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Load My Mouth 1

  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

Category: POV/Blowjob/Cum Swallowing





Cast: Rikki Six/Alex Chance/Binky Bangs/Mia Gold/Leah Luxxx/Jaslin Diaz/Josi Valentine/Alyssa Sienna/Angell Summers/Jenny Love/Katerine/Leda/Jessyka Swan/Krys Foxy/Brandon Iron

Director: Brandon Iron

Release Date: 4/11/2013

Runtime: 430 Mins

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Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rikki Six

Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Footjob/Cum Swallowing

The opening scene in the first installment of 'Load My Mouth' begins with director Brandon Iron perving on blonde bombshell Rikki Six with camera in hand as she prepares herself for the scene. Rikki looks fantastic here, as Brandon gets the 'perv close-up' view while sharing in a little conversation with her to begin the scene. The introductory segment moves forward with a seemingly nervous Rikki, and action starts with a fixed camera view of Brandon munching on Rikki's dirtbox. The blowie starts shortly afterwards, and moves into POV format after a couple minutes. The POV shot is great here, and Rikki's eager yet timid eyes are simply spellbinding. Although the scene is a lot of the same, it moves forward well, and mixes in some different camera angles, and a footjob as well for good merit. Nice scene here that closes out as Brandon jerks his junk into Rikki's mouth.


Scene 2:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mia Gold

Tease/Blowjob/Facefucking/Heavy Deepthroating/Footplay/Ass Eating/Doggie/Cum Swallowing

Next up in the mouth loading festivities is newbie Mia Gold. Some light tease opens it up, as she attentively tells us how much she wants to suck our cock while licking her fingers and playing with herself. Nice opening segment here as Brandon just lets Mia run with it before she eventually falls to her knees and unleashes the meat. This scene has some stellar moments as Mia really sluts it up for us. Lots of dick-choking deepthroats and slop-filled spits from this cutie make this scene my favorite of the two I have watched thus far. The scene goes on well, with Brandon even getting some doggie action from Mia in the later stages before unloading his jizz whistle into her hungry mouth. Nice scene here, Mia is quickly reaching superstar status for me.


Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Alex Chance

Tease/Female Masturbation/Tit Fucking/Cum Swallowing

The third scene begins with boobalicious Alex Chance masturbating and teasing the camera nicely before engulfing Brandon's beef tip in a couple moments. A POV format opens the blowjob, and Alex gets a couple of light deepthroats in as she talks to the camera. The dirty talk continues through most of the scene, and I'm really loving Alex's confident attitude while she pumps, sucks, and tit fucks her new friends dick. A good scene here when all is said and done, made even better by Alex's camera interaction.


Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Alyssa Sienna

Blowjob/Rimming/Cum Swallow

Next up is Alyssa Sienna, who's cute feet encompass our view in the opening seconds of the scene. After a brief interview style conversation with Brandon she unclothes herself and shows off the goods before the cocksucking starts. The bj here is a lot like the first scene in the film, as Alyssa's big eyes make her seem a little shy and nervous as Brandon's cock completely fills her mouth. As we move forward we see the first rimjob of the movie, and Alyssa's shyness seems to have almost completely subsided before Brandon bends her over and fucks her from the back. Wow, her reactions are priceless here when the fixed camera captures her initial expressions to getting doggie'd by Brandon's throbbing knob. It all ends with Alyssa swallowing sauce and smiling into the camera wonderfully. Nice scene here, eager to see more from Alyssa in the future!


Scene 5:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Binky Bangs

Tease/Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Doggie/Cum Swallow

Cleverly named and sluttily dressed Binky Bangs starts the next scene talking and teasing the home viewers. I love her outfit here, but it comes off all too quickly unfortunately, and a brief interview style convo precedes the dick sucking. Binky's "I'll do whatever" attitude is awesome as she leaves her slutty heels on through the introductory cock tasting. The bj is decent, but I have to say that I thought Binky would be more of the deepthroating type as opposed to what I'm seeing here. The scene again has a lot of dirty talk, and even some cheesy roleplay from Binky in the later stages.


Scene 6:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jaslin Diaz

Tease/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Doggie/Cum Swallowing

Scene six begins with an uninspired boner-killing dirty talk & tease from Jaslin Diaz. Unfortunately this scene was a bit of a downer for me, and even though there were some notable moments throughout, I just didn't believe Jaslin to be the uber slut that she attempts to portray herself as. However, I could be completely wrong, because there are some pretty fantastic deepthroats given in the middle stages of it all, it's just the talking that seemed a little forced. Anyways, the scene continues and ends much like the previous ones, it just wasn't a favorite for me. Jaslin is hot, but this scene was not great.


Scene 7: (Scene to Remember)--------------------------------------------------------------------

Josi Valentine

Tease/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Rimming/Facefucking/Doggie/Cum Swallowing

Josi Valentine opens up the next scene, and gives us a brief look into her past as a cocksucker, sharing some pretty awesome stories. After some more tease and talk the cocksucking finally begins with some great deepthroating skills showcased by Josi. Her overly submissive behaviors are simply perfect. Lots of sloppy deepthroats, and filthy rimjobs fill this scene, and I'm officially sold on Josi Valentine. Actually, I think I'm in love with this girl. Wow. This scene also contains what I perceive to be the most intense sex of the film, and caps off with the best mouth load yet. Awesome. This is the kind of scene I could watch over and over, my favorite one so far without a doubt. Josi Valentine is awesome.


