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Licking Lotus

  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

Category: Lesbian/Tattoos



Cast: Leslie Lotus/Scarlett Storm/Severin Graves/Sierra Cure/Draven Star

Director: Missy Star

Runtime: 2 hrs

Release Date: 5/1/2013


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The introduction to Bombshell Brats first ever feature film 'Licking Lotus' begins as we see covergirl Leslie Lotus giving somewhat of a mission statement to the viewer of what the film will entail. This segment seems pretty forced and scripted to me, and ultimately moves into the introductory credits played to the tune of 'punky' guitars as we see some brief glimpses into the film.


Scene 1: (What I've Learned)-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Leslie Lotus

Female Masturbation/Dildo Play

The premiere scene begins as we see Leslie Lotus work herself up into a frenzy for the home viewers through masturbatory acts. I'm not sure if this is a tease segment or what, but it seems to go on for an eternity. It's tough to catch exactly what she's saying during the brief stints where she does actually talk, but I suppose her fans may enjoy this segment, I just didn't. At all. When it all ends she says, "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did." Sorry, but to answer honestly, this didn't do it for me.


Scene 2: (Hotel Surprise)------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Scarlett Storm/Leslie Lotus

Female Masturbation/Cunnilingus/69/Anal Fingering

The second scene begins as we see tattooed cutie Scarlett Storm playing with herself in a hotel shower for a brief time before entering her bedroom where Leslie Lotus lies naked on the bed waiting. After a seemingly uncomfortable exchange of words the action begins with some cunnilingus provided by Miss Storm. The muff munching is relatively hot here, but intensity is pretty non existent among these two as it seems to be capturing more of a 'slumber party' type of encounter. Positions change quickly early on, and pussies are being eaten constantly throughout the scene. The girls switch roles frequently as the scene progresses and seem to be having a great time which is more than I can say for myself in all honesty. The girls giggle and continue playing throughout the scene but all in all there weren't too many noteworthy moments for me. Correction: There were none. I thought that the scene was filmed poorly, and there wasn't nearly as much intensity captured as there was 'fun' from the girls.


Scene 3: (Since We're Friends)-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Severin Graves/Leslie Lotus

Cunnilingus/Strap-On Fucking/Cowgirl/Missionary/Doggie

Next up is Severin Graves, who looks adorable as the scene opens up with her talking on a couch with Leslie Lotus. The two get hot and heavy in a hurry here, as clothes come off quickly, and the makeout session begins. The scene cuts out a lot for some reason early on, and then Severin goes down to lick Leslie's love muffin for a brief period of time before Leslie pulls out her trusty strap-on. The sex in this scene again seems to be rather weird, for lack of a better word. I just didn't see many looks of enjoyment or intensity from either of the performers. Severin is certainly easy on the eyes, so I suppose that could be looked at as a positive, but the scene just wasn't great, or even good for that matter.


Scene 4: (Revolution Buzz)--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sierra Cure/Leslie Lotus

Female Masturbation/Cunnilingus/Dildo Play

Sierra Cure is next on Leslie's list, as they open the scene talking with each other for a short time, before getting to brass tacs. Clothes come off and probably the best part of the movie is here as Leslie strips and dances in front of Sierra while she dittles herself and looks on. Although Sierra isn't completely convincing in her role to be lusting over Leslie, she still looks pretty hot on the couch as she watches. Again, this scene is overall a flop for me, as it just lacked having anything good in it whatsoever. Of course, there were pretty girls, yea but it takes more than that in my opinion.


Scene 5: (Sexy Sublet)----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Draven Star/Leslie Lotus

Cunnilingus/Dildo Play

Next up is Draven Star. The scene begins as she's thinking of moving into the apartment that Leslie Lotus is showing and the action quickly begins after yet another ridiculously written dialogue that the two act out. The sex in this scene is probably the best in the film, for the simple fact that it looks like these two are actually enjoying themselves through some of it. It's honestly more of the same though.


Scene 6: (So Long Shower)---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Leslie Lotus

Solo Masturbation Scene

The final scene in the film is another solo scene with covergirl Leslie Lotus. It takes place of course in the shower, and is a relatively slow moving below average masturbation session where Leslie tries her best to convince us that she's doing this simple for her enjoyment but I just don't buy it. Anyways, the credits roll shortly after this scene ends and thankfully so.


I'll start by saying this: Putting together your own porn movie is not easy. Directing, editing, and filming scenes that will entertain the masses is a fucking tough thing to do. This movie is proof of that. This is Bombshell Brats first DVD release, and while I do give them thumbs up for doing it, I have to follow it with a serious thumbs down for the overall content. I didn't like it, and I'm not sure that the response to it will be overwhelmingly postive either. I wasn't completely enamored by any of the film's cast, but I will say that there were some pretty hot girls; I was just lost at the overall blandness of the subject matter. In addition to that, it's tough to figure out exactly who these girls are as the movie goes on, because their names are only listed in the credits at the beginning and end of the movie. There was no cast list option on the DVD, so it was tough for me to figure out exactly which star was which. I don't think that this is a film that showcases what a viewer enjoys about watching porn. Maybe it's just the niche, and the fact that I've never bought into it, but either way, I have a hard time believing that even the biggest fans of the 'tattooed girls' genre will love this one. It just wasn't good. As a lover of punk rock, I really don't see what this film had to do with it, aside from the 'girls with tattoos' of course. It essentially standardizes every ridiculous punk stereotype (PBR, Vinyl, Tattoos, etc.) and tries to run as fast it can with it. The sex seemed forced in almost every scene, and I just had a rough time swallowing what this film attempted to feed me. I say skip it.

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