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Father Figure 3

  • Release date:
    March 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 41m
  • Cast:
    Maddy O’Reilly|Marcus London|Riley Reid|Lola Foxx|Presley Hart|Mark Davis|Steven St Croix

Father Figure Vol. 3
Sweet Sinner/Mile High Media
Written and Directed by James Avalon
Date of Production: Sept. 12,13,22, 2012
Running Time: 2:41:20


Maddy O’Reilly
Marcus London
Riley Reid
Lola Foxx
Presley Hart
Mark Davis
Steven St Croix

Special Features:

Slide Show Gallery
Behind the Scenes: 9:04
Shot in HD
Trailers: 5:27 reel

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

It isn’t being you and misunderstood, and when these girls lack direction and need some guidance, only an older man can lead them to the right path. They are your teachers, your neighbors, your best friend’s dad: they are father figures. Superstars Riley, Maddy, and Presley and more engage in the forbidden relationships that break down generation gaps. These older guys might just be able to re-learn something about life and love in Father Figure Vol. 3

Get our your heart medication gentleman, cause these young ladies are about to get your tickers a racing and your body at attention. You might feel a slight dizziness as the blood rushes from your head to your other head. Sweet Sinner prides themselves on the real and passionate sex in there movies, and this is just another fine example of the work they put out. I will admit we got off to a so-so start but followed with three scorching scenes, including the Maddy and Presley scenes, which both deserve spotlight scene, but ended up giving the nod to Presley’s scene. It’s too bad a lack of special features had to bring the score down on this one, but still a solid RECOMMENDED release. Just be sure and have your pace makers prepared for what they are about to see.


It seems she is the girl to talk to about getting older guys. She tells Riley about her adventure with her boss, Mark. He gets her to visit his house and she wastes no time turning on the charm. And few stares and hair curls and she has him wrapped around her fingers. Some heated kisses, and then she wraps her around him, and lets him get a closer look at those boobs he’s been staring at while at work. Lots of foreplay gets things not and hot, as he picks her up and takes her to the bedroom and lays on top, as the kissing and groping continues. He lifts up her shirts and gives her tits more attention, while reaching down and teasing her pussy with his hand. She bends over and shows off her curves in that tight skirt, and then he slides off her pink panties and dives in, giving her pussy and ass a nice licking. Some very nice playfulness as she gets him out of his clothes, and then he is back face deep in her pussy, as he pins her legs back. And from the loud moans and the body movement, it seems this old guy knows what he is doing down there. But it’s time for this young girl to show off her oral skills and even he can’t seem to keep still, twitching as she works her magic on his cock. She takes a seat on his face and continues to suck and swallow him. She climbs on top and guides his cock in her pussy and then slowly rides him, but then he grabs on tight and gets things going with some faster thrusts. They lock hands and she rides his cock, and we get a look at that long black hair down her back leading up to her nice booty. It seems this old guy really needs to guide her along during the scene a few times. He lays next to her and slides in for some spoon action, while getting a nice handful of boob. This seems to the position that really works best for these two. She lays on her back and he slides back in for some missionary, while offering her foot some attention. He is working up quite a sweat, seems this young lady is really giving him a nice workout.. He speeds things up and she teases him with her mouth, letting him know where she wants his cum apparently. But he’s going to pull out and jerk himself off on her stomach leaving a nice patch of cum.


And a way to get some attention from any guy, send him some sexy pictures of yourself, the true way to a man’s heart and penis. And luck for us, if you want to see more pics like this, just give her a follow on Twitter. He gets in a fight with his wife and Riley tries to play it cool, even though she wants to be there for him. She hands him the pics and bolts out of the car. Not the response most of us would say. He goes to talk to her about the pics, and she pleads her case to him. She moves in and turns on the charm with that sexy voice and then goes in for some kisses and he is pretty much hooked. He picks her up and she is wrapped around his body. He lifts her shirt off and they continue to share heated kisses, as he slides off her pants, and takes her to the bedroom. And with this next statement, allow me to adjust my nerd glasses, umm she’s wearing different panties now. Anyway, they continue to attack each other, kissing and licking all over, as he works his way around her thighs and neck and it seems she is a little ticklish. He takes off his pants and she teases and kisses his cock, which is about ready to burst out any minute. She slowly slide his underwear and gives his cock a few soft kisses and licks. He lays her down and gives her tits some kisses and licks and then reaches down and plays with her pussy with his hand. He slides in and thrusts his cock in her pussy, getting her motor running, then continues to drive this sex kitten wild with some tongue play in her pussy. He goes in for a few kisses and slides his cock back inside her and the sweat is starting to pour. He gives her feet some love too and it seems she is ticklish there too. He leans back and she rides his cock nicely, keeping the heat and chemistry boiling between these two. After a nice cowgirl session, he slides up next to her and teases her before sliding his cock in her pussy for some spoon and leads us to some doggy as he mounts her. He dives in her ass and gives it a few licks, as she giggles, and then the moans are back as he slides back inside her. She looks back and gives him a glance with those eyes that just make you melt even more, and it doesn’t hurt the way she backs that booty on his cock either. She ends up on her back and he takes a second to admire her body before sliding back inside her and kissing her, as she wraps her legs around him. And she begins to beg for his cum and yeah I think we have already done that a few times perhaps. He pulls out and lets out some nice gushes of cum that land on her stomach.


