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Oil Overload 9

  • Release date:
    September 9, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 51m
  • Cast:
    Monique Alexander|Puma Swede|Chris Streams|Christopher Streams|Jayden Jaymes|Aleksa Nicole

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Oil Overload 9: Special Edition

Jules Jordan Video/Chris Streams Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Chris Streams

Cast: Jayden Jaymes, Manuel Ferrara, Aleska Nicole, Toni Ribas, Mr. Pete, Romi Rain, Monique Alexander, Erik Everhard, Puma Swede, Dillion Harper

Length: 230:40 minutes (117:47 minutes & 112:53 minutes)

Date of Production: 8/18/2013 (box cover); 8/16/2013 (credits)

Extras: The discs had their own unique extras, the first one offering three trailers, a popshot recap, a photogallery, and websites. The second disc had similar extras, including a great Behind the Scenes feature by Tony Flush lasting 45:34 minutes, all the other extras, as well as three more trailers.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Oil Overload 9 was presented in an appealingly clear 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video. As with almost everything the director shots these days, the lighting was great and the cameras angles showed a lot of talent, the video bitrate providing ample room to make the ladies look their best. There was a company watermark in the lower right hand corner for those that care, my preference being that they aren’t in view but understanding the fight against piracy impacting this aspect of many productions. The editing by Mecha was also well done, the tease montages providing great strokability and the scenes themselves allowed to show off the best assets of the ladies without as heavy an editing hand as other companies provide. In this sense, the movie was not the longest I have seen but the tease and action was typically tighter edited (in a good way) that allowed for the best of both worlds. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio was a bit basic with no separation or major dynamic range but I could always hear what was said and the music (by HHSolid) didn't interfere with my viewing pleasure. To sum it up, the visuals and audio were complimentary to the sexual antics in a way most gonzo productions don’t always provide.

Body of Review: Chris Streams is one of the best gonzo directors in the industry, the bulk of his current work coming out at Jules Jordan Video and companies they distribute. His latest title to make it my way is called Oil Overload 9: Special Edition, the double disc movie one of the most anticipated of the season for me. I have long found this to be a favorite series, the multitude of quality action enhanced by the top notch casting (both sexes), fine technical aspects, and nearly three and a half hours of material most should find exceptionally strokable in this particular volume. The ladies included Jayden Jaymes, Romi Rain, Aleska Nicole, Dillion Harper, Puma Swede, and Monique Alexander so I knew this would be another winner, the series as a whole trumping any of the other “oil” titles I adore so much given my experiences of the past year. Of note this time was a nice cast diversity, using some experienced stars, some newcomers, and some that are very selective about their appearances these days, the result making this one stand out from the pack. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

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Scene One: Jayden Jaymes, the busty brunette with the beautiful bent over booty seen on the middle of the left side of the front cover, was up first with Manuel Ferrara after a sexy tease outside in her pink and black bikini. There was lots of oil and sunshine to make her look all the more fetching, the gal labeled as the only lady to make a repeat visit in the series. I know awhile back there were rumors floating around about her gaining weight or looking the worse for wear but neither proved to be true here, the young babe as tasty as ever physically. As she continued to gyrate her sweet curves, Jayden glanced in a seductive manner toward the camera, giving her full attention to Manuel once the music stopped playing. She climbed into bed to show her ass glistening with oil, Manuel giving her even more as she rubbed herself, a titty fuck and short blowjob leading him to gobble her gash. Jayden’s bald beaver was puffy and ready to rumble so he stretched her “fucking pussy out” as she suggested, their eye contact and personal chemistry together making this a wonderful opening scene. They kissed and took turns diddling her snatch too, more oral provided from time to time as she showed a desire to slob his knob with enthusiasm. Jayden was an active rider in almost all positions too, pushing back to meet his thrusting pecker and more oil sprayed on her incredibly curvy form before the ending wad of genetic juice was unleashed all over her face during the ending titty fuck.

Scene Two: Aleska Nicole, the lean hotty seen on the center of right on the front cover, was up next as she teased on the staircase in the home, her animal print bikini riding up deep in her beloved ass crack and tight little pussy. She applied a lot of oil herself, her tiny pubic patch covered by her panties as she energetically teased on the sofa bed which led to her using a clear anal toy to ready her for Toni Ribas and Mr. Pete. While my eye was fixated on her well rounded rump, the gal was the entire package here, carrying on a conversation with the director who whispered to her as she showed how much she was into the action. She taste tested the toy out of her ass and allowed both men to douse her with the oil mixture, moving to alternate oral on them both before they shared her pussy and ass while roughing her up a bit (slapping her ass for example). Aleska was not quite as active when getting anally plowed but she took the DP’s well, her stream of dirty talking like a nasty slut exciting the men more than a little bit as they pounded away on her form. She passionately enjoyed them both too, her eye contact superior and desire to take both loads of population pudding to her open mouth and face, assisting them in draining every last drop of baby batter from their ball sacks.

