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Mommy & Me 7

  • Release date:
    September 9, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 57m
  • Cast:
    Alyssa Reece|Brenda James|Nancy Vee|Lizzie Tucker|Delilah Blue|Alesia Pleasure|Alexa Styles|Emily Benjamins

Genre: Made For Women, MILF, 18+ Teens, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: ??

Cast: Lizzie Tucker, Nancy Vee, Emily Benjamins, Alesia Pleasure, Brenda James, Alyssa Reece, Delilah Blue, Alexa Styles

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 2 hours

Release Date: No Release Date Announced

Extras: Extras included Slideshow, Strip Teases, and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: I’m constantly impressed with this series of moms and daughters (all fake by the way) getting it on and engaging in pretty steamy sex scenes. Volume 7 of this excellent series is without a doubt one of the best in the series. There are just enough “mommy” references to turn you sick pervs (which I am one) on, the performers look just enough alike, and the chemistry here is perfect. This is what an award nominated title should be all about!

Scene 1 Alyssa Reece, Brenda James
As the two are working in the garden on a hot day, Brenda and Alyssa take a break. Brenda is feeling up Alyssa gently but doesn’t alarm Alyssa at first. When they go inside Brenda admits she’s been lonely and hasn’t been intimate with anyone for so long and begins making a play for Alyssa. She’s creeped out by it but Brenda gently holds her down and starts to make out with her. Alyssa finally submits and becomes Brenda’s fuck toy. A common occurrence which I appreciate is that all the daughters get undressed first, turning on their moms as they show off their skinny soft bodies. Alyssa gets Brenda worked up as she stands naked in front of her mom and begins to kiss her. The two engage in pretty long bouts of oral but it’s more of a kissing and sucking affair as Brenda and Alyssa sample one another’s sweet spots.

Scene 2 Delilah Blue, Alexa Styles
This scene like the last one took a bit before the sex occurred but at least we got to see Delilah prance around naked around her mom Alexa, who notices how good her daughter looks. She sees her in the tub and as she rubs one out Delilah spots her and is freaked out. But Alexa calms her down and the starts kissing her, Delilah not seeming to mind her mom’s lips touching hers. When they go back to the room Delilah starts sucking on her mom’s tits as Alexa tells her to suck it like she did when she was a baby. They then go at it, causing one another to cum multiple times. Lots of oral, kissing, fingering, this scene is just so good you may want to check it out again.

Scene 3 Emily Benjamins, Alesia Pleasure
After Alesia finds out Emily stole her credit card, Emily storms into Emily’s room where she catches her camming. Shocked, Aleshia demands to see what she’s been selling which of course is her cute little body. Aleshia gets so worked up at the site of her daughter that she starts kissing her body. Aleshia proclaims it’s all about her daughter and for the next 20 minutes it’s pretty much Aleshia eating out Emily’s twat. Even when Emily wants to go down on Aleshia she stops her just so she can continue to eat away at Emily. She becomes so into the oral that she even says she can’t talk as Emily keeps asking her how her pussy tastes like. Aleshia is just so consumed with eating pussy. After a quick 69 Aleshia finally stops after getting her nut with Emily still in possession of her mom’s credit card.

Scene 4 Lizzie Tucker, Nancy Vee

Veteran performer Nancy Vee, one of my all time favorites, is back and hasn’t lost a step and can still fuck with the best of them and her dirty talk is just as erotic as ever. She uses dirty talk to talk Lizzie into a little fun with mommy and it doesn’t take long for Lizzie to succumb to Nancy. The scene is shorter than the rest but in the time allotted both ladies definitely do a great job of getting each to tremble, their sex scene being a scorcher that includes heavy pussy eating and tribbing action. Both ladies perform real well but Nancy proves she hasn’t lost a step, charming her daughter out of her panties.

Summary: I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t think it was worthy enough but Mommy & Me 7 is a strong contender for all major cougar/kitten awards. With a two hour run time the time it takes to watch will go by fast. One of, if not the only issue I had was the buildup took a tad long to get going, time that would have been better served for a longer sex scene. I like lesbian seduction but at times I felt like it could’ve been cut down. Still, what occurred sex-wise was purely unbelievable. I could and will definitely be having repeat viewings of this title. This cast all seemed eager to jump on one another and start fucking once the scene began. There definitely weren’t any girls just performing for the paycheck and you certainly didn’t see any of the girls act too hard to be attracted to their scene partner. Virtually every performer stood out, all coming into this project with 100% enthusiasm, and played up their roles as either mothers or daughters to a tee. What is there left to say but to give this title a Highly Recommended rating!


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