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Wet Food 4

  • Release date:
    March 11, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 58m
  • Cast:
    Maddy O’Reilly|Cassandra Nix|Jessica Nyx|Skin Diamond|Gia Dimarco

Wet Food 4
Evil Angel/Jonni Darko
Directed by Jonni Darko
Running Time: 2:58:28
Date of Production:


Maddy O’Reilly
Cassandra Nix
Jessica Nyx
Skin Diamond
Gia Dimarco

Special Features:

Multiple Chapters Per Scene
Motion Chapter Index
Cumshot Recap: 20:05
Photo Galleries
Cast List and Filmographies
Trailers: 3

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

So the blow bang tour continues with the newest Evil Angel releases in the Wet Food series. I was once again lucky enough to get a copy of an Evil Angel movie to review, that should tell you a little about the quality of their work. I started off with Feeding Frenzy from Jules Jordan, which I have a recommended rating, and we now have Wet Food 4 for Jules Jordan, which has a cast of familiar ladies, and a few personal favorites. So let’s see how this stacks up in the blow bang genre.

I will say this one is all about the face fucking and testing out the girls gag reflex. And much like the other blow bang movie I reviewed, there is one clear winner for the spotlight scene, and that was the Gia DiMarco scene, with both the Cassandra and Maddy scene coming in close behind. But I can’t forget about Skin’s scene, as she seemed to end up with the most cum in the end. It’s sad that I can say you can skip Jessica’s scene, was just not up to the par compared to the other girls. But having said that, it looks like we have a tie in the blow bang movies, as this one is also going to get a RECOMMENDED from me. I will say that I would give the Feeding Frenzy the slight edge for mixing things up in the scenes a little, compared to this, which was focused on a few positions and lots of face fucking. But we have one more movie to go, so be on the lookout for my review of the newest installment of Massive Facials from Elegant Angel.

Skin Diamond

Some dirty talk and teasing from Skin, as she fires up the Hitachi and gets her pussy ready for the fun she is about to have. And her alone time, she is on her knees and is quickly surrounded by a swarm of cocks wanting her attention. They set her up on the couch and as her face hangs down, they take turns, shoving their cocks down her throat, while a few offer some oral love to her pussy. It seems a few more cocks have showed up during this time too. And the spit seems to pile up as it drips down her face, as she gags on them. After a long face fucking session, she is back on her knees, sucking and swallowing cocks, and eventually back to get her throat fucked, while they try to distract her with the Hitachi. The spit is flying everywhere as she even shoots some towards the camera. She’s back on the couch, on all fours, shoving two cocks in her mouth, while one of the guys, slides his cock near her ass, keeping him nice and hard. Well I have to say that the theme of this one, is throat fucking and we shall see if this is what we are going to see from all these ladies coming up. But I will say that she is doing a great job and seems to taking these guys all with no problem. She starts up the dirty talk again, as she begs for their cum, and after one last batch of throat fucking, they give her face a nice plastering of 7 or 8 loads. She has some more time with the Hitachi, getting her to cum, while her face is covered in cum still.


The lovely, busty and dirty Gia is up next, and what can I say, I like the girls with a few tattoos. Add in body full of amazing curves and some dirty talk, and you have my attention. She lays on the couch with her boobs out and teases her pussy a little while the dirty talk continues, and just like that she is on her knees with a few hard cocks ready for some time with her mouth and hands. Seems we are at cocks now, and if this is anything like the previous scene, I expect that number to rise, along with a few other things. It’s not long before they are grabbing onto her hair and driving their cocks deep in her throat. The boob come out and they slap their cocks against them, perhaps some titty fucking in the future? She spreads her mouth wide and shoves two cocks inside it and then she leans her head over the side of the cushion and the face fucking gets going once again, as they tickle the back of her throat. And the cock count has definitely increased as they sit around and wait for their turn. She keeps the dirty talk going, begging them to keep going when she’s not stuffed with a cock in her mouth. And this little slut shows some energy and enthusiasm while her mouth is full of cock, making her way to each cock in her reach. She ends up on her knees and submits her mouth, as they tie her arms behind her back with her panties. And it’s not only cocks being shoved in her mouth, as a few sets of balls end up in her mouth too. She applies some spit to her hands and continues to suck and swallow, while also keeping her hands very pussy. She issues a challenge to the guys, and so it’s time to see who can fuck her mouth the hardest, and this is a situation where we all win. And with that I think we have an early contender for spotlight scene, but we still have a few more ladies to go. Back on her knees with her mouth wide open as she receives 7-8 loads in her mouth, and face, and even one her stocking covered feet, which she licks up with her tongue. And just when you think she is done, one last cock gets some time deep in her mouth, in some POV action. Would say that Skin seemed to have more quantity of cum in her scene.

