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100% Masturbations Vol. 2

  • Release date:
    August 28, 2003
  • Cast:
    Rebecca Lord|Olivia Del Rio|Silvia Saint|Marika

Director: Jon Yuma

Cast: Silvia Saint, Rebecca Lord, Veronika, Marika, Carol, Olivia.

Length: 1 hour 27 minutes

Extra's: Photo slide show, good scene selection menu.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and had rich colors, good lighting, and very sharp picture quality. The only exception was with the last scene in the movie (Rebecca Lord), which had a washed-out look to it. The 2-channel stereo audio was suprisingly good, with some catchy background music throughout the scenes. (Scene 2 sounded ALOT like Britney Spears, but you be the judge)

The Movie: 100% Masturbations #2 brings you just that, girls masturbating and nothing else. The scenes vary in their location, and their choice of tools (fingers, dildos, vibrators, even a sybian!). It's an interesting genre that I haven't explored before, but I found alot to like on this disc!

Scene 1: Sylvia Saint stars in the first scene. Anyone who's spent some time watching porn knows that Sylvia is one of the hottest adult stars on the scene today, so it was a real treat to watch her in this. She plays extensively with a sybian in this scene, but never seems to really get into it. She starts out with the attachment touching her, and eventually mounts and rides it for all she's worth. Throughout the scene, you never hear a sound escape her mouth, and it makes for a dull ride.

Scene 2: Olivia is a brunette bombshell with amazing breasts, a pierced clit, and a big bush. By far the nastiest girl on the disc (and I mean that in a good way), Olivia really enjoys herself, completely oblivious to the cameras that are capturing her every move. She's in a mirrored room, and starts by simply masturbating with her finger, with the occasional finger penetrating her vagina. But it's not long before multiple fingers are probing both her pussy AND her ass! If that wasn't enough, she later whips out a big dildo, and goes to town with that as well. Truly a hot scene, one you just can't miss!

Scene 3: Veronika is another brunette who has some fun in what looks to be a massage therapy room. She too starts off just using her fingers, and later moves on to a dildo. The action isn't quite as hot as Olivia's was, but it's nice nonetheless.

Scene 4: Carol is a stunning blonde, who gets naughty on the staircase. She spreads wide open and goes to town on her wet pussy. When her fingers can no longer handle the task at hand, she looks to a dildo shaped like a penis, and uses that to get off. She's very convincing, and a real beauty. One of my favorites on the disc!

Scene 5: Marika isn't the best looking girl on this disc, but she's by far the most vocal of the group. Either she's a tremendous actress, or she was enjoying herself in a big way. Extreme moaning ensued, and only got louder and louder as the scene progressed, especially when the dildo came out to play.

Scene 6: The last scene had some issue, where it played 12 seconds, and then jumped to another chapter where the scene restarted. It stars Rebecca Lord, an old favorite, who's having fun in the shower. All lathered up, she shows us why women sometimes take forever in the shower. This scene just didn't work for me. Rebecca's looks are fading, the sound from the shower was distracting, and the scene wasn't particularly hot.

Final Thoughts: There's alot to like about this disc! Olivia and Carol are both spectacular looking, and put on a show that's sure to please. Sylvia Saint seemed a bit limp in her performance, but she's still amazing looking, and you probably won't find another video where she gets busy with a sybian. And Marika gives an orgasm like few I've seen on film! I came into this review dubious, as I wasn't sure a film without sex would be satisfying. I came to find that nothing could be further from the truth, and it's actually quite a sexy experience to watch. I hope you take the time to check this disc out, as I feel it's a great disc, with some new stars I hope to see in future titles!


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