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Mommy & Me 6

  • Release date:
    July 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 25m
  • Cast:
    Raquel Sieb|Jennifer Best|Selma Sins|Dakota Charms|Cici Rhodes|Nicole Ferrera|Lady Monroe|Crystal Jewels

Genre: Made For Women, MILF, 18+ Teens, All Girl/Lesbian

Director: ??

Cast: Raquel Sieb, Crystal Jewels, Jennifer Best, Cici Rhodes, Selma Sins, Nicole Ferrera, Lady Monroe, Dakota Charms, Adriana

Audio/Video: Audio and video quality were both excellent.

Length: 2 hours, 28 minutes

Release Date: 6/30/13

Extras: Extras included Slideshow, Strip Teases, and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: I admit, I love mother/daughter porn. Yes it’s sick, twisted, a taboo most people in the world would be disgusted by, unimaginable that a mother daughter pair would engage in the muff diving arts. But yes I and I’m sure many more fantasize about this, and while it may say something negative about us, I continue to be amazed and turned on by Filly Films’ Mommy & Me series. There’s no holding back, these fake mother daughter pairings clearly make it known they’re playing blood related family members engaging in some pretty wicked yet scorchingly amazing lesbian sex. Volume 6 does the same as all its previous volumes have done—got my rocks off and looking forward to the next volume in one of my favorite lesbian series.

Scene 1 Dakota Charms, Racquel Sieb

Racquel is walking around the Hard Rock during AVN time and spots her “daughter” Dakota also walking around the hallways with a badge. Racquel is shocked that her daughter is at a porn convention even Racquel is there as a performer. She has lots to explain to her daughter and as they enter the hotel room where they can talk, Racquel sort of initiates that if Dakota is interested in performing, she can show her some of her techniques. Dakota starts to accept the fact her mom is a porno chick and the two suddenly engage in pretty serious girl on girl action. Dakota sucks on Racquel’s plastic tits and helps Racquel get undressed. Dakota then undresses her body, sampling her goodies as she slowly peels away her clothing. The two start to eat one another out and engage in plenty of 69 action. And they play up their mother daughter roles nicely, sounding genuine as they cry out “Oh mom,” or “You’re such a good daughter.” Both ladies deliver a scorching opening scene.

Scene 2 Cici Rhodes, Lady Monroe, Adriana

Lady Monroe and Cic Rhodes are sisters who have been playing with one another sexually behind their mother’s back. The two start going at it in the living room since they think they’re alone, but then mom Adriana walks in unexpectedly and starts yelling at the two. After she calms down the girls seduce their mom into joining them and the next thing you know, she’s face deep in both her daughter’s vag’s. Cici and Lady do a good job of turning their mom out as they both suck on her tits and lick her clit simultaneously, easily one of the hottest lesbian scenes of theyear. Adriana makes them promise next time they get it on invite her as well.

Scene 3 Jennifer Best, Nicole Ferrara

Nicole’s mom Jennifer is a mature model and gets turned on watching her pose for pictures. When it’s over and it’s just the two of them alone, Nicole makes the more, rubbing mom’s thighs and fondling Jennifer’s breasts. Jennifer doesn’t really try to stop her but is curious about what she’s doing. Once it’s obviously clear Jennifer just lets Nicole take the lead, getting her undress and sucking on her tits. Nicole then takes off her clothes, turning her mom on by showing off her young tight body. Both ladies then engage in a heavy makeout session followed by long periods of time spent lapping up each other’s twats. Nicole takes charge of this scene getting her mom off by fucking her with her fingers and eating her out. Jennifer trembles as Nicole makes her mom cum multiple times then Jennifer kisses her daughter, tasting her own sweet juices on her.

Scene 4 Selma Sins, Nicole Ferrara, Crystal Jewels

Selma and Crystal come up with a scheme to take advantage of their cute housekeeper Nicole who’s back again. Selma talks Nicole into making out with her and as the two lock lips, Crystal looks on in the background fingering herself. She then makes her to the girls, starling Nicole but then succumbs to the two ladies. Perhaps the fact she’s also employed by them made her do what they told her to do but nevertheless she gets into the this strange threesome. Selma and Crystal play with their Latina fuck toy while also playing with each other, burying their faces in twat and devoting their attention to Nicole who looks amazing between the two white women. Especially Selma and Nicole, the two young girls who share an instant attraction towards one another. Crystal just seems to be there and the two sort of tolerate her there but not showing too much attraction towards her. They still pull off a pretty hot scene that will make you tug it out.

Summary: It’s another winning volume, one I’m Highly Recommending right out the bat. Filly Films owns this taboo with it’s always titiliating mother daughter scenarios and pairings. While I can’t buy Jennifer and Nicole being blood related relatives, and Lady Monroe and Adriana couldn’t look more different, it’s really the sex I concentrate on. That may be an issue for some though. I also wish instead of bringing back Nicole in the closing scene they had gone with another girl, perhaps move this scene for an upcoming volume so you’re not repeating girls especially if they’re playing a totally different character from last time. And I hate to say it but Crystal Jewels just isn’t much to look at or jerk off to. Other than that, everything else about this volume is home run. I love the AVN scenario with Dakota and Racquel, really unique touch, and two threesome scenes is just asking for guys to blast a big load all over themselves. Sexy moms and daughters and really hot sex is what you’ll get if you pick this title up.


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