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Mommy Got Boobs Vol. 15

  • Release date:
    November 13, 2012
  • Runtime:
    3h 16m
  • Cast:
    Jewels Jade|Sienna West|Brandi Love|Syren De Mer |Franceska Jaimes|Eva Notty|Johnny Sins|Keiran Lee|Voodoo|Jordan Ash

Mommy Got Boobs Vol. 15
Web Compilation
Date of Production: 10/05/12
Running Time: 2:53:06


Sienna West
Jewels Jade
Franceska Jaimes
Brandi Love
Syren Demer
Johnny Sins
Danny Mountain
Keiran Lee
Jordan Ash

Special Features:

Bonus Scene with Eva Notty/Voodoo: 28:10
Cumshot Recap: 7:09
Photo Gallery
Trailers: 4
Web Access

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Big tits matured to perfection.

When we get movies sent to us to review that we weren’t that into watching in the first place, you kind of watch them and just hope it’s over pretty quick. Well sometimes you get lucky and are surprised at what you see. And I can say that with this one, we started off great and after some so-so scenes, we ended up ending on an even better note, with the great scene with Syren and Jordan. And for that scene alone, it makes this a RENT IT instead of a skip it.

Franceska/Johnny: Showin’ Skin to Mr Sins

Fracescka’s house is a mess! She’s relieved to have Mr Sins appear and give her a helping hand. Mr Sins is great for getting rid of stubborn stains, dried up dishes, and of course, fucking Franceska’s brains out.

I may not be looking forward to this one, but I have to say that Brazzers at least got my attention with the comedy in this one, and perhaps they can win me over, much like she is trying to do with him, as she washes herself with the sponge, and then grabbing and teasing his cock through his pants. She pulls her boobs out and continues to get them wet and tease him, and then finally pulls out his cock and grabs on tight while she cleans it with her mouth. And perhaps the accent is helping winning me over too. I like boobs of all sizes and she seems to have big but not scary big ones. And this is just the first of many titty fucking I am sure we are going to see in this one. He gives her tits some love, sucking and licking them, while also teasing her pussy a little. Lots of tune in Tokyo. He dives in her pussy and makes sure it is nice and clean after a tongue bath. And from her moans, he is making sure it’s crystal clean. She bends over up against the counter, and sticks out that rather nice ass, and he slides off her panties and follows up with his cock in her pussy. Ok I am willing to admit if the rest of the scenes are anything like this, it might not be that bad after all. And she keeps up the dirty talk as he continues to penetrate her pussy, which has a little bit of a patch above it, for those that care. It’s back to some titty fucking, before he lays down on the counter and she hops on for some cowgirl, as she grinds and hops on his cock nicely. And she keeps up the pace nicely when it’s onto reverse cowgirl. She climbs off and gives his cock a nice wet cleaning with her mouth, and then he lays her on her side and licks and dives his tongue in her ass, while rubbing her pussy. It’s onto some missionary, and he keeps a nice pace going, until he pulls out and covers her face with a nice cumshot.

Sienna/Danny: Graduation Lay

Sienna is so proud of her son. After dropping him off at the prom, she’s happy to meet a fellow parent. Danny’s also proud of his son for graduating. He also thinks that Sienna is one hot lady, and he loves to “appreciate” beautiful women.

They hit it off, and after some punch and small talk, it’s off to check out the school, which seems to end up at the bathroom. And he is a little forward, but she seems to melt with his words, and after some intense kissing, he goes right for her very big and pierced boobs. Although be warned, she does have a black widow tattoo on her, that might be a sign Danny. Well he is too concentrated on her boobs to notice it. He lifts up that skin tight dress and gives her pussy and ass a nice licking and fingering. Some two finger action as he treats her like a bowling ball. She falls to her knees and shows her appreciation to his cock, and even shoving his balls in her mouth. And here comes the titty fucking, and we pretty lose sight of his cock in between those giant tits. She leans up against the sink and he slips in from behind for some doggy in her pierced pussy. She sits on the sink and he is right back inside her pussy. He sits on the toilet, seats down, don’t worry, and seems to mesmerized by her tits and can’t keep his eyes off them. She gets his cock wet with her mouth and then climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl, and the camera gives us a up close view of her giant bouncing tits. And the dirty sex in the bathroom continues as he slowly slides in her ass, which continues as they make they way to the floor, and things really speed up then. They stand up and she leans up against the wall and he continues to give her ass, plenty of his cock and she starts to beg and plead for his cum, which he eventually gives her, as he frosts her mountains.

Brandi/Keiran: Widow Whammy

Newly widowed Brandi decides to move on with her life and starting fresh. Part of their grieving process is taking Keiran, a new employee for ZZ Movers, huge dick in her twat. Keiran fucks the mourning out of her.

