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Performers of the Year 2013 (Blu-ray)


    Performers of the Year 2013
    2 Disc Blu-ray
    Directed by William H
    Date of Production: 11/18/12
    Running Time: 3:30: 07


    Lily Carter-first gangbang
    Asa Akira
    Brooklyn Lee
    Jada Stevens
    Skin Diamond
    Lexi Belle
    Manuel Ferrera
    Toni Ribas
    Erik Everhard
    James Dean
    Ramon Nomar
    Mick Blue
    Alex Gonz
    Bill Bailey

    Special Features: on second disc

    Behind the Scenes: 7:04 post sex interviews
    Bonus Interviews: 14:55 extended pre-sex interviews
    Photo Gallery
    Trailers: 6 trailers
    Bonus Scenes: Allie Haze(26:26), Eva Angelina (33:13), Holly Michaels (25:57), Remy Lacroix (33:22)

    Technical Stats:

    Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

    Video: Mpeg-2 at around 9-13 Mbps

    Overall Thoughts:

    After we get passed the always fun Superstar September, Elegant Angel gives us a few months to enjoy that before unleashing two titles that bring a nice end to the year, their Best New Starlets and this one, Performers of the Year movies. So let’s look back at 2012, and enjoy these ladies as we wrap up 2012 and wait to see what Elegant Angel has in store for us in 2013.

    And I do believe that this movie has already been reviewed and got our highest rating from Don, and so let us see what I think of it. Great cast of ladies, including my favorite girl, Lily, with her first gangbang. I can only hope that those 7 guys can keep up with her. But don’t forget you have Buttwoman herself, along with the adorable Lexi Belle, the exotic Skin Diamond, the insatiable Asa, and of course, last year’s Best New Starlet, Brooklyn, who continues to rise in the industry.

    But if you still aren’t sold, first off, what is wrong with you, why not check out the montage at the beginning of this movie to just give you a little taste of what you are about to see. And there is plenty to see here, and I am not just talking about the movie, cause when you throw in all the bonus goodies, there is no reason this shouldn’t get our highest rating. A few complaints here and there, the biggest for me, wish it was in 5.1, and the other, is it really seemed like the Lexi scene was rather short compared to the others. But with a cast like this and some great sex, this is a good reason this is a Blu-ray, you don’t have to worry about wearing this out from watching it over and over and over again. So to William H, Elegant Angel, Lily Carter, Asa Akira, Brooklyn Lee, Jada Stevens, Skin Diamond and Lexi Belle, I present to all of you, an XCRITIC PICK for this one. You are irresistible, insatiable, buttwoman, exotic, adorable and I am sure I could spend all day coming up with more words, but you guys hit the nail on that one already. Can’t wait to see next year’s installment, and I am sure a few of these ladies will be included once again.


    And we are going to start off with our newest Buttwoman, as we get a wrap up for her 2012. This will be an ongoing theme throughout the movie. And when the tease begins, no surprise we start off with her ass, as she walks up the stairs. She’s wearing a blue swimsuit that she can’t see to keep on during the tease, but we are fine with that. Some one on one time with her pussy, and then it’s back to the booty, as it fills up the camera. Not to sound like a broken record, but Elegant Angel, really is the best when it comes to tease footage, they know how to showcase the ladies and make it look amazing and visually stunning to the eye. And Mick is about to amazed as he dives into her ass, biting and slapping it, while some finger play begins from both of them. She laughs and smiles as she opens his pants and gets a good look at what she gets to play with today. Some very nice vocal, wet and gagging as her oral fun begins. Lots of spit and bubbles, as she gets face fucked. She bends over and he is quickly inside her pussy, giving it some energetic thrusts as he slaps up against her ass. He rolls her over to her side as they continue in some spoon, as she rubs her pierced pussy. But enough pussy play, as he slowly slides into her ass, but quickly speeds things up, as she continues to rub her pussy. He might be penetrating her ass, but he finds time to show her feet some love too, foot fetish people, we got you covered. The ass play continues as she hops on for some cowgirl action, as Mick once again keeps the pace a going, and thanks to the camera, we get a great look at her ass as she rides him, even Mick can’t keep his hands off of it. He pulls out and shows how wide her ass is from his cock. Even she likes what she sees. She ends up on her back with her legs spread wide as the ass play continues, followed by some face fucking and ball sucking, as she gets him nice and wet. And to return the favor, he finger bangs her pussy, getting it nice and squishy inside, as she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl in her ass. And without even pulling out, they change up to some doggy. Some nice heat between these two as he moves in closer, breathing down the back of her neck. She falls to her knees and smiles as he gives her a money shot in the mouth, as she gives his cock one last kiss.


