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Blasted 2

  • Release date:
    September 26, 2013
  • Runtime:
    6h 13m
  • Cast:
    Mick Blue|Sarah Vandella|James Deen|Kristina Rose|Gracie Glam|Aletta Ocean|Lily LaBeau|Dyanna Lauren|Marco Banderas|Andi Anderson|Mr. Pete|Courtney Cummz|Sienna West|Blue Angel|Andy San Dimas|Madelyn Marie|Victoria White|Rihanna Samuel|Kortney Kane

Category: Compilation/Facials


Cast: Kortney Kane/Andy San Dimas/Sienna West/Aletta Ocean/Victoria White/Kritina Rose/Andi Anderson/Sarah Vandella/Courtney Cummz/Madelyn Marie/Gracie Glame/Rihanna Samuels/Blue Angel/Lily Labeau

Director: Multiple

Extras: Photo Stills

Release Date: 9/26/2013

Runtime: 373 Mins

Scene 1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(From Four Eyed Fuckfest)
Kortney Kane/Mick Blue
The premiere scene in this collection was very well chosen, and features Kortney Kane and Mick Blue in a fantastic fuck sesh from a previously released movie entitled, 'Four Eyed Fuckfest'. The blowjob that begins this scene is set in a POV format and is absolutely outstanding; Four eyed beauty Kortney continues to impress as the scene continues forward showcasing her lovely body, and a pussy fuck that carries just enough energy to merit a solid watch for any viewer. The scene caps off with a decent face pop that is delicately drizzled over Kortney's glasses before the screen eventually fades. Nice scene here with great action.
Scene 2:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Stripper Diaries 2)
Andy San Dimas/Tommy Pistol
Next up is Andy San Dimas, who kicks off the scene giving Tommy Pistol a lapdance before the eventual action takes place. This scene is more of a hardcore effort than the previous one, and has a nice added effect from Andy directly from the moment that her extra sloppified bj begins. The sex is nothing to shake a stick at either, having some pretty nice moments laced around some that you might want to fast forward, but overall the scene was pretty well performed on both sides. I wouldn't call this one of Andy's stronger scenes, because we all know what she's capable of when working with the right talent, but this wasn't a bad scene by any stretch. The extra kink factor added into some of the sex acts makes it much better.
Scene 3:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
( From Golden Globes Big Titty MILFs)
Sienna West/Mr Pete
Sienna West and Mr Pete are the subject(s) of our next scene, which is taken from a movie that I'd honestly like to never type again as long as I live. Sienna and her monster funbags look fantastic from the early stages, as they are showcased quite well through most of the scene. The sex is relatively solid, reaching its pinnacle early on and losing steam as it progresses. The finishing jizzload provided to Sienna's face was also notable for me, but unfortunately the white couch that lied directly behind it took away from the visual that it may have otherwise provided. Decent scene here, I'm partial to most that Sienna does simply because of her beauty, but I thought it lacked a bit in the energy department nonetheless.
Scene 4:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(From Shot Glasses 4)

 Aletta Ocean/Csoky Ice
Another release that showcases hot babes in glasses is where our next scene is taken from, as it begins with Aletta Ocean performing a relatively uninspired tease session for the home viewers. Choky Ice steps onto set after this awful display and the sex that takes place to follow isn't much better. Aletta does have some chest meat that most are certain to be drawing their attention to for most of the scene, but I can't help but notice her looks here show that she'd much rather be someplace else. At the mall maybe? One can only speculate I suppose. Not a great scene here, but if you're a fan of Aletta you know that this is the way she performs much of the time, relying on her strong looks and huge tits to guide her fans toward her rather than her passion for sex.

