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All Internal 21

  • Release date:
    March 4, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 19m
  • Cast:
    Lolly Blonde

Genre: Gonzo, Internal Cumshots

Director: Raul Cristian

Cast: Gabi Bitch, Lolly Blond, Chyanne, Kyra Banks, Gloria, Kyra Black, Niky Nude, Christine Diamond, Mugur, Choky Ice, Nick Lang, Matt Bird

Length: 190 minutes

Extras: There is a nice looking photo gallery, several trailers, and website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: All Internal 21 is the twenty-first installment to this super fine series that focuses on the internal cumshot. It is directed by long-time series director Raul Cristian. Many of his films from this series happen to either be nominated or win Best Internal Release. In this film, hot babes Lolly Blond, Chyanne, Kyra Banks, Niky Nude, and Christine Diamond bring a lot of sex appeal to this production.

Scene One: Red-head Gabi and Lolly Blond are fondling each other during their tease session. After their ass caressing activity, the ladies strut their stuff towards the camera. Later, we see them crawling away from it so that we can focus on their butts. More fondling action by them occurs while standing on the stairs. This time, more focus is definitely on their butts and snatches. We get some fingerfucking action by Lolly on her gal pal and then, by Gabi on Lolly. Both ladies' pussies are nice looking especially Lolly's. The time comes when a naked Mugur enters the shot and the women share his dick with their warm mouths. There is some nice eye contact by them towards the camera. These ladies do a good job in pleasuring his dick and balls at the same time. It's cool to see one of them lick his balls while the other sucks his penis. A cock ride starts the fucking activity as the blonde cutie bounces on him reverse cowgirl style while he is sitting on the step. More cool looking double teaming cocksucking action occurs when they shift to Gabi riding the man. However, it's the babelicious and pretty Lolly who excites the viewer the most during the screwing moments despite Gabi getting fucked well too. Gabi looked at her best during the spooning session. After she got doggied, it was time for Lolly to get fucked from behind. After some heated fucking action, Mugur cums inside of Lolly and the goo pours into Gabi's waiting mouth.

Scene Two: A well-tanned Chyanne teases the camera with her sexy moves. I enjoyed looking at her butt. Later, the woman is laying on a white couch as she plays with her crotch and ass. She definitely has one of the best bodies in this film. Her pussy pleasuring actions become more intensified while the viewers get turned on. Chyanne's playfulness comes out during her striptease. While on her hands and knees, the woman really rubs her pussy with good effort. Her hot rub a dub shifts to when she is laying on her back. The blonde beauty spreads her pussy lips apart so that we can see her inner treasure. Later on, Mugur walks into the shot and Chyanne sucks his meaty plaything with a lot of horny energy. I love how she attacks cock orally. She definitely puts it out even while she is stroking his dick. Meanwhile, the woman gets off while Mugur is sucking on her gemstone. Her energetic behavior shifts well to her cockriding demeanor. At times, Mugur pumps her pretty hard. After a good spooning and doggie fuck, a heated mish occurs. The cute blonde grabs the arm of the couch and squeezes it tightly as Mugur fucks her with solid energy. Then, the pretty woman rides him again in the reverse cowgirl position. It is at this point where her partner unloads his semen into her pussy. When Mugur pulls out of her, the cum drips out. Later, she squats on the floor and rubs her pussy while teasing the camera.

Scene Three: Blonde Kyra Banks and Gloria are teasing the camera with their sultry looks. We get very good ass shots as they showcase them nicely. I really enjoyed the girl on girl action between them. The kissing, spanking, titty play, and pussy pleasuring action create good turn-on moments. Later, Choky Ice joins them and the ladies immediately pleasure his hard on with their hands and mouths. The ladies do a good job in sharing his dick and making us get hard while watching them. Their cocksucking behavior heats up significantly as their bj session progressed on. Afterwards, the guy slowly slides in his pecker into Kyra's pussy and fucks her well as Gloria sucks on her breasts. Kyra has a big smile on her face as she receives their attention. We continue to get good eye contact by Gloria towards the camera. At times, she sucks his pussy flavored dick whenever he pulls out of Kyra. The fucking activity gains in heat with the cockriding activities by Gloria and Kyra. Next, Choky doggies Gloria while Kyra is playing with herself beside them. This very good scene ends with the man fucking the pretty blonde mish style and cumming inside of her. Then, she lets the cum drip into her pal's receptive mouth.