Seems its going to be his lucky day on the job. He tries to concentrate but he can’t stop staring at her boobs. Remember it’s like the sun. She comes back only wearing a yellow bra and panties, and gets turned on before she even shows him the goods. A lady has needs and he is going to put in some extra work to show off his dedication to his job. He gets behind her and reaches around and has some fun with her boobs. The bra comes off and her tan lined boobs are out and about, as he slides his hands down the front of her panties. He opens his pants just enough that she can slide her hand down and jerk him off a little. After lots of tongue play of her tits and pussy, she bends over and he gives her a little finger action in her pussy. Then throws in some foot love for you feet fetish people out there. She ends up bent over again and he gives her ass a nice tongue workout, diving in and out, before sliding his cock in her pussy for some doggy action. And here comes the titty fucking, well it’s more just slapping it against her tits, when it’s not in her mouth. But let’s just say that when she is done, his whole cock is going to be nice and wet. They make their way to bedroom as she continues to show her appreciation to his cock, and then end up with some missionary on the side of the bed. They continue with some reverse spoon, then climbs her tan lined booty on his cock for some cowgirl, with a few ass slaps from him. His cock keeps slipping out of her pussy, but there is some nice teasing before he slides back in, and turns up the pace a little. She flips around as the pace continues, and she even uses her feet to stroke his cock a little, and then ends up on her knees begging for his cum and gives her a cum mustache.

Jewel/Jordan: My Mom is Fucking Crazy

One afternoon, Helga brings Jordan over for a little romp in the sack. Her mom, Jewel decides to take his cock for a test drive. She locks Helga in her bedroom to make sure Helga doesn’t interrupt the fun.

She is wearing a dress that barely keeps those giant boobs contained, but she sets them free as she dances around a little, and then decides to see what her daughter, Katie is doing. Katie can sense something is a miss and tells Jordan he needs to leave. How crazy can she be? Famous last words. Jewel invites them to the living room, well mostly Jordan, as she locks Katie in her room. Back in the living room she cues up the music and gives him a little dance, showing off those tits and ass to him. And when the tits are out, he is drawn to them, and can’t keep his hands and mouth off of them. She takes this time to stroke and tease his cock through his shorts, getting him nice and hard, and the dirty talk is helping too. She wants to see his cock and seems rather impressed by the size, as she strokes it, and then leans over and shoves it in her mouth. Some brief titty fucking, then she lays on her back with her legs spread wide as he slips into her pussy, and the moans get a little louder. He gives her pussy a nice tongue lashing, then slides a finger in her ass, and then treats her like a bowling ball, really getting her motor running. She orders him on the floor and then climbs on for some reverse cowgirl and her tits are so big and tight they barely move. She ends up bent over on the couch and she lets him slide into her ass. And let’s just say that there is a lot of anal in various positions for the rest of the scene, although nothing really stands out for me. And after the anal he pulls out and cums in her mouth. Yeah she is crazy.

Syren/Jordan: Spy vs. Syren (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Overworked and undersexed, Syren Demer is one hot MILF. When finished her chores, she takes a hot bath in the middle of the afternoon. Jordan, her son’s friend, wanders in and spies on the sultry temptress, Syren exacts a revenge, which in this case, is best served hot.

She is cleaning the bathroom, and showing off the tits to the camera, as they are nice and wet, and her nipples are also making an appearance though her shirt. She sits on the floor and begins to relax as the shoes and shirt come off, and we are getting a nice view in those cut off jeans shorts too. She takes the sponge and lets the soapy water run down her tits. She stands up and turns around as she slides off the shorts and her panties, and then heads into the bath. Her tits are going to be really clean by the end of this scene. Her son and his friend, Jordan are playing some games, and then Jordan decides to check out Syren’s room, looking for some good stuff. He opens the door and sees Syren relaxing in the tub, but then she catches him. But gives out a laugh and then dries off and put on a robe to find him. She takes him to her room and has a huge smile on her face as she closes the door. She teases and tempts him as she tries to scold him, but she’s naked, and his cock notices. She opens his pants and decides to swallow it whole as a way to teach him a lesson. And while she is doing her best sword swallowing, he is able to reach down and give her pussy a little teasing with his fingers. Could it be the red hair, I don’t know, but I have to say it looks like we are going to at least end on a good note. And just like that, after getting his cock nice and wet, we have our titty fucking. She is really energetic when it comes to the oral. She lays down and he gives her pussy a nice licking while also slapping her tits, which she apparently likes. And the slap fest continues, he slaps his cock against her pussy before sliding in for some nice energetic missionary. Seems her tits are going to be bright red from all the slapping he gives them. And she also keeps him hard with the dirty as she begs and teases about shoving his cock in her ass, and she seems to definitely feel every thrust from the look on her face. I think the only other time I have seen her in action was mostly G/G stuff and she seems on a whole other level when there is cock involved. She attacks it with some great energy. She even rides his cock with that same intensity. They may go through various positions as the anal continues in this scene, but there is more energy and enthusiasm, plus some great chemistry that was missing from the previous one. The anal pounding continues in some doggy, and then she ends up on her knees, worshipping his cock again, sucking and jerking him off till he cums in her mouth.


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