Scene 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(From 18 and Vibrating)
Victoria White/Michael Stefano
The next scene is taken from the cleverly titled '18 and Vibrating' and features Victoria White working out in the early moments before the action sets in to follow. During the initial tease there are some seriously over-acted moments from Victoria that made my stomach turn, but it was over pretrty quickly so I suppose that could be looked at as a positive. The starting point of the action gives us a look at Victoria phoning in a blowjob, that leads into some sex that is almost as abysmal if not for Michael Stefano's solid performance as Victoria's male counterpart. The scene does get better as it moves forward but is most definitely one of the lower end scenes represented in this compilation. The scene ends with a notable facial provided to Victoria for her efforts, or lack thereof, as she fights to keep her mouth closed and not swallow any. Uh, yeah...ok.
Scene 6:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Ass Cleavage 11)
Kristina Rose/Marco Banderas
Kristina Rose is the focus of our next scene, which is taken from Ass Cleavage 11. The tease that interludes the sex is outstanding as always with Kristina, having some epic booty-concentrated taunting from the superstar that leads into an energetic and slop-filled facefuck provided by Marco Banderas. Some impressive moments begin the scene but as it moves forward some unfortunately slower segments follow. Kristina definitely holds up her end of the bargain though, being one of the most fantastic buttfucks to watch in recent memory, and once the anal sets in the scene certainly gains steam. A nice ending as well with Kristina being the prime recipient of a pretty decent facial that she looks to fully enjoy.
Scene 7:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Model House)
Andi Anderson/John Strong/Jerry
The next scene features deepthroater Andi Anderson as the centerpiece of a cock sandwich provided by John Strong and the simply named "Jerry". The action is pretty solid here, as Andi certainly takes a pretty hard fucking from the guys while staying focused on the task at hand very well. Some great facefucking in the middle stages initiates the best parts of the scene to come, but unfortunately the anal & DP's are nowhere to be found. The cameraman makes an appearance at the end of the scene and helps the guys in blasting an extra cumshot over Andi's beautiful already cum-covered face to put the final exclamation point on everything. Even though this scene didn't go to the places that I initially thought it could, I still thought that this was one of the best scenes from this compilation. Andi is always a pleasure to watch. It's lovely watching girls have sex when they actually love having sex, ya know?
*Disc 2*

Scene 8:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(From Shot Glasses 3)
*Scene To Remember*

Sarah Vandella/Michael Stefano

The first scene on the second disc kicks off with a tease sesh from Sarah Vandella that has my nether regions standing at full attention from the exact point of entry. The sex that follows it all is stellar as well, presenting itself as what is definitely the best and most energetic fucking in the film. Sarah begins everything with a throaty blow-j and carries the scene the rest of the way with some great help from Michael Stefano, making this scene an outstanding one that is well worth a watch. The only slight downside to it all is the facial that serves as the finale to the scene, which is gently drizzled over Sarah's glasses as she smiles and giggles. Still a great scene though, energy was spot-on.

