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MILFs Seeking Boys 3

  • Release date:
    January 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 5m
  • Cast:
    Lisa Ann|Kendra Lust|Ariella Ferrera|James Deen|Erik Everhard|Tanya Tate|Mr. Pete|Bill Bailey

Genre: Vignette, Milfs

Director: Kevin Moore

Writer: Sunny Boyd

Cast: Lisa Ann, Tanya Tate, Ariella Ferrera, Kendra Lust, Erik Everhard, James Deen, Mr. Pete, Bill Bailey. Non-sex roles: Chad Diamond, Jason Brown

Length: 126 minutes

Extras: This section has a good photo gallery, several trailers, and a cum shot recap.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Milfs Seeking Boys 3 is the third installment to this fine series that focuses on hot mature women who like to have sex with younger guys. With amazing Milf performers like Lisa Ann, Tanya Tate, Ariella Ferrera, and Kendra Lust along with the storylines from Sunny Boyd, this series is always going to deliver entertaining work.

Scene One: James Deen is about to marry Tanya Tate's daughter, but he does not know how to dance. So, he asks the mother of the bride to teach him. While they have their lesson, I like how James stares at the pretty woman. He is transfixed on her. The viewer knows that he wants to fuck her very badly. In the meantime, the woman tries to loosen him up by shaking his shoulders. Later on, James falls on the beauty on the couch. Then, they kiss. It leads to some very good handstroking and oral sucking action by Tanya. As the scene progresses, I kept on getting turned on by her sexy long legs. A nicely heated spoonful of pleasure occurs with James completely staring at her. Tanya gets off so well from his solid pumping rhythm as well as from her own clit rubbing activity. I loved hearing her moan with much emotion. Afterwards, the happy lady gets her snatch eaten by the man. Then, a hot doggie fuck follows with a driven James fucking her very solidly. The cockriding action and missionary screw follow which continues to get Tanya off well. Tanya's enjoyable performance ends with James cumming on her mouth because she strokes and sucks him off.

Scene Two: Ariella Ferrera is applying lotion on her hot legs, chest, and arms. I enjoyed the steamy tone that develops as the viewer watches her touchy-feely behavior with herself. Moments later, she screams as the beautiful woman sees a spider. Bill Bailey, who was raking her yard, runs into the house and kills it. The grateful woman throws her towel on the floor and gives the man a hug. She touches his body and then, focuses on his groin. The guy is pleased by the situation and agrees with Ariella's notion. Their kissing activity leads to the woman using her mouth in another way. This time she gets on her knees and sucks his dick. Her cocksucking delivery is smooth and passionate. While she sucked his balls, her energy level rose and the blow job action becomes more exciting and playful. It's a huge turn-on watching Ariella work on his entire sexual package. She is enjoying herself a whole lot. A titty fuck occurs too. Next, the attractive woman lays on her back on the bed as Bill eats her pussy. Her right leg is sticking straight up towards the ceiling and as it shakes uncontrollably. They kiss momentarily before Ariella gets in doggie position so that he can eat her snatch. The woman shakes a whole lot too from his actions. The doggie fuck is an energetic one where Ariella is quite vocal at times. This pattern continues throughout the remaining sexual positions. I liked seeing Bill continue to suck her pussy off and on througout this exciting scene. It's always great to see not only Ariella's hot body, but to also see her get off. Her pussy gets soaked. There was some foot sucking activity during the missionary screw. In the end, Bill cums on her tits.

Scene Three: Kendra Lust's son Chad Diamond and his two friends Mr. Pete and Jason Brown are playing poker. After Chad loses, he and Jason leave while Mr. Pete and Kendra hang around the house. Right before she was going to play a hand, the guy grabs her and kisses her. Their kissing action leads to some good titty play on the sofa by both performers. Then, Mr. Pete moves his way her beautiful body and eats her pussy and snatch. His fingerfucking actions really make Kendra moan loudly. Afterwards, she places her focus on his cock and sucks his meaty package well. She spends a good amount of time on his balls. The mouthfucking action looked cool too. Later on, after the doggie screw, Kendra rides him cowgirl style and we get a lot of good butt shots. Her butt gets red. I like seeing her active wiggly and straddling ass. Both performers give good humping efforts especially Kendra. Their captivating performance progresses very well from the doggie to the spoonful of pleasure sessions. After more very good screwing action, the man cums on her mouth. The chemistry between them is very good just like the previous two performances.

Scene Four: Lisa Ann wants to see her lawyer, but the only person around is his clerk Erik Everhard. So, the woman decides to take matters into her own hands and makes out with the guy. After they kiss, the man eats her vaginal treat for a while as we hear the woman's heavy breathing pattern. Once Erik has gotten her off well, Lisa applies her hot cock suck on his manhood. I like how she starts it off tenderly and playfully and then, increases her motion with good passion. After a titty fuck, the man is behind her as he shoves his face into her warm snatch. Then, he doggies the pretty woman. Once again, I enjoy watching Erik go back and forth with his very good screwing and pussy eating skills. Meanwhile, Lisa Ann continues to get the best of both worlds from her amazing partner. I really enjoyed watching Lisa Ann in the missionary and reverse cowgirl positions. In the end, Erik cums on her sexy lips.

Final Thoughts: A common theme that permeates through these four performances is the very good personal chemistry between the performers. It really enhances the enjoyment level of their scenes. Also, the sex is pretty exciting too. Erik Everhard is a master of eating pussy. It's not a surprise that many female performers want to be paired up with him. His performance with Lisa Ann will be highly regarded with their fans. Bill Bailey and Ariella Ferrera also have an incredible scene too. Tanya Tate and Kendra Lust also have exciting performances too. I recommend this flick.