Scene 8:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Leah Luxxx

Blowjob/Cum Swallow

Scene 8 is a short bj only scene with ebony babe Leah Luxxx. Some decent action laced throughout and of course, a mouthful of cum being the finale shot. This was probably on the lower side of the bar in comparison to the other scenes, just not much notably strokeworthy material.



Insert Disc 2



Scene 9:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jessyka Swan

Tease/Blowjob/Cum Swallowing

The first scene on disc two starts out with Jessyka Swan giving us a pretty nice striptease set to some music. The tease lasts about 5 minutes or so and is a pretty refreshing change from the standard introductions throughout the movie so far. Jessyka is a very softspoken little thing that barely speaks English, making the overall adorability factor very nice. The bj in this scene is more along the lines of a sensual one, and seems a little lengthy as it continues forward. Even though Jessyka is just about as cute as they come, I find myself wondering where this is going, and if it's going to be any good once it gets there. The scene essentially stays the same and of course, ends with Jessica getting a mouthload. Decent scene here I suppose, but the action lacked in my opinion.


Scene 10:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Aaliyah Avatari

Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Cum Swallowing

Aaliyah Avatari begins the next scene naked with Brandon's cock already in hand. She tells us some stories as she pumps his meat wrench, and ultimately puts forth some pretty nice deepthroats upon shoving it into her mouth. A very energetic cocksucker here, much to the juxtaposition of Jessyka in the last scene. This scene is a high-powered, super sloppy, dick sucking throat fest and I'm loving it. If only every girl in the movie had the energy of Aaliyah. I would say the only downside of it all is toward the end of it when she gives some sort of mission statement to the viewers. I pretty much had no clue what she was saying, but whatever. I liked the scene regardless.


Scene 11:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Angell Summers

Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Cum Swallow

Gorgeous sexbomb Angell Summers begins our next scene, looking awesome I might add. She gives a striptease to the home viewers that is decent, but a little awkward at times, and sort of gets long toward the end. The bj is good here, containing some nice deepthroats from Angell as well. Good scene here, Angell is very easy on the eyes.


Scene 12:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jenny Love

Footjob/Blowjob/Rimming/Cum Swallowing

Jenny Love is next, and does another striptease set to uRban, who seems to be Brandon's soundtrack choice for the film. The striptease is pretty weird if I'm honest, a lot of 'mom-style' dancing from Jenny throughout that is actually kind of rough to watch at times. Anyways, we move on to the action, which begins with some footjob action. The scene continues forward with normal scene procedure although it just looks a little uncomfortable from Jenny's standpoint. She seems super shy, but actually turns out to open up fairly well as we move forward. Overall, the scene was not great. I wasn't much for Jenny's look, but action got better as the scene went on.


Scene 13:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Tease/Tit fucking/Blowjob/Ass Eating/Doggie/Cum Swallowing

Katerine is our next cocksucker, and gives some pretty good tease in the opening moments. Great body and great outfit on this girl. The second disc seems to be essentially euro girls, as is Katerine. Decent dicksucking skills performed by Katerine here, as she also mixes in some titfucks and accepts a doggie style pounding from Brandon as well.


Scene 14:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Krys Foxy

Blowjob/Deepthroating/Doggie/Missionary/Cum Swallowing

Newly legal Krys Foxy begins our next scene wearing a pig snout and having a conversation with Brandon. In the midst of it she also admits that her father is actually younger than him. I lol'd there. Anyways, a hesitant cocksuck ensues in the coming moments, that results in some great deepthroating efforts by Krys. The genuine struggle from Krys is incredible, she really attempts to take Brandon as deep as possible, but just can't do it no matter how hard she tries. The scene continues forward pretty well, and ends up being my favorite of the second disc thus far.


Scene 15:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Tease/Blowjob/Footjob/Missionary/Cum Swallowing

Some more striptease here as Leda begins our final scene. A pretty lackluster effort in all honesty though, as she essentially pulls her skirt up and wiggles. It's actually quite weird. Anyways, the scene moves on with about the same amount of energy as she puts into the tease session, which is very little. This is probably the worst segment of the movie, it lacked everything, it was just bad.



The trouble with a movie of this length is how many scenes you're bound to dislike as a viewer, but I suppose it could be an upside to the film as well, since you should find at least a couple of the scenes to be relatively satisfying. As I look back on the scenes, I have a hard time gathering those that were overwhelmingly notable aside from Josi Vaslentine's. There just seemed to be a lot of filler throughout the movie. The DVD was put together in a very 'DIY' fashion, which isn't necessarily a bad thing at all, but there are zero special features aside from the bulk of the movie itself. If you're a fan of Brandon's work you understand the type of films that he makes, so there is a decent chance that you'll find the movie to be entertaining. If you're a porn renter, go ahead and give this one a whirl.


For much, much more of Brandon Iron's mouth loading adventures be sure to check out his personal blog by clicking here!

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