Maddy is a day late, but perhaps it was no accident. But he seems to show some love towards her offering some help if needed, and she moves in and gives him a few kisses, and that was quick. They make their way inside and he pushes her up against the wall, kissing and groping her body, getting a handful of booty while he’s exploring her body. He reaches down and teases her pussy, getting her motor running even more. He heads south and gets a face full of her pussy, before it’s back to more heated kisses. Have to say that the foreplay is amazing and I hope it doesn’t go away when the fucking starts. They head to the bedroom and she throws him down and gets on top, and shoves her hand down his pants to jerk him off. He lifts up her dress and slides her panties to the side and makes his way inside her pussy. She hops and grinds on his cock, working that booty for the camera. He grabs on and gives her some nice hard thrusts when she’s not grinding on it. She gets a case of the shakes and shivers as the energy flows through her body. He lays her down and makes his way from her lips to her tits, and then finally to her pussy, and then spreads her legs and works his tongue on her pussy, along with some finger action. He slides back in for some missionary as they stare into each other’s eyes, as she gives him some soft sexy talk, letting him know he’s doing her right. And she likes it a little rough, so he gives her a little choke of the neck, but it’s back to the heated kisses while he thrusts into her pussy. He lays down and she grabs onto his cock, sucking and swallowing it, while her eyes stay locked on him. She gives him a nice wet BJ, with some time on his balls, before she climbs back on and goes for another ride, grinding her hips on his cock. She turns around and he is back to giving her pussy a nice pounding from behind and then back to some missionary as the sweat drips from his body. Some deep and hard thrusts follow and leads to him cumming on her stomach and pussy. Well the heat continued through out the whole scene and I think we have a possible spotlight scene with this one.


He’s checking out a guest home and it seems even the lady showing him around is into him. He ends up laying next to the pool, when the lovely Presley decides to go for a swim. And let’s just say she knows how to get a guys attention. Some flirting and small talk, and he is pretty much locked on her the whole time, and she doesn’t mind the attention. An awkward dinner with Presley and her mom and calls it a night. Later that night, Presley makes her way to the guest house and joins him in bed and he tells her that she can’t be here. She turns on the charm a little and then feels like she needs someone to punish her for being a bad girl. After a few kisses he lays her on his lap and grabs onto her ass and gives her a few nice slap across  the booty. He bends over and spreads her pussy with  his hands and gives it a few nice licks and then throws her down and really gets inside her. After some tongue and finger work, he lays on top and dry humps her , while licking and sucking on her tits. He lays back and reaches down and continues to finger play her pussy, while she strokes his cock a little through his shorts. She slides off his shorts and gives his cock some nice licks and soft kisses, follow by some face fucking as she gags on his manhood. She moves forward and teases her pussy on his cock, then leans forward enough for him to slide into her pussy, deep in her pussy. And she shows some nice energy as she rides his cock, really working on it, as she takes all of him inside her pussy. He lays her down and is back to penetrating her with his manhood, keeping the thrusts deep and hard, making the moans louder and frequent. Dear god, you have to wonder if he is going to pop out the other side of her. He lets a drop of spit fall on her pussy and I am almost expecting it to sizzle from the heat. He gives her pussy more tongue and finger love, and then slides up next to her and is back inside her pussy. They both seem to be working up quite a sweat in this one, which makes them glisten in the light. He’s back on top and once again giving her pussy a real workout. It’s been awhile since I have seen this lady in action, and it’s good to see her and remember why I started being of fan of hers in the first place. And I think it’s going to be tough to decide if this or the previous scene will get the spotlight scene for this one. He seems to pulls out just as the cum begins to flow and leaves a few puddles on her body.


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