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Stepmother 8, The

  • Release date:
    March 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 29m
  • Cast:
    Mark Davis

Genre: Feature

Director: James Avalon

Writer: Jet Michaels

Cast: Kendra Lust, Staci Silverstone, Cameron Canada, Logan Pierce, Mark Davis, James Deen

Length: 149 minutes

Extras: There is a nice Behind the Scenes (BTS) segment, a photo gallery, and several trailers. In the BTS, all four couples talk about working together in their scene. I really enjoyed listening to Staci Silverstone, James Deen, and Kendra Lust.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: The Stepmother 8 is a film by director James Avalon and screenwriter Jet Michaels. It is about Kendra Lust whose daughter Cameron Canada is dating Logan Pierce. The two lovebirds hook up his father Mark Davis and Kendra. In the meantime, Kendra is attracted to Logan and Logan also feels the hots for the sexy woman. For those who are not aware of Cameron and Kendra, it's important that you find them in other films. Since Cameron is a very hot cocksucker, viewers should check her out in Let Me Swallow. Kendra can be found in hot performances in MILFs Seeking Boys 3 and Spandex Loads 5.

Scene One: Cameron Canada and Logan Pierce start kissing in the living room. Their affectionate activity leads to them falling onto the couch. Cameron is a pretty blonde with very attractive legs. Their makeout session heats up the atmosphere in a slow and steady manner. As their kissing session rolled along, it was quite noticeable from their reactions towards each other that they have never worked together. Next, Cameron straddles his lap for a moment before she kisses his belly. He then, caresses her titties right before his girlfriend straddles him again. Thus far, the scene is moving too slow. As I mentioned earlier, it really does feel like it is their first time together. The scene finally picks up a good pace when Cameron sucks his dick. Thus far, this scene is passable only account of Canada's hot body. Later on, the scene is saved because the viewers are going to be pleased in seeing Canada get fucked in any position especially the heated spooning moments. Finally, he pulls out of her and cum on her pussy.

Scene Two: After their playful dinner, Mark Davis takes Kendra Lust back to his home. After talking on the couch a bit, they kiss. At moments, I did not like seeing them together, but it passes as their makeout session shifts onto the bed. Kendra's gorgeous body looks amazing. The viewer cannot wait to see her get fucked. Mark sucks her tasty snatch while the woman is in doggie position. He does a fine job in driving his mouth into her passion fruit and getting the woman to react to it. Afterwards, we see the man on his back with Kendra on top of him. The attractive lady sucks his thick dick nicely. He really reacts whenever the woman shoves it down her mouth. The cowgirl ride becomes more exciting when Kendra moans heatedly since Mark straddles her onto of him with good force. A doggie screw follows where I enjoyed watching her butt jiggle from Mark's constant humping delivery. Her stretched body looks cool during the exciting spooning moments. Some toe sucking by Mark occurs when he mishes the woman. This scene remains a very good heated one especially as Kendra continues to get mished by the man even though there was no chemistry between them. In my opinion, I was glad that there was none on account of the storyline. Some cute booty humping on his dick followed. At the end, he pulls out of her and cums on her belly.

Scene Three: Staci Silverstone and James Deen makeout in the bedroom. She looks very cute and he acts like a stud. After their kissing moments end, we get some titty sucking action while the naked girl is straddling his groin. He rubs her pussy a while as he sucks her toes. His rub a dubbing is creating a cool reaction by his girlfriend. A nice looking tight mish session follows. I enjoyed watching them kiss. James applies a more driven mish delivery on her as he rubs her clit and spanks her at times. Then, he rolls Staci on top of him so that he can eat her pussy. Later, the girl hurriedly turns around for a 69. The sight of her cocksuck looks cool as she applies a passionate one. A heated pumping rhythm by James is applied to Staci for the cowgirl ride. They squeeze each other's hands during their spooning session. Then, he squeezes her breast for better leverage to fuck her. Their eye contact is pretty intense. Their performance is highly personal. I was sweating from the intensity. Finally, she pulls his dick out and jacks him off on her belly.

Scene Four: Kendra Lust and Logan Pierce have a nice and steamy makeout session. I especially love seeing Kendra in her gown. She looks very beautiful. The slow pace activity is quite effective and appropriate. Their kisses feel nice. As he sucks he tits, the simmering passion built up between them heats up well. Later, he slides off her gown and we see her with only her white panties. She rolls onto her back as she feels him kissing his way down her lovely body. He reaches her sex spot and sucks on her undergarment to taste her sweet honeycomb. I enjoy watching Kendra squirm much as Logan continues his soft kisses on her bod. His tender behavior towards the woman is refreshing. When he fully focuses on sucking her womanhood, he snatches on it well. Then, the woman applies a good cocksuck with good eye contact and hand stroking action. A cowgirl ride follows where Kendra looks very pretty. Afterwards, Logan humps the woman well while laying on top of her. More hot cocksucking action occurs and then, we get sweet eye contact between them during a nice doggie fuck. This very good scene ends with him pulling out from the missionary position and cumming on her belly.

Final Thoughts: This film took time to get interesting. If you have the patience to reach the quarter to midway point of this movie, then you will be satisfied. Kendra is a super sexy woman who deserves better work especially in features. She has that "it" factor that top-notch Milf performers have. She needs more opportunities to show it. Cameron Canada is a fine performer. Unfortunately, she and Logan Pierce lost their early chemistry during their sex scene. Nevertheless, both ladies deserve to be back in Mile High productions. They were very believable as mother and daughter. The best performances were the final two scenes where the intensity and personal chemistry were pretty high. Overall, it's a nice couples flick. It would be a good rental.


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