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In The VIP 13

  • Release date:
    January 22, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 28m
  • Cast:
    Loni Evans

Genre: Gonzo

Director: ?

Cast: Veronica Rodriquez, Nadia Lopez, Loni Evans, Kristine Crystalis, Jackie Daniel, Rebeca Linares, Nicole Aniston, Bill Bailey, Voodoo

Length: 208 minutes

Extras: A nice looking photo gallery, a cum shot recap, and web information are in this special features section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: In the VIP 13 is a film by Reality Kings. It is the thirteenth installment in the In the VIP series. The focus of this series is all about party-goers who enjoy themselves at a club and make out. Many of the participants are porn stars. In the VIP is also part of Reality Kings' collection of websites. I suggest that if you like this series that you check it out.

Scene One: Always Ready. . At least eighteen sexy women are in a limosine. Lucky Shane is fondling a brunette in a red dress as her friend shows her spread open pussy at the camera. Some titty sucking action occurs too. Soon, everyone gets out of the vehicle to start the party. Once indoors, some booty and titty fondling action takes place. A couple of the ladies show off their booty shaking skills. I enjoy seeing the women act playful with each other at the dance club. Shane continues to be the only guy who gets to makeout with them on camera. Later, we see a different man get his dick sucked by two women. Then, the man leaves and the women spend some one on one time together. Later, the hot brunette in the red dress is seen shaking her butt as she fondles a different guy. After more booty shots from a bunch of women, we finally get the first fucking moments when a brunette is riding a guy. The cowgirl action feels exciting on account of the woman's motion as well as the cheers of the surrounding ladies. We also get nice pussy eating shots. Later, a strong fella is holding a woman up to his waist while bouncing her on his dick. One of the best screwing moments occur when a guy is mishing his partner and we receive good shots of his long dick and her vaginal playground. It's a pretty lengthy fucking session as they screw in several positions. His constant fucking activity attracts a large crowd of hot horny women including the brunette in the red dress. Then, lucky for her, she gets fondled by the ladies. Going back to the fucking couple, the guy evenually drops his load onto his partner's face. Then, we see the large group enter the limosine.

Scene Two: Bare Naked. A large group of hot women and a few guys come out of their limosine to party at the club. Once indoors, we see some pussy and titty shots. The activity is not exciting. It's a lot of standing around time with some fondling activity here and there. The best moments thus far are the crotch and pussy shots with a bit of titty play. We finally get to the good stuff when we see an attractive brunette sucking on a guy's cock with solid horniness. She also pleasures his balls too. I do have to say that this scene does pick up in enjoyment as the pussy eating and screwing action on her follows. As to the pace of his fucking motion, it appears that he is following the beat of the dance music. His pumping delivery during the cowgirl session is much quicker than the music. Then, the man is holding her up to his waist so that he can pump his dick into her harder. When the music was not as loud, their fucking performance felt less exciting. Their screwing session regained turn-on ability when the woman showed that she was feeling the sensations from her lengthy fuck. Eventually, he jacks off at her receptive mouth and face. Then, the group leaves the club by entering their limo.

Scene Three: In Motion . A large group of hot women get out of a limo to enter the club for a night of fooling around and sex. I really like the pussy and booty shots in this scene. Later, we see Rebeca Linares get her pussy eaten by a guy while her blonde girlfriend fondles her tits. Later, the happy Latina goes down and sucks the man's cock. She applies nice eye contact on him as well as on the camera. A doggie fuck follows. Throughout the club, we also see some guys feeling pussies and some cocksucking action by women too. I really enjoyed seeing a blonde and a brunette sharing a cock. By now, Rebecca's doggie fuck has gained a quicker pace by her partner. Her ass is showcased well during the cowgirl ride. Rebecca is a very active rider. When he spoons her, Rebecca is really feeling the guy's workout on her.

Scene Four: All Hunnies . A group of cute and pretty women get out of a lomosine to enter a club. Once in the establishment, we see women dancing. There are many crotch and ass shots. I enjoy seeing several of the ladies make out with one another. The titty play by the party-goers are really nice too. Later on, a brunette is riding and straddling a guy. Meanwhile, two women are dirty dancing together. In another part of the club, there is a group of ladies that are busy caressing one another and feeling each other up. I also enjoyed watching some of the women dance and match the beat of the music. There is plenty of enjoyable action within this scene for the viewer to get turned-on. A lot of eye candy stimuli is present. Later, the guy has two women pleasuring him from stradding his lap to sucking his dick. The blonde and brunette do a good job in pampering his cock. Then, he doggies the dark-haired woman first before having his way with the blonde cutie. Their three-way session looks natural and not forced for the camera. At the bar, another dude is getting his dick sucked by two women. Later, we get some nice looking girl on girl action with some good pussy eating moments. At the end, the ladies enter their limo.

Final Thoughts: For the most part, the viewer is going to have to have a lot of patience in watching any of these films in this series. Since the vaginal sex takes time for it to happen in the scenes, many viewers are going to get bored. So, the titty play and pussy eating actions by the guys and women are going to have to lead the way to keep the porn audience's attention. In particular, it's the girl on girl action that provides the early excitement in several of these scenes before the good penile-vaginal sexual activity takes place. This film is at best a rental.


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