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Anal Inferno 2

  • Release date:
    May 6, 2013
  • Runtime:
    4h 37m
  • Cast:
    Mike Adriano|Claire Robbins|Sarah Shevon|Liv Aguilera|Sierra Day|Leya Falcon|Scarlett Wild


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Anal Inferno 2

Evil Angel/Mike Adriano Media

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: Mike Adriano


Cast: Cici Rhodes, Sarah Shevon, Mike Adriano, Leya Falcon, Claire Robbins, Scarlett Wild, Sierra Day, Cassandra Nix, Liv Aguilera; Krissy Lynn & Mariah Madysinn (bonus scene only)

Length: 277:16 minutes (175:07 minutes & 102:09 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013


Extras: For most folks, the lengthy bonus scene from Assfucked Sluts that starred Krissy Lynn and Mariah Madysinn doing Mike Adriano, will be the best extra of them all, located on the second disc and lasting 70:28 minutes (described below). Otherwise, the first disc had a cast list, a company website trailer, and some director websites but the second offered trailers, filmographies, photogalleries, a cumshot recap, cast list, and websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Inferno 2 was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. The scenes were all shot with basic lighting to eliminate any shadows, texture, or hints of color variations. The set up was simple with the basic tease, then Mike would join in for various forms of intercourse (as always, a very strong emphasis on all sorts of anal exploits), all in some form of point of view fashion. It was not perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual, fans of well rounded women certain to appreciate it. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English but there wasn’t much to talk about aurally speaking though, the tease portion of the scenes employed music but the rest of the show was fairly easy to hear the vocals even if it sounded like a home camera shot them.

Body of Review: Mike Adriano is a talented anal aficionado directing at Evil Angel these days, his devotion to all things ass related making him increasingly popular. While he enjoys showcasing ladies wearing booty shorts, lingerie, and taking large toys in their asses, he is also known for his love of point of view (POV) work that allows him to partake in the sex, his latest fuck flick to make it my way being Anal Inferno 2, this volume in the series focusing on slightly less known performers who were nonetheless well selected for their anal attributes and diversity of sexual experiences. I admit to wanting to see this one to check out fellow Xcritic blogger Leya Falcon in her scene as she made some comments about it awhile back, but it has been a year since the first volume came out and I wanted to see if I noticed any major differences too. Frankly, Mike has come up with something of an unscripted formula that really works for ass lovers everywhere, not just a passing nod to anal but a full range of ass tricks that often work both ways, the resulting heat enough in many cases to set the guy apart.

Here is what the company website said about the show: “Porn superstud and über-pervert Mike Adriano is ready to set your screen on fire with his hot, new two-disc collection of outrageously filthy butt play, "Anal Inferno #2." In five epic encounters featuring the most gorgeous and talented anal starlets around, Mike plunders big, gaping booties and captures extreme prolapses, raunchy rim jobs and nasty ass-to-mouth cocksucking with his signature POV+ camerawork. This one is a scorcher! First, stunning brunettes Cici Rhodes and Sarah Shevon go the limit in a sick rectal three-way, gagging on the director's massive cock and wetly tonguing every bunghole in sight. Amid the intense butt-fucking and insane anal gapes, Sarah ejaculates a squirting climax and makes her colon bloom like a fleshy, glistening rose. Next, busty blonde Leya Falcon squeezes her gigantic knockers and chokes on dick until her cleavage is slathered with spit, then gets her anus pumped full of meat until Mike spurts cum into her open mouth. Scarlett Wild and Claire Robbins get their most twisted butthole fantasies fulfilled and share a gooey load. Adorable blonde Sierra Day endures a backdoor trial by fire in her very first anal scene, prolapsing like a champ. Sweet sluts Liv Aguilera and Cassandra Nix get rudely and happily sodomized while savoring each other's asshole flavor. There's also a bonus three-way butt-fuck starring Krissy Lynn and Mariah Madysinn. "Anal Inferno #2" is for fans that take their rectal obsessions deeply. Burn, baby, burn!” Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Cici Rhodes, the perky brunette on the center of the front cover, and her cute counterpart Sarah Shevon, seen across from her, were up first to start things off as they playfully bantered with Mike Adriano in his colorful living room. The ladies professed loving anal, Cici dropping her drawers first to spread her cheeks while Sarah couldn’t resist getting right in their to get her off early. The anal fingering and taste testing soon led to Sarah providing a rosebud of a prolapsed rectum, her innards looking strangely erotic as a lollipop was used to spice up the taste. From there the ladies double teamed Mike’s turgid pecker soundly, the active oral including some salad tossing and messy ball sucking. Their mutual chemistry and aggressively playful antics greatly enhanced the scene though, the ladies joining in at every turn to slob knob, gobble gash, and otherwise get hammered in the ass while assisting each other. Sarah stood out in that she provided her friends with a fluid bath of her juices while getting off, Mike depositing a good sized load of genetic juice for the ladies to cumswap and swallow.