Scene Four: Ebony Kyra Black teases the camera by sucking her finger several times. She then, is on a white sofa to play with herself. Moments later, Kyra is standing and then, squating to continue her teasing activity. Next, she is on her hands and knees on the white furry rug. Thus far, Kyra just moves around too much and in too many positions for the tease to be effective. I did enjoy watching her on the sofa. She should had just stayed there. Later, the woman exposes her breasts and rubs them. Her pussy rubbing and fingerfucking actions increase as soon as she removes her skirt and panties. Later, Nick Lang enters the shot to make this scene more thrilling. The woman sucks his dick and balls and it lasts a while as the man makes sure that she works on him for a long time. His mouth fucking delivery and pussy rubbing actions prolong Kyra's cocksucking duties. Then, he doggies her on top of the sofa with his solid rhythm. The excitement level heightens during the mish moments. Her moans become more emotional and her body looks quite yummy. An energetic cockride follows with Kyra feeling it so badly. Later, she really feels it when he fingers and rubs her pussy while she is stroking his dick. More hot cockriding moments occur later on. It's no doubt that these cock rides are the best activity in this scene. An exciting spooning occurs right before another cock ride sets the cum inside of her. She spreads her pussy lips and makes the goo drip out.

Scene Five: Sultry Niky Nude is running her hands along her breasts and crotch while teasing the camera. As soon as she is on the white chair, the woman's energy level rises as she plays with herself. Soon, we see Niky on the white rug as she continues her good tease. I enjoyed seeing her in her pink fishnet outfit. Later on, she is back on the chair as she continues her cool solo play. The sight of her pussy mound is hot. Her lengthy rubbing activity definitely gets her off. Later, Nick Lang joins her and we get some good brief cocksucking action. The scene heats up with the reverse cowgirl ride as Niky's body looks appealing while bouncing up and down. A more heated cocksuck follows before she climbs on top of him for the very heated and hard cowgirl ride. Their exciting performance shifts to the doggie fuck. Niky looks very beautiful in this position. A mish and spooning sessions follow where Nick's screwing rhythm never lets off. As a matter of fact, he fucks Niky even harder in the spoon position. Then, she climbs on top of her partner for a final heated reverse cowgirl ride. It leads to Nick cumming inside of her. She plays with her pussy afterwards.

Scene Six: Christine Diamond looks hot in white as she licks her long fingers at the camera. Her eye contact is pretty hot too. Her tease is not over done. She is subtle and yet, quite stimulating. I enjoyed watching her rub her panty-covered pussy. Her ass is hot and we can see that her asshole is already gaped. Christine has a cute smile. After the woman's stimulating pussy and titty play, she starts to strip and really pleasure herself with more gusto. She rubs her pussy and then, fingers her asshole. Afterward, Matt Bird shows up and sticks his dick into her mouth. A good amount of saliva is produced in the mouth fucking activity. Then, Christine gets doggied by her partner. He increases his screwing rhythm well as he pounds her ass. The reverse cowgirl ride continues their heated pace. It does pick up nicely with their spooning action though. Christine is getting a very good workout. The nicely performed cowgirl ride and brief mish end their intense scene with Matt cumming inside of her. Later, she spreads her pussy open so that we can get a good view of her inner pinkness.

Final Thoughts: This film will be a good addition to those fans who enjoy Raul Christian's All Internal films. The best and hottest performances come from the three-way action with Kyra Banks and Gloria as well as Chyanne, Christine Diamond, and Niky Nude. There is plenty of exciting fucking action by their male partners on them. I recommend this solid production.


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