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Latina Sex Tapes Vol. 5

  • Release date:
    December 12, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 34m
  • Cast:
    Melina Mason|Jennifer Blaze|Layla Lopez|Oxuanna Envy|Blake

Genre:  POV / Latina

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Melina Mason, Blake, Jennifer Blaze, Oxuanna Envy, Layla Lopez.

Duration: 158 mins

Date of Production: 1 November 2012

Condoms: No

Extras: Trailers for other MOFOS movies: I Know Theat Girl 9, Pervs on Patrol 9, Real Slut Party 9, MILFs Like It Black 9. None had me running to the video store.  Cumshot recap; this movie was full of weak shots not worth watching again. Photo gallery. They did the bare minimum.  BTS footage would kill the supposed amateur angle. Website info. (www.MOFOS.com & www.LATINASEXTAPES.com)

A/V Quality: SD. Presented as homemade, low production value. The shot went blurry more than once.  2-channel Dolby Digital. The audio was clear enough to understand all the performers' banter.  There was a reggaeton sample playing during the menu, but no soundtrack to speak of.

Overview: Starting with low expectations.  I’m not a big POV fan, I don't need some guy's crank in the middle of every shot. There is always the chance to be surprised by a superhot chick or some odd move during sex, or even something funny.  They really push the amateur angle by doing it in these unmade beds.

This is a collection of 5 scenes originally made for a website.  The premise is that they’re videos submitted by amateurs.  Most of the chicks are pretty new, the veteran of the bunch being Melina Mason,   with approximately 20 titles in 3 years.  There is nothing special here, just straight sex, close up, with petite Latinas.  All the female talent is around 5’4” 110, 34B except Melina. It doesn’t matter to me, but the Mofos site lists Melina Mason and Blake as Caucasian.  No male talent was listed. At least 2 guys were in it, don’t ask how I know.

Scene 1: Melina Mason  is tanning, in the pool when her BF tells her she should come inside to avoid sunburn, and once inside, she showers and wants him to be her towel.  She’s pretty, facially, with the main attraction being her huge fake tits and her plump butt.  She gives a nice tit fuck, if you’re into that.  BJ, CG, RCG, Doggy, Mish. Facial finish.

Scene 2: Blake is a petite brunette with B cup tits.  In her early 20s, her only other scene is another Mofos (Real Slut Party) web scene.  In LST5, her boyfriend is breaking up with her because he’s tired of the drama that Latinas bring.  She decides fucking is better than breaking up.  This dude’s little dick kept falling out in RCG. BJ, CG, RCG, Mish, Doggy w/hair pulling. Interesting break from POV as the shot moved to the profile for 2 minutes.  Cum on butt.

Scene 3: Jennifer Blaze.  Petite 19yo, small tits, tan lines, and cute pouty lips. She has a tramp-stamp of a bow, I guess her ass is a gift, and a tattoo of candy on her sweet pelvic area.  Jennifer gets upset because her boyfriend would rather fuck and film than unpack boxes in her new apartment. BJ, Doggy, RCG, CG, Mish. I liked this scene the most because I thought it had the cutest girl, and she was the most enthusiastic.

Scene 4: Oxuanna Envy. Same body type as the rest, star tattoo on right hip.  Lithuanian according to the website, in the movie she says her mother is Puerto-Rican but Euro accent is heavy. The boyfriend decides she should prove how much of a Latina she is by the way she fucks, while speaking some broken Spanglish.  She has a nice booty for a white chick.  They start with a BJ and progress through, doggy (break in POV) , CG, RCG, Mish. Cum on ass.

Scene 5: Layla Lopez is a young, maybe even 18yo, petite, Latina, who is on vacation with her boyfriend. The rain spoils her plans and they have to go back to the hotel to fool around.  After a brief BJ they went through the same position cycle as the other scenes.  She kept her shirt on for nearly a third of the scene. Facial.

Final Thoughts: This is the definition of mediocre porn.  Just a compilation of 5 web scenes.  Lame set-ups to a standard pattern of positions, finished off with generally weak cumshots.  While all the girls are cute enough, none is special and the male talent amount to nothing more than  flesh puppets.  Couples? No, this is self-love material, at best, with limited to no replay value.  You’re better off spending a dollar for a two-day trial membership than spending more than $20 on this DVD. Skip It. You’ve been warned.


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