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College Daze

  • Release date:
    March 11, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 40m
  • Cast:
    Giselle Leon|Lola Foxx|Breanne Benson|Casi James|Molly Bennett|Rocco Reed|Derrick Pierce|Danny Mountain|Barrett Blade|Bill Bailey

Category: All Sex/College


Cast: Giselle Leon/Lola Foxx/Breanne Benson/Casi James/Molly Bennett/Rocco Reed/Derrick Pierce/Danny Mountain/Barrett Blade/Bill Bailey

Director: Francois Clousot

Release Date: 3/11/2013

Extras: BTS/Photo Gallery/Interviews/Trailers/Web

Runtime: 100 Mins


 Introduction To Review:

College Daze is a collection of stories as told by Lola Foxx. The movie starts as Lola is writing in her diary about her sexual endeavors through college as it continues in a sort of dreamspace. The movie is comprised of her, as well as her friends college experiences in sexuality as she writes them in her diary.

Scene 1:

Giselle Leon/Rocco Reed

Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Missionary/Facial (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in College Daze begins as Lola is telling a story about her promiscuous friend 'Sarah' who is play by Giselle Leon. The scene begins with Giselle and her study buddy Rocco Reed working on some schoolwork, before the two get hot and heavy about 4 minutes into the scene. The action begins well, with Giselle and Rocco tearing off one another's clothes to begin in the standard pre-sex muff-munching. Giselle gives a nice bj in the coming moments before the sex eventually begins in a reverse cowgirl position. The scene definitely has its moments, as it's definitely hard not to enjoy anything that Giselle Leon involves herself with, but there are also some slow moments throughout to balance out the level of significance. The scene caps off with a mediocre facial given to Giselle, before she gives a couple final throats to Rocco's meatpole. Overall, I'd probably give this scene a little under average rating. It wasn't horrible by any means, but I'm not going to go screaming from the rooftops about it.

Scene 2:

Molly Bennett/Derrick Pierce

Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Missionary/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next scene begins after it reverts back to Lola writing in her diary, talking about her friend 'Sally' who had sex with a home improvement worker on her parents bed. Sally is played by Molly Bennett. The action set in very soon after the opening moments here, with Molly seducing her older counterpart after he puts up a set of curtains for her while her parents are out at work. The action starts again with some pussy eating, that eventually moves into a blowjob, and ultimately evolves into a fairly decent sex scene to say the most. Overall, there just weren't many notable moments here.

Scene 3:

Breanne Benson/Danny Mountain

Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Doggie/Cum on Pussy and Face (High Volume)

The third scene in the film starts as Lola talks about 'Andy' and her new friend from the UK who is leaving for his homeland in the near future, much to Andy's dismay. Andy is played by Breanne Benson, as her UK pal is played by Danny Mountain. Action here begins well with Breanne sucking a mean dick and slopping it up quite nicely as opposed to the more clean bj's given throughout the rest of the scenes in the film. It moves on with another standard cunnilingus segment that then leads into a reverse cowgirl banging. As the sex progresses this definitely seems to have the most intense and genuine sex that I've seen thus far in the film. Breanne is an absolute doll throughout all of it and Danny gives her quite a good fucking here. The scene ends with quite a load from Mr Mountain who jerks himself over Breanne's pussy and squirt his boy sauce so far that a couple of drips land on her face. BAM! The camera actually missed this though, as it stayed focused on Breanne's abdomen, and didn't show her face until after the load was already extracted. Boooooo. Overall, this was probably the best scene in the film, but the missed load kind of bummed me out.

Scene 4:

Casi James/Barrett Blade

Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Cum on Tits/Dodged Facial (High Volume)

For the fourth scene we revert back to Lola, who is now talking about her friend Sandra and her hip 'rock and roll' bf. Sandra is played by Casi James and her rock and roll boyfriend is Barrett Blade. The action starts with a sub-par bj given by Casi, as it again moves into the cunnilingus. The sex in this scene is fair at best, as the visual of Casi's body is quite picturesque, but her unenthused and uninspired moaning are absolutely ruining all of that for me very quickly. The scene finishes after Barrett busts a mega-nut over Casi's tits and face in the closing moments. Not a great scene here, it just didn't do much for me.

Scene 5:

Lola Foxx/Bill Bailey

Cunnilingus/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Cum on Stomach (Medium Volume)

The final scene is of course Lola Foxx, who is writing about her experience with her old high school crush played by Bill Bailey. After another cunnilingus/bj introduction the sex eventually begins with Lola riding the bologna pony in a cowgirl position. The sex is pretty nice in this scene as it also ends pretty well with Lola holding her mouth open as Bill shoots a load from her crotch that almost reaches her mouth. A decent scene here that ends a relatively below decent effort from Adam & Eve.


I can't give a good review to a film where the sex is so obviously coached and created, it's just impossible. I really enjoy the girls in this film, but everything just seemed so scripted that I couldn't get into it. The positions are so cookie-cutter, and it's absolutely ridiculous that directors actually think that shouting out positioning from off set can generate a strong sex scene. Breanne Benson's scene probably had the most intensity, but that still isn't saying much. The special features portion of the disc was definitely notable, but collectively I just didn't think this one was that you should worry about buying or renting, or even spending any of your time on to be quite honest. Sometimes even star quality can't save a poorly directed film.


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