    And next up is the insatiable one, Asa and we hear about her year end recap, which including bring home the AVN for Best Female Performer. And when the tease begins, she is poolside and wearing a black lace bra and panty set. Plenty of ass shots follow, and of course it’s not too long before her tits are out and getting some sun. She avoid tan lines and heads inside, and we see Asa and Erik both pleasing each other, and then he turns her around and dives in the booty, only coming up for air. And we know at this point that Erik knows how to please the ladies with his oral skills, but know it’s time for Asa to get on her knees and worship his cock, in her mouth. And after her oral, she is pressed up against the wall, as he slides in for some energetic doggy from both. And you can tell that she is a very vocal girl and you may need to turn the volume down, as to not wake the neighborhood for this scene. He lifts her up as she continues to ride his cock, then lays her down on the mattress and is back inside as he adds in some finger play in her pussy. And he drives her even more crazy as he uses the ole finger and tongue technique on her pussy, as she begs for him not to stop.  And that begging continues as she is on her back, legs spread, as he is back inside her pussy, and leans back as she cums for him. But enough pussy play, it’s time for the anal to begin, as she ends up on top for some reverse cowgirl, as he opens her ass up with his cock. She sucks the taste off his cock, then is right back on top, as he slides in her pussy for a bit, then it’s back to anal as she hops that ass on him, and we are getting a front row seat to the action. He picks her up and braces her up against the window and ledge and continues to fuck her ass. And it seems his cock doesn’t want to leave her ass, as no matter where they end up, he stays inside her. But he does pull out to show off how well her ass is opening up for him. And he pulls out and sprays her tits with cum, after she begs and pleads for his cum. But he’s not done just yet, as he dives into her pussy and makes sure she cums one more time before they are done.


    We have the exotic Skin Diamond up next. We get a little history of her career. And after talking about all the things she has had inside her, it’s time to shake her stuff, wearing a red dress, which barely seems to cover much and Skin makes it a little easier for us to check out that banging body. And I can’t forget the long black stocking she is wearing, that just adds even more sexuality to her look. And Ramon joins her on the couch and he has his tongue in her ass right away, he knows what he likes. But his tongue also darts into her pussy, but always seems to be back in her ass. Apparently her pussy is super sensitive today, so she should be cumming a lot. She starts her oral appreciation as she really is set on getting his cock as deep in her throat as possible. He lifts her up and teases her pussy as he slides in and out, before staying inside as her ass bounces on his cock. The intensity she shows with her facial expression are just another reason you have to love her scenes. She climbs off and sucks the taste off his cock, while giving him a nice wet and sloppy BJ, and then stands up and shakes her ass and teases him, as she slowly sits on his cock, and then turns up the pace. Some finger play in her ass, and then enjoy as she really shows some energy as she rides him, working that body for the camera. She turns on her side and sticks her ass out, as he teases her ass, as slowly penetrates her ass. He adds in some finger play, as she has her legs back behind her head.  She once again sucks the taste off his cock, and then it’s back to some anal play, in some spoon, as he grabs onto her throat and helps her cum once again. It’s back to the pussy play, as she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl action. He slides out and teases her ass and pussy, and then she guides him into her ass. Some nice tongue play from Skin, as she gets his cock nice and wet, and begs for him to fuck her from behind, but he is going to tease her a bit, before it’s back to her ass, but he doesn’t forget about her pussy, as he dives in both. And after some intense doggy he pulls out and covers her mouth with cum, as she gives it a few more licks and sucks.


    And it’s time for last year’s Best New Starlet, and see how her year has been since she won, and a few things she wants to still do. And she is wearing a camo bikini for her tease, as she gives us a few glimpses of her ass and pussy. And as she hit’s the shower, it’s time for the boobs to make an appearance. But as the fun begins, it is her and Manuel on the couch, with their tongues down each others throat, as he slides his hand down by her pussy, getting her nice and wet inside. And after some time on her neck, he makes his way down, with a short stop at her tits, to her pussy and really dives in. She takes a seat on his face as he dives into her pussy, as she leans over to unleash his cock from his shorts and give it a nice head bob as she gags on him. If this is the foreplay, I can’t wait for the sex. And she is one of those ladies who knows what he likes, as she offers his balls and ass some love in between swallowing his cock whole. Let the penetrating begin, as he slides up against her and slips in for some spoon action, as he strums her pussy with his fingers. She is another girl who gets quite vocal, so once again, you may need to adjust your volume a little. But I could be wrong. She ends up on top and grinds and bounces on his cock, while he slaps her ass to keep her going. Manuel shoves his foot in her face and she wastes no time shoving it in her mouth. Check that off for you foot fetish folks. She flips around and he is back to giving her pussy a nice pounding, slapping her ass, while these two really show us some energy. And we also get a little finger play in her ass. She climbs off and he works his magic fingers on her pussy and gets her to squirt, and then he slowly slides into her ass, as it seems it’s been awhile since she’s had a cock in there, but she opens up pretty quick for him. Some ass to mouth follows as she is determined to suck the life out of his cock, but is quickly back in his ass, as he slaps her ass with his feet. But she ends up bent over, with her ass out, as he slides back in for some more anal fun, as she begs for him to slide it all the way in. But after penetrating it, she once again smothers his face with her ass, I mean if you have to pick a fun way to go, that would be it, right. They come together on the couch, as they keep kissing, while she strokes his cock, then swallows and double fists it, once again showing some very nice energy. She ends up on top once again, for more anal action, reverse cowgirl, while he strums her pussy. He rolls her on her side and she begins to beg for his cum, so he turns up the pace. He stands up and she is right back to work on his cock and then he jerks off and covers her face with his cum.


