the auto shop. The lonely woman changes into a red bra and panties and seduces her guy's best friend. They kiss and soon, she is on top of his lap. The atmosphere in the room feels stuffy as these two performers create solid chemistry. Next, the man is eating her pussy while Jayden is breathing heavily. His pussy rub increases the steamy chemistry between them. Afterwards, the hot woman sucks his cock with ease as she deepthroats him. I also got very turned on by the mouthfucking session. Later, he mishes her on the green rug. Jayden deserves solid credit for humping her partner pretty well during this session too. When their performance moves back onto the couch, Jayden smiles with much pleasure as he rubs her pussy from behind her. A heated doggie fuck follows where Jayden looks so hot as she grinds her teeth at times. The woman really feels the sensations when he is sucking her pussy again. Later, Jayden looks very appealing while riding him. Next, her face looks emotional as the spoonful of pleasure lingered on. Finally, the guy cums on her mouth.

Scene Five: Madison Ivy shows up at Rocco Reed's home to go over their work. As they are ruffling through big yellow envelopes, they both mention that they have personal feelings for one another. The slow pace plotline and body language lead to them kissing and caressing. The atmosphere feels steamy in a personal way. Rocco slowly undresses his friend to expose her breasts and ass. After he has removed her shorts, the guy orally massages her beauty spot. Madison is moaning sweetly. Next, the woman sucks his dick, but in a more passionate and heated manner. Meanwhile, Madison's eyes are so amazing as she looks up at him. I also enjoyed how she orally pleasured his balls. Afterwards, the screwing activity starts off in the doggie position where it the pace builds up nicely. She ends up cumming well. By the time, we get to the spooning moments, Rocco's work has made her leg squirm uncontrollably. Then, I enjoyed watching her suck his well worked up dick right before the mish moments occur. Madison gets worked up. After he cums inside of her, Madison's body shakes so much.

Final Thoughts: This film provides good sex with attractive women and entertaining storylines. Madison Ivy had the most memorable performance with Samantha Saint and Jayden Lee coming close behind. Naughty America fans will enjoy this solid film. It's a recommended one.


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