Scene Two: Leya Falcon, the curvy blond bombshell sported on the lower right hand corner, was up next as she reclined back during her interview with Mike Adriano, the gal bursting out laughing at the totality of circumstance. This was her fourth on camera experience with anal sex, her sparkling, some might say bubbly personality coming forth as the increasingly popular Xcritic blogger displayed her assets. Leya had some great boobs and her juicy ass was ripe and ready to rumble, her nipple erections played with until she provided some lactation. Fans of tattoos will note that she has not gone completely overboard in inking up her smoking hot body, Mike spending a surprisingly large amount of time sucking her tits (he is not known for that) before she gave him what I think was the sloppiest, nastiest, and most bone inducing blowjob of the entire movie; her saliva spewing forth all over her in what Mike referred to as “unreal”. To her credit, Leya did not care one bit about her makeup smearing and running down her face, throating the guy as she pushed her limits in order to earn the ass fucking she received afterwards. The only thing I was uncomfortable about here was the small amount of discolored lube in her ass every time he pulled out, Leya giving up the ass really well as she got off and did ATM (her first on camera according to them). The couple continued their chemistry filled tryst until she knelt down to swallow his load of population pudding, her enjoyment clear as she proved to appreciate all that transpired.


Scene Three: Claire Robbins and Scarlett Wild, the two redheads seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, were up next with Mike Adriano, the ladies coming across as especially slutty with their dirty talk to finish off the first disc in a lengthy scene. Lean Scarlett went first to drop her pants and pull down her green thong, using a modest sized anal plug to warm up with. She walked around with it inside of her which led to Claire and Mike savoring her ass, the rimming and fingering resulting in them swapping roles. Claire had a fleshier ass and she took longer to insert the same plug, her pale white skin shaking in sexy fashion just as her shaven slit looked like a delicate flower. She was less outgoing than Scarlett but just as desirable, less apt to “put on a show” and having a perfect pucker at the same time. Once initiated, the ladies teamed up to slurp on Mike’s cock and balls, the trio moving to the various positions of active ass fucking on both ladies. They did a lot of taste testing and the flower look was interesting, Claire eventually taking his wealth of spunk to cumswap with Scarlett though she was the driving force behind the ending blowjob.


Scene Four: Sierra Day, the fetching young blond featured on the lower left corner of the cover, was up next in the first scene on the second disc. This was billed as her first scene and she professed to prefer G/G porn, Mike Adriano taken aback a bit though she expressed some interest in men as well. Her cocky attitude was a mixed bag for me, her lean body (I’d go so far as to call her skinny) a far cry from my love of fleshier lasses like those in the previous scenes but she was all natural as far as I could tell. As she claimed to love anal in her private life, I was hoping she would not suffer the usual newbie issues with the acts, her cute ass definitely sparking some interest in me as she bent over to doff her homemade cut off jeans. She put on an impromptu dance in the courtyard but it did not impress me much, her shaven snatch making her look barely old enough to drive a car. Still, the way she carried on about herself made me cheer for Mike to set her straight (no pun intended), her O ring looking fresh as could be before Mike started jamming his tongue into it to liven her day. As soon as he was rimming her, she seemed to change her tune too, mellowing out even more as he gobbled her gash along with it. One of her tricks was to eject her asshole like a budding flower too, even more than the ladies did earlier with the help of a black anal plug, Mike taking advantage of it with some plunging pecker moves though her extensive blowjob proved she was not just into pussy. It was a solid blowjob and she gave his nads a bath too, skipping the salad tossing in favor of getting her back to tapping her sweet ass. She was an active rider and he dumped his round of splooge all over her chest, Sierra rubbing his baby batter all over herself even if she did not swallow.


Scene Five: Cassandra Nix and Liv Aguilera, the two ladies seen right below the title on the cover, were up last with Mike Adriano inside the living room on his colorful couch. Cassandra wore a bright pink skirt and loose top, Liv looking like she was plucked from a mall as they took turns showcasing their bodies for the director. Cassandra had a sweetly shaped ass with enough flesh to it to hold onto while Liv looked best bent over a touch, each having the look of someone that had a little anal experience but neither appearing to be completely blown out either. They both had light patches of pubic hair and rimmed each other before literally attacking Mike’s cock and balls orally. They then returned the show to form by spending time tonguing his ass, an acquired taste but one often found in Mike’s fuck flicks too. Cassandra seemed enamored of his asshole given the way she kept at it while Liv slobbed his knob, the sloppy head moving into anal penetration positions as Liv took his pecker in her ass first. Cassandra followed suit and both were active riders who liked taste testing, the chemistry filled tryst ending with a sloppy blowjob where the ball batter went to Cassandra for swapping with Liv, the ladies seemingly savoring his spew by swallowing.


Bonus Scene: Assfucked Sluts: Krissy Lynn and Mariah Madysinn’s, scene was great from beginning to end, but what made it even stronger was the great chemistry the ladies had in working together. Their opening comes across so natural and they get you turned on right from the start as oil is rubbed on their asses and more. Working Mike’s cock over before they get their asses pounded, the girls deliver everything from titty fucking to deep throating. One thing these young ladies can do is, share a cock very well. Great pounding up the ass is enjoyed in everything from Mariah taking a spooning to Krissy being pounded in doggie. When Mike, blows his load all over Krissy’s ass, Mariah comes in with her tongue licking it all up and bringing the scene to a close. (review by Bill)


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Summary: Anal Inferno 2 by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel was another fun, full of hardcore fuck for the buck ride, the cast of lean and young anal enthusiasts doing well so I rated it as Recommended. I found Xcritic blogger Leya Falcon to be impressive in her newfound anal skills, babes like Sierra Day doing her first anal scene, Clare Robbins strutting her stuff, and Cassandra Nix also earning special accolades this time. In short, Anal Inferno 2 was fun to watch and review, the dedicated anal action by the ladies solid enough to remind me why the director has gained such a following of late with these double disc offerings.


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