Scene 9:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From War On A Rack)
Courtney Cummz/Mick Blue
Courtney Cummz gives us a nice tease in the next scene, and when I say nice I mean fucking awesome. This scene is taken from 2009, and features a newly big-titted Courtney, looking salaciously horny before the actual scene even starts. She sets things off with a sloppy blowjob given to Mick Blue, chock full of the dirty talk that we're so used to hearing from this mouthy little hottie. The sex that eventually follows is also notably strong, and just when there seem to be moments that where the scene slows down, Courtney does something nasty to grab the viewers attention, a true professional porn girl. By the end of it all Courtney gets a fairly rough buttfuck from her co-star that finishes off as she gets a jizzsquirt to the kisser to close it out. Nice scene here, there's a reason that Courtney continues to have such a great career in porn, and watching any one of her scenes is a testament to that.
Scene 10:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Striptease then Fuck 12)
Madelyn Marie/James Deen
The next scene commences as we see Madelyn Marie performing a pretty nice striptease for us in the opening moments, before her co-star enters view in the form of James Deen. Things start pretty slow here, but Madelyn is so unbelievably hot I'm having a hard time actually caring about all that. Things continue in a relatively uncomfortably manner, without much reciprocation from Madelyn as James slams her pussy looking for a response. The scene caps off with a decent jizz-spat painted on Madelyn's face but the actual action in the scene fell seriously short for me. Madelyn seemed to not be as involved as I would have liked to see and the scene suffered for it.
Scene 11:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Shot Glasses 3)
Gracie Glam/ChristianXXX
Gracie Glam takes the drivers seat at the beginning of the next scene, as it's yet another one taken from the Shot Glasses series. The tease is okay, but seems to go on forever and fizzles hard by the end. Christian plays Gracie's co-star in the scene, making an appearance after around 5 minutes and the preliminary blowjob follows closely after. The sex in the scene was pretty well performed, albeit a more sensual version of what the film seems to have portrayed thus far. It's no surprise to see Gracie in such solid form, as this scene gives us a good look at the best kind of scenes that she performs in, and Christian was a great stunt cock to flesh out the scene.
Scene 12:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Four Eyed Fuck Fest)
Rihanna Samuels/Leny Ewil
Next up is Rihanna Samuels, who gives us a cute, dancey tease session to introduce herself into the film. I like the tease here a lot simply for Rihanna's likability. I've never reviewed one of her films but her playfulness is contagious, and I'm digging it. The sex sets in hard, with Rihanna taking a thorough pounding from Leny Ewil, and there are some pretty good moments early on but the scene fails to really capture it all that well. Lots of close-up footage here, and relatively lazy camera usage seem to hold this scene from the possibility of what it could be, even though the latter stages are much better in terms of that. This was a well performed scene that suffered only because the lack of action that the viewer actually gets to see. I understand it was shot in a bathroom, but how about we plan out the scene a little better next time, eh? You'll  probably be able to beat off to it nonetheless because it's pretty good sex, could have been much better from a viewer standpoint though.
Scene 13:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Up Skirts 2)
Blue Angel/Erik Everhard
The next scene features Blue Angel as the center of our attention, and has a decent tease to start it off, but I would have loved to see a more meticulously shot version of this because Blue Angel is stunning. The action has a very genuine feel, as it always seems to when I see Blue, and Erik gives her a solid boning that she really seems to take well to. There's really no part of the scene that seems to die down or fizzle out, energy stays fairly strong throughout and this is one of the better watches in the film. A facial squirt from Erik serves as the scene's finale and Blue Angel gives a couple slurps to Erik's dick before the screen fades to black.
Scene 14:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(From Shot Glasses 4)
Lily Labeau/Ian Scott
Lily Labeau starts out the final scene in this marathon of sex scenes, and gives a fair tease to kick off the sex that eventually takes place with Ian Scott. A stellar bj serves as the the introduction to everything, and follows with a hard fuck provided by Ian that has Lily moaning to the heavens in approval. The scene carries itself pretty well but I was really hoping for a little more from it to be quite honest. A menial cumsquirt serves as the end of the entire film, leaving a rather bad taste in my mouth for a movie that actually had some pretty strong scenes showcased throughout. Unfortunately this wasn't one of those.
Blasted 2 features a pretty wide array of content from directors Mick Blue, Mike Quasar, and Miles Long and just like any compilation, you have some pretty nice scenes mixed in with some serious duds. All of the scenes do end with a facial cumshot, but many of them are fairly meager as opposed to the 'Blasted' faces that the film suggests. Nonetheless, there was some strong sex showcased throughout, and even though there were some bad scenes here, I actually thought that the good outweighed those by a longshot. I will definitely give this one a recommended rating as I feel that any fairweather porn fan, as well as a connoisseur, are going to like this one more than they hate it, plus there's a buttload of content. Extras are always sparse when it comes to comps, but I think most buyers are aware of that, and with 14 scenes and about 8 of those being pretty well performed, I don't think you'd be wasting your money should you have an interest in the film.


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