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Dani Loves Girls

  • Release date:
    September 4, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 35m
  • Cast:
    Misty StoneCherie DeVille|Natasha Nice|Dani Daniels|Misty Stone|Sovereign Syre

Genre Girl/Girl

Director Dana Vespoli


Cast Dani Daniels, Misty Stone, Natasha Nice, Sovereign Syre, Cherie DeVille

Date of Production 16 February 2013

Condoms No toys

Audio / Video Filmed in HD. Recorded in Dolby Digital.  Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio; music and dialogue were full and clear.

Extras A decent photo gallery is included, featuring all the ladies (solo) dressed and nude.  There were trailers for Lesbian Babysitters 9, Lesbian Hitchhiker 6, and Shades of Pink.  The best extra was the 15 minute BTS footage; beautiful women in sexy afterglow. But, if you're like me and hate to hear adults use the word "like" every two words, you might get tired of Dani's interviews. BTS has minimal replay value.

Preview  Dani Loves Girls is the best kind of “vanity” project.  Dani is a favorite of XCritic reviewer Sean DPS, and his accolades have me more than a little curious.  She isn’t someone you can miss if you’re paying any attention to the industry.  The drop dead gourgeous California cutie makes a triumphant return to girl-girl with this piece.  One big reason why lesbian porn has become so popular is the sensual tone with which many of the productions are being made. Studios have come to realize that many fans want to see two women have real, intimate sex. Dana Vespoli is the right director for the project, having consistently delivered sensual and passionate depictions of women enjoying each other.

Nice to Meet You:  It opens with an interview bit touching on Dani’s love of girls.  She gives some insights on lez-curious girls.  Dani’s first guest is Misty Stone.  Dani and Misty met for the first time on the set of Meow 2, and they also both appeared in the  Spice Girls parody.  They get to know each other with sweet kisses.  They caress each other affectionately and begin to feel more comfortable.  This attention to intimacy is a real turn-on.  I love Misty, but her performances can be over the top at times, or maybe she’s just demonstrative.  When Dani says “I just can’t stop eating you” that’s a sign of a good match.  Near the end I noticed Dani was completely nude but Misty kept her leg warmers and heels on.

Firefront Frenzy: Dani and Natasha Nice seem to have a close personal relationship.  All I could find as far as previous scenes together is a Penthouse photo shoot. and a web sceneon Natasha's web site. Natasha was in Fantasy Girls (directed by Dani, for Filly), but the two were not together.  Predictably, things start slow.  Funny how, if Dani says, “She's got these great tits.” and Natasha says, “I've always known that she had a beautiful face and a nice rack...Dani also has a butt, too.” it’s OK. But if I write it without the quotes, I’m objectifying them.   A bi-sexual anthropology professor once told me, “Feminism, like porn, is rife with contradictions.”

They started in the hot tub but things got much hotter after they got out.    Plenty of kissing and breast play is the considerate way to warm up a lover.  Turning her around and licking her from behind is how they chose to finish each other off.  Natasha has a pretty wicked foot fetish.  Both ladies were sporting trimmed bush.

FORE-play: Sovereign Syre was up third.  Dani and Sovereign have similar body types, ideal to each other; tall and curvy. When the scene started with Dani on a golf course, my hopes were up for a links themed romp. No luck, but you might be lucky enough to catch Dani on the course if you play in SoCal.  Whereas the previous scene was intimate and somewhat subtly subdued, Dani and Sove were very energetic, almost frantic.  They’ve done five scenes together, so they obviously know each other’s bodies, resulting in a fabulous scene.

Every time I see her, I think Cherie DeVille has a fantastic body for a woman of 35.  Dani obviously thinks so too.  By this point, I was wishing the interview interludes could have been part of the extras package, but then there would be no lead in to the sex.  The final romp was an exercise in submission, in the sense that Dani and Cherie are usd to taking the leadin scenes with other women, and in this one they could relax and be serviced.  That doesn’t mean this scene was tame by any measure.  They were all over the bed, flipping from top to bottom and back constantly.  The last scene was as good as the first, and the second, and the third.

Final Thoughts When a movie has one hot chick in every scene, it’s usually on the right path.  When that hot chick is a superstar, who enjoys women, and has picked her pleasures, the result is a top notch production like Dani Loves Girls. Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, Dani Loves Girls is Highly Recommended.  It should go without saying that any fan (Sean DPS, I’m talking to you) should make this a part of their collection.   This is a good pick for all audiences: there is plenty of fap material for the solo male, there is sensitive emotional stuff for the solo female and lots of stuff to try for the adventurous couple.  Kudos to Dani and Dana for adding a bit of color.


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