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Innocence of Youth 5, The

  • Release date:
    June 6, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 57m
  • Cast:
    Mick Blue|Eddie Powell

The Innocence of Youth 5
Digital Sin/New Sensations
Directed by Eddie Powell
Date of Production:
Running Time: 1:57:32


Mia Malkova
Ashley Stone
Adriana Chechik
Angel Del Ray
Bruce Venture
Jordan Ash
Mick Blue
Ramon Nomar

Special Features:

2 Bonus Scenes: Tracey Sweet/Bruce Venture from Innocence of Youth 3 (27:20) and Jenna J Ross/Michael Vegas from Innocence of Youth 4 (26:57)
Chapter Index
Pick Your Pleasure
Trailers (2:38 runtime)
Behind the Scenes: 12:25

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

These girls might look young and sweet, but they’re incredibly naughty! Watch Adriana, Mia, Angel, and Ashley fuck their innocence of youth away in four spicy sexual encounters. Don’t miss out, because these girls are getting fucked in their prime.

You can call me a fan boy when it comes to certain performers or companies, but it’s time like these where I like to point out that sometimes, even I end up a little disappointed in the end, and that can be said for this release. We had a very strong scene with Mia, and a solid scene with Adriana, but after that, really nothing that stood out. We still get a great amount of special features, and of course I love the look and feel of this movie, which pretty much is expected when it comes from the this director and studio. But when only half the scenes are worth while, the best I can do, is a RENT IT for this one.

Adriana and Bruce

Well it seems we are starting off with the girl who has impressed me recently and become one of the girls I seek out in movie, the lovely Adriana. Dolled up in a blue and white frilly maid outfit. That long black hair and those sexy red lips, no wonder Bruce is all over her as soon as he walks into the room. Some finger play in her mouth, and then he sets her on the counter and is working his fingers deep into her pussy, and gives his a nice hard cock to enjoy in her mouth. As all focus is on his cock, gives him a nice wet and sloppy BJ, while he thrusts his cock into her mouth. He Hulks out and rip her dress, letting us get a great look at her boobs, and the drool that is making it’s way down her body. He applies some spit to her pussy and slowly slides his man meat deep inside her. Just going to say lots of spit being used by both parties in this scene. Definitely some fire in this lady, and just one of the reason she stands out. He gives her some deep and hard thrusts, followed by some more finger play in mouth, then leads her to his cock, as she goes to town on it. Not a long oral session, as she sets her down and finger bangs her as the moans and screams get more intense, but surprisingly no squirting. Lots of missionary in this scene, hoping to see a few more positions, and I guess they read my mind, as he leans her up against the counter and slides in from behind, for some very nice doggy, while they watch themselves fuck in the mirror. After the doggy, she is back to swallowing him whole, while grabbing into his cock, and then gets lifted up and hops on his spit covered cock, followed by some reverse cowgirl. Back to the missionary, as she grabs onto her legs, but is quickly getting a nice facial, as she rubs the cum on her face.

Ashley and Jordan

Well today’s color is pink, as she puts on her pink and white frilly dress, and makes her way to cushion in the room and waits for him to arrive. He walks around and checks her out, before sliding his hand in her dress, while kissing her neck. Some boob fondling and pussy teasing as he gets things started. And while he has his hands down her panties, she reaches over and gives his cock a nice rubbing through his pants. She pins her arms behind her back and swallows his cocks , testing out her gag reflex a little, as the drool begins to flow. Just realized this series really reminds me of Japanese porn, the outfits and the whole submission thing. He bends her over and slides her panties and goes in deep in her pussy. And throw in some hair pulling as the doggy continues, before it’s back to her brief swallowing act, followed by some missionary. Seems these guys are Hulkamaniacs, as he busts open her dress too. It’s back to some missionary as she strums her pussy. An ok scene, just missing a little energy and intensity that we had in the previous scene. They continue with some reverse cowgirl, and then it’s back to some more deep throating, before he gives her pussy a tongue workout, followed by more missionary, and ends with a cum shot around her mouth.


And we have our lovely cover girl up next, the very flexible Mia, with that killer smile. And lucky Mick gets to see her as he wakes up in the morning, have a feeling morning wood is happening. He motions for her to join him on the bed, as he gives her a few soft kisses and then brings her closer and explores all over her body, making his way to her to pussy. Some finger play in her mouth, while she jerks off his cock, and then grabs on and introduces it to her mouth, sucking and swallowing it. Some very nice tongue work from Mia, along with a little spit and you can see she’s already making his want to cum all over her. Once again another dress is ripped apart, as he grabs on tight and sucks on her tits, and things are really heating up. He pins her legs back and dives into her pussy, getting her moans louder and her breathing heavy. He teases her pussy with his cock before finally sliding in and turning up the pace as he fucks her. Lots of playful teasing with these two, and it’s nice when the performers work well, I think we have an early contender for spotlight scene. Some brief choking and face slapping while he penetrates her pussy. More oral love from Mia, followed by some jerking as they stare into each other and have some tongue wrestling fun. She lubes up his cock with spit and then climbs that curvaceous booty on his cock, while he gets a face full of her tits. After some nice cowgirl, she flips around and continues to ride him, getting her pussy nice and red from a job well done. She climbs off and bends over, gracing us with another great view of her booty, as he dives in and gives it a nice once over with his tongue, before sliding in for some booty slapping doggy. This is a fine example of what you want to see in a scene, as the two make a great pairing. He pulls out and drop a very nice load in her mouth, as she gazes at him with those eyes and gives his cock a few more licks and sucks before we are done.

Angel and Ramon

Well the bar is raised high, among other things, as we move onto our final scene. He takes a seat next to her on the couch, and runs his hand up the back of her skirt, while they play some tongue hockey. He lays her down and squeezes and licks her pussy, followed by some tongue play. He slides off her panties and unleashes his man meat, as she gives it some nice licks and swallows, while cupping his balls. He picks her up and sets on his cock, as he gets a nice workout lifting her up and down on his cock. But that doesn’t last long, as he lays down and she is back to showing her appreciation to his cock, before climbing her petite body on his cock. Some decent energy and heat between these two, and a nice little surprise as he pulls out and she lets out a few squirts. And without pulling out, she makes the nice transition from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl. Seems the reverse is working out better for them. He’s working up a nice sweat under those bright lights. Seem to lose a little momentum as they move onto some spoon, but seem to pull it together as he takes control and picks up the pace. He pulls out and finger bangs her, getting the water works flowing once again, and then slides right back into her wet pussy. She shows off her deep throating skills, as he thrusts his cock in her mouth. She bends over and after some up close and personal time with her ass, he slides in for some doggy. Some brief instances of good during the doggy, but it may be a little too late to salvage this scene for me, we do get more nice squirting action, starting off as a few drops and then ends up a full stream out of her pussy. He does a little squirting of his own as he blasts her chest with cum, followed by a few last sucks and licks from her.


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