Scene Three: Romi Rain, the incredibly fine brunette newcomer featured on the entire right side of the cover, was then up as the final scene of the first disc. Her classic lingerie displayed her incredible curves to full effect, her ass looking even better in action as she pranced about outside than indoors where lucky Toni Ribas waited to sample her goods. Fans of ink will appreciate her extensive tattoos on her back, the gal showing a great deal of poise and allure as she applied the first round of oil to her popular body. Toni wasted no time going after her either, rubbing his pecker against her ass and pussy as he helped her with the abundant oil, Romi bending over to take him inside her bald beaver before she slobbed his knob on the floor. The hand to gland combat added plenty of friction and she throated him nicely, Romi spreading herself wide to smile as he drilled her to her satisfaction. The back cover described her as a “sexual hurricane” and every time I see her from now on, I’m going to expect her work to be just as wild as it was here; yes, it was that good. The sex was vaginal only for those who care but even one look at her intensity level when she finished him off orally will speak volumes as to how well she took this one for her own, the spank glazing her mug as she swallowed much of it during her oral worship of Toni’s cock.

Scene Four: Monique Alexander, the beautiful redhead featured on the lower middle of the front cover, was up next in the first scene of the second disc. I remember her early days as a contract girl elsewhere and think she has sure come a long, hard way; her ample sample of an ass looking better now than ever and her extensive tattoo collection sure to be appreciated by those into the genre too. Monique teased outside in the sun while wearing a pink and black bikini outfit enhanced by some black stockings, her pubes neatly trimmed as she pulled her panties up her snatch and ass while getting into the seductive caresses of her body. I thought it was interesting that she did not start oiling up until she went inside the house though, her heart shaped ass and nipple erections certainly inviting to me as I watched her warming up. She lucked out and was paired up with Erik Everhard, the guy assisting with the oil application before eating her out and thumbing her perfect pucker. He seemed to love going down on her as much as she loved him doing it, her high pitched squeals of delight making the hairs on my neck stand up as well as something else altogether stir somewhat south. He began vaginally boning her like he owned her too, her tits bouncing as she continued to embrace her inner slut, Monique moving into a very active cowgirl where he fingered her ass some more as more oral on her part soon led to doggy and then anal penetration. They took the anal slowly but she was enchanted by Erik to a degree, the gal calling for his cock in her ass by the time they were finished. She inhaled his pecker and he tossed out a wealth of splooge all over her face, Monique appearing to swallow some of it as her pretty eyes looked toward the camera one last time.

Scene Five: Puma Swede, the busty blond MILF seen on the center of the front cover, was up next in satin blue undies and black lace as she teased outside. I’ll be the first to admit that Puma is rather hit or miss with me these days, her appeal coming more from her attitude than her admittedly sexy body. She showed some great moves outside on the sunny day, changing to teasing inside the bedroom to oil up. The messy fluids went everywhere but she scored big with Manuel Ferrara as a scene partner, the gal slowly disrobing before he helped her with the oil bottle and she reciprocated with a skilled blowjob. She stroked his cock as he felt her tits, both of them kissing and otherwise pawing each other soundly. This led to a multitude of active vaginal positions, Puma becoming increasingly loud in her appreciation which soon led to them moving forward with anal. Manuel did much of the work initially but she soon kept pace and impaled herself on his turgid rod, panting as she get off to his cock in ass and hand on snatch in a most over the top manner. Puma used increasing amounts of oil on her body as they boned and this was actually one of her best scenes to date, the gal blowing him and jerking off his cock to drain his gonads dry of ball batter while showing some serious oral devotion to the man.

Scene Six: Dillion Harper, the lean young lady seen on the upper left quadrant of the front cover in a light blue bikini, was up last as she tormented the camera with her all natural curves outside in and around the pool. Dillion stripped slowly and there was slow motion footage included in the tease, the newcomer looking great as she playfully worked her body so very well, her clean shaven slit and ass as inviting as ever. The tease continued in the house and she was not shy about applying oil to her body, soaking her boobs and ass in particular before she started orally pleasuring Erik Everhard by giving his meaty member a passionate hummer. The pair continued with oral until he tapped her shaven pussy too, her cries of ecstasy pushing Erik to hammer her harder and faster, the various positions all seeming to work at exciting the young lady to her full potential. She was an active rider who gave good eye contact, her continued reliance on giving him some of the best head of the show certain to win fans of the act as he alternated between that and pounding into her snatch. I liked her pronounced tan line a lot, Erik letting loose the baby batter juice all over her face where she appeared to swallow some as the director chimed in as to how “amazing” she was.

Summary: Oil Overload 9 by director Chris Streams for Jules Jordan Video was another great gonzo fuck flick full of oil, hot women, enthusiasm, energy, and the kind of technical values I appreciate. Every one of the ladies provided some great strokability and replay value, the nearly four hours of great spank bank material meriting a rating of Highly Recommended as far as I’m concerned. I won’t kid you that having Jayden Jaymes, Monique Alexander, and Romi Rain didn’t impact my rating somewhat (each provide all the qualities I look for) but none of the others dropped the ball either so it nearly earned the highest rating. In short then, Oil Overload 9: Special Edition was a great deal of fun, the fun factor enhancement and cast of attractive ladies making it work so well for my tastes so check it out.


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