    And the adorable and cute Lexi Belle is up next. And her and James have some great chemistry and look forward to seeing them in action again. She recaps her big year, which includes her first anal, something people have been asking for a long time. And we are pool side for the tease, as she is wearing a black mesh/knit top which doesn’t hide her tits at all. But they are out and free soon anyway. Back inside and we get that great view as she walks up the stairs and the camera is nice and up close, thank you sir for that. After the sexy tour of the house, she finds James and some intense kissing and fondling from both, as she wastes no time shoving her hand down his pants. He flips her around and plays with her pussy, as she reaches back and plays with his cock. And we have some definite heat already just from the start of this one, and I would shocked if it doesn’t continue. She turns around and falls to her knees, showing her oral love , gagging and deep throating him, and let’s throw in some face fucking too. He reaches over and finds her pussy and ass, gives it some finger teasing. And just like that she is bent over up against the stairs and he is giving her pussy a nice pounding, and when they come together you can feel the heat between them. He gets a face full of her ass and then back to some intense kissing, and she ends up pressed up against the wall, as he is back inside her pussy. She leans forward and continues to yell out his name in excitement. She ends up on her knees once again, with his cock shoved in her mouth, and then it’s back up against the stairs and he is back inside her pussy. And without slipping out, they end up on the floor for some reverse cowgirl, as she spreads her legs wide for the camera. And with this high def version you can really see how red/pink her pussy is getting as he continues. She ends up on her back on the floor as we once again see that chemistry between these two. And your going to love it as he mounts her while she is face down and ass up on the floor. And what do you know, she ends up on her knees and he cums in her mouth, that seemed like a short scene, that’s a little disappointing.

    Lily vs. the Gangbang (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

    And I can’t think of a better way to end this movie, the grand finale, with getting the chance to see her very first gang bang. Better take a moment to prepare for this one. And just a little side note, she wore that same outfit at AEE. Today’s matchup will put Lily up against 7 guys. Plenty of dancing and booty bouncing during the tease part of the scene, would love to see some hi res stills of this, could use a new background on my phone. She makes her way on the bed, as the clothes come off and she stares you down with those eyes, and lets add in some finger in ass and pussy, just to get you a little more excited. She tells the guys ths story, but when story time is over, they are all over her, as her clothes are off. James is throwing some choking as Erik is face deep in her pussy. But she wants cock, so she gives a few some oral love, while jerking off another. She ends up on her knees and has three cocks within reach and just seems to want more, and Toni finger bangs her pussy and gets her to squirt. This right here is why I wanted to get this on Blu-ray, cause if you are going to watch this, why not watch it the best way possible. They fuck her from behind as her mouth is full of cock, each guy getting his turn. She ends up back on her knees for a nice blowbang, but climbs on Erik and soon enough James slides in her pussy and we have a DP folks. They are keeping her plenty excited with some more choking too. Not a huge fan of the choking stuff, but I make an exception for this lady. Also little side note, love that the knee high boots are still on. She climbs on Ramon and spreads her legs, as someone slides into her pussy and the DP continues. She shakes and shivers as she cums for the guys, but is right back to getting her holes filled, begging for more. They hit her magic spot and she begs and pleads for them not to stop what they are doing. And then comes the moment when she has two cocks in her ass, something I didn’t think we would see, but it was pretty amazing anyway. She climbs on Erik and he slides in her pussy and slaps her ass and asks who wants in, as her ass is soon filled up again. Ramon and Toni make a nice Lily sandwich for some standing DP action, as the other guys look on. They set her on the couch for James and Erik to enjoy. And when the DP is back the camera is up and close to show us how easily she is taking those cocks. She’s had two cock in her ass, now she’s got two in her pussy and a huge smile on her face, cause someone slides into her ass, and her backend is filled with 3 cocks, and the crowd goes wild, as they give her a standing ovation. She ends back on her knees with the hard cocks in her face, as she makes her way around the circle jerk, and then begs for cum, as they fill her mouth and cover her face with their love potion. But she also plays with her pussy, so she can cum with them too.

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