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Live Sex Show

  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Courtney Trouble

Cast: Courtney Trouble, Nina Hartley, April Flores, Jolene Parton, Jiz Lee, Kimberlee Cline, Tina Horn, Roger Wood, Peter Devries, The Matador

Length: 56 minutes

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Live Sex Show is a film by performer-director Courtney Trouble. In this film, the queer porn princess Courtney Trouble and her friends have gathered to film this production in order to financially benefit The Center for Sex & Culture which is located in San Francisco. The Center for Sex & Culture strive to promote creativity, information and healthy sexual knowledge. A big plus to this film is that all of the performances were filmed in front of a live audience of 200 people at 2010's Masturbate-a-thon, hosted by Carol Queen.

Scene One: Kimberlee Cline teases the camera as she slowly strips off a portion of her clothing. A fishnet body stocking is underneath. Then, she is on the love seat bent over as she plays with her nice looking pussy. The open crotch area makes her pussy look even more appealing and tempting to the viewers. One would want to touch it. As soon as the bespectacled Kimberlee rubs her clit, Kimberlee's mouth opens up a bit on account of the heated sensations that are developing within her. In the end, the audience gave her a nice applause.

Scene Two:
Jolene Parton and Peter Devries are kissing and making out on the love seat. Both of them are removing each other's tops. At his point, one would assume that they are in their own world of two people since they are highly focused on one another. I really enjoy the constant kissing activity. It leads to Peter sitting on the couch while Jolene kisses his inner thigh and soon, is sucking his hard dick. Next, more clothing is removed on Jolene as both of them are laying next to each other on the love couch. Peter rubs her pussy for a while before he pays close attention to her warm womanhood. He digs into it with his mouth and fingers. Then, Peter fucks her deeply in the missionary position. I like watching him put the effort into wanting to pleasure her so badly. His focus in screwing her deep is really shown during their fuck from behind moments. At this point, everyone can see that Peter is quite pleased with himself. Meanwhile, Jolene's face looks pretty pleased too. We get to see her hot body in a better vantage point while she is riding him. I wanted to see more of her hot tits though. Later, she sucks his dick. Peter has his eyes closed as she can feel her mouth massaging his manhood so well. He has his head lurched back and his eyes are staring up at the ceiling when they are open. His mouth is clenched at times. I wanted to be in his position so badly. At the end, they are kissing while they cuddled. 

Scene Three: Red-headed April Flores is in deep thought. The sexy siren is playing with herself to the crowd. She is determined to get herself off so badly. Later, the mysterious hooded matador enters the scene. She immediately places her attention on his hard dick by sucking on it. Then, the woman spits a lot of saliva on her own breast and rubs it. Next, April resumes her oral work while the matador rips her fishnet stockings from her ass area. Afterwards, the woman is riding him reverse cowgirl style before sucking his cock again. At this point, the camera provides good shots of her ass. A heated pussy eating session follows with the man sucking and finger fucking it with much energy. The man rubs her pussy while April continues to suck him diligently. I enjoyed how the camera panned her leg while she was on the floor. It was a nice piece of eye candy stimuli. Finally, the guy jacks off at her receptive mouth and face. The crowd gave them a well-deserved rousing applause.

Scene Four: Roger Wood removes Tina Horn's leather jacket. She is topless. The scene feels like a magic act since the woman stood there as the guy was in charge. It felt like she was a prop. Then, Tina bent over the love seat while the man spanked her ass. It turned red. Moments later, he uses a whipping item to apply more punishing kinkiness on her. Meanwhile, her butt looks cute. Then, Roger puts on a strap-on and makes the woman suck it. He slaps her face once in a playful manner before bending her over on the love couch to fuck her from behind. He thrusts himself deeply into her while continuing to spank her ass. Tina moans with a lot of emotion. Nevertheless, one can sense that they are in a playful mode. The missionary screw is much rougher and hotter. More spanking activity follows. Then, they embrace and kiss. Just when you thought that the scene had ended, the resume their screwing activity. Roger doggies her with a lot of drive like a rodeo star manhandling his prize animal. The mish moments are quite heated and intense. Both of them are sweating a whole lot. There is some laughter between them too as they are enjoying the moment. However, most of the performance is intensely hot. It's an amazing one and a definite must-see.  

Scene Five: While Nina Hartley is talking to Jiz Lee, the horny Jiz cannot wait and suddenly kisses the woman. Their playful behavior permeates throughout this scene. It's part instructional and part hot gonzo sex. Nina begins to finger fuck her friend while Jiz looks quite pleased. As Jiz is rubbing her clit, Nina lubricates her gloved hand and shoves the entire thing into the woman. I love this scene. I like how Jiz interacts with the audience. I also like hearing the crowd's laughter. Nina also has fun teasing the crowd with her gestures too. It's pretty cool seeing Nina's entire hand inside of a pussy. Meanwhile, Jiz is applying an electric vibrator on her own clit. The scene shifts to where Nina and Jiz are talking to the crowd as Jiz is preparing to massage and fingerfuck the very personable woman's pleasure zone. It's a pretty entertaining moment. Then, Nina lays on her back as her friend rubs her nice looking vaginal plaything.  During the rub-a-dub activity, Nina and Jiz interact well. Nina becomes more joyous when she applies the electronic vibe on herself and Jiz increases the pace of her finger fucking motion. Eventually, Nina cums and the crowd is quite pleased by their fun performance.  

Scene Six: Courtney Trouble gets to have her friends pleasure her at the same time as she receives her own gang bang. Nina and Jiz are focusing on the woman's juicy pussy while Tina Horn is fucking Courtney's mouth with a strap-on. April Flores and Roger Wood are alongside of her. Most of the camera shots are shooting the hot pussy play activity where Courtney ends up squirting a whole lot.  

Final Thoughts: This film is a true winner. The sex is incredibly captivating and entertaining. Jolene Parton and Peter Devries give a personal one on one performance that feel like they are a real couple and in their own private world. April Flores and her mysterious partner showed diligent desire in wanting to please one another. Tina Horn and Roger Wood had the most intense performance that had sincere trust and love combined with kinky playfulness and heated fuckable passion. Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee are entertainers who can interact with an audience while still keeping their eye on the sexual prize. A lot of credit must go to all of the performers who contributed to this production since The Center for Sex & Culture is a marvelous place and it's goals are so important. I highly recommend this film.      


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