Jessica Nyx

Next up we have the girl I am not to familiar with on this movie. She’s a busty blonde with some nice curves and a pierced tongue. She licks and teases into the camera, talking about the upcoming scene and what she can’t wait for. Seems like things are going to get down and dirty in this hotel room. She has four cocks around her, waiting for her attention. I have a feeling this is going to be the tamest of the scenes. She offers some oral love to them, and then they slap their cocks against her tits and even a little titty fucking. She assumes the position with her head leaning over the side of the bed, but she is very timid and this isn’t going to be a spit drenched scene. We are definitely losing the momentum we had going from previous scene. She works her pierced tongue over their cock and balls, some decent stuff, but nothing too exciting. She ends up on her knees, mouth open and gets 6 in and around her mouth.

Cassandra Nix

There is no messing around with this lady and she is immediately swarmed by a group of cocks. And she is right to the face fucking and gagging as she makes her way around the cocks. And it’s not long before the spit and drool begin to build up. One of the guys slides under her and gives her pussy a nice licking while he mouth continues to be filled with cocks, testing out her gag reflex as they tickle the back of her throat. They stand her up and take her over to the mattress on the floor and throw her down and she is once again stuffed with cock in her mouth, while they fire up the Hitachi on her pussy. She may have a cock and balls in her face but she is got her hands busy with a few cocks too. And it seems like she is also being tossed around as they take turns fucking her pussy while he throat is being violated, with cocks and balls. And let’s not forget about the ass licking she gives a few of the guys. They flip her over and get her on all fours, as they fuck her from behind and she continues to gag and swallow them whole. I think you can add this lady to the list of unsung starlets. She is the quite type during her scenes, but she’s got her mouth full pretty much the whole time in this scene so you can imagine why. And she’s not afraid to spit on the camera either, giving it a few shots before they have to clean it off. They set her down in the middle of the room and surround her with cocks as she makes her way around and then she opens her mouth for the 8 loads that cover her face and mouth nicely. She has some more time with the Hitachi while she waits for more cum.

Maddy O’Reily

It’s time for our cover girl to show us what she’s got. She is wearing s sexy pink outfit, and is enjoying some time with the Hitachi giving us a little dirty talk about all the fun she wants to have with some cock, and lucky for her, they show up and she gets the spit a flowing as she makes her way around them. She also works her hands nicely when she has a cock in her mouth, and even shoves two in there a few times. And there is no shortage of spit as the scene continues. She makes her away around the cock train giving each of the guys plenty of time in her mouth. And kudos to Maddy for being able to shove three cocks in her mouth, that’s something new we haven’t seen already. Well it’s her turn to lean her head over the side of the couch and get face fucked by the rotating cocks. That is short lived and she is back to being on all fours, gagging on cocks. The guys do give her pussy a little attention with their hands at various points in the scene. She is back on her knees surrounded by cocks and the guys are back to being sucked and swallowed by her. But it’s back to getting face fucked as her head leans over the side of the couch. And with her make up all messed up and mouth wide open, she prepares for  the cum storm that is about to come, with 8-9 loads on her face.


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