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Meow 3

  • Release date:
    July 15, 2013
  • Runtime:
    4h 59m
  • Cast:
    Jenna Haze|Lexi Belle|Jada Stevens|Gracie Glam|Lily Carter|Riley Reid|Molly Bennett|Remy Lacroix

Meow! 3
Jennaration X Studios/Jules Jordan Video
Directed by Jenna Haze
Date of Production: 6/11/13
Running Time: 3:04:04 (Disc One)  1:53:56 (Disc Two)


Aiden Ashley
Elle Alexandra
Lexi Belle
Lily Carter
Molly Bennet
Celeste Star
Kiki Vidis
Maddy O’Reilly
Riley Reid
Jada Stevens
Remy LaCroix
Natasha Malkova
Layla Rose
Gracie Glam
Mia Malkova
Raven Rockette

Special Features:

Multiple Chapter Stops
Behind the Scenes: 47:59
Photo Gallery
16 x 9 Anamorphic Widescreen

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Well let’s just start off with the simple fact that this movie has three of my top five ladies, and then add in some of my other personal favorites, I could name them all off, but that would be pretty much the whole cast. We have a few names on the list I am not familiar with, but considering who they are matched up with, I look forward to seeing how they stack up.

An all-star cast of ladies, and the talented and very much missed Jenna Haze behind the camera, giving us 5 hours, yeah you heard me right 5 hours of lovely ladies getting nasty and dirty with each other. And I guess if you are not a fan of lesbian porn, you may have some issues with this, but I am guessing a few of these ladies are on your personal favorites list, so that should be enough to get over it and give this one a shot.

Most of time when it comes to reviewing movies, most have to make their way up to getting our highest rating, and there are always a few big releases that start off at the highest  rating and see how far they fall. This is one of those big titles, and I hope they aren’t reasons why this should get our highest rating.

If you want a long winded explanation of how great this movie is, take a look at the review below. But the simple answer is that Jenna has raised the bar with each of the previous installments in this series, and I believe that when you add up a cast of 16 girls, in 5 hours of hot lesbian sex, all shot well and sounds amazing. For me that all adds up to one thing, an XCRTIC PICK. And I think we can all agree that I can’t wait to see what she brings us next.

And if you still need more convincing, check out the trailer here

Lexi, Aiden, and Elle

Nothing could be better than a bombshell blonde, a ravishing redhead, and a beautiful brunette… Lexi, Elle and Aiden show you just how hot of a combo they are with some purrfect pantyhose play.

Well from the teaser intro of the movie, you can see we are going to hit a few fetishes, and we can check off the stockings/pantyhose fetish off this list. 3 sexy ladies in some hot and bright neon. Lexi is up first in some hot pink, teasing us as she gives us little sneak peaks of her pussy. Next up is Aiden in some hot blue pantyhose, and as she slides her top all the way down her body she prances on a all fours, giving us glimpses of her pussy through her tight pantyhose. Seeing these two BFFs in this scene just means it’s going to be a scorcher, and when you throw in Elle, things are going to get really hot. And speaking of Elle, she’s up next wearing, some hot pink pantyhose and a light blue top that seems to fit her so well. That long red hair and that great body and there is no guessing that they have my full attention now. The girls meet on the bed, and all the attention is on Lexi, as they kiss and run their hands all over each other. Lots of pussy teasing through the pantyhose, and then Lexi and Aiden rip Elle’s pantyhose so they can get easy access to her pussy and ass, with their fingers. The ripping continues as Elle dives into Lexi, while Aiden finds her way back to Elle’s pussy, with her fingers deep inside. After getting Elle all hot and bothered, it’s time for Aiden to get some love, as Lexi shoves her hand down her pantyhose, and Elle offers her toes some love. You can check off the feet on the fetish checklist. And what follows is a mash up of bright neon, and some pussy  and ass licking and finger banging from all the girls. A nice combination of sexy playfulness and even a little rough stuff in this scene. And the foot fetish goes up a notch as the girls rub their toes on Lexi’s pussy. Elle gets a face full of Aiden’s pussy, while Lexi rubs and grinds their pussies together.

Lily and Molly (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Molly starts out as the innocent submissive.. Then takes control and punishes Lily’s tight tush until she’s the one begging.

Well we are going to follow up that great scene with one with Lily Carter, it’s like they know me so well. And let’s not forget about the lovely and innocent, although I have a feeling it’s the not so innocent Molly in this scene. Lily is decked out in some sexy black lingerie and stockings, I may need a few minutes before I continue this one. And Molly is wearing some sexy white leather outfit, as she shakes and dances for the camera, giving us a nice preview of what’s to come. Lily makes her way into the room as Molly is on her knees and is ready to be dominated by Lily, but really, who wouldn’t, am I right? Some choking and spit play between the girls, as Lily makes her way to Molly’s boobs, licking her from boob valley to her neck. She shoves her fingers in her pussy and gets her motor running as the dominating continues. Lily takes a seat on her face, as Molly works her tongue and fingers in her pussy, sending shakes through her body. And as Molly continues to work her magic tongue and fingers in her pussy, it seems the dominating has changed sides. Lily gains control as the shoves her panties in her mouth , then its back to her tits, as she sucks and grabs them. She makes her rub and play with her pussy, as she goes and grabs a pink dildo and shoves it in her mouth, before rubbing and teasing her pussy and then shoves it deep inside her. Lily lays her down and crawls her way to her face and takes a seat, as she can barely keep still from Molly’s tongue work. And Lily even reaches back and gives her ass a little finger tease. Molly straps up and finds herself behind Lily, giving her ass a pounding. The ass play continues as Lily hops on for some reverse cowgirl, giving her pussy a nice work over with her fingers, and throw in some choking from Molly. Well Lily is raising the bar, among other things as she gets a strap on and dildo DP from Molly.

Celeste and Kiki

Australian babe Kiki and sensual Celeste’s passionate tryst gives a whole new meaning to going “down under”.

Kiki was one of the unknown girls for me going into this one, but putting her with the sensual and sexual Celeste was a wise choice. We start off with Celeste in a skin tight purple dress, giving us a great look at her body, along with some slight teases along the way. The dress is off and she continues to show off her body in her sexy purple lingerie. Those killer eyes and that amazing body, should be plenty to get you warmed up for action. And next up, our intro to Kiki, also wearing a skin tight dress, and she’s not shy either, as she’s already spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy, as she slides out of that dress. Well this lovely lady is rocking the long reddish hair, and you know that’s a good thing in my book. And she knows how to show off those curves on her body too. After their teases, they are back to sporting their dresses again and have their hands all over each other’s bodies, as they share some heated kisses. The dresses comes off, and Celeste uses this chance to showcase Kiki’s booty, grabbing and biting it. After the booty show it’s all about the boobs, as she sucks and licks Kiki’s boobs, working her tongue over them. Her tongue makes it wasy to her pussy, teasing around it and through her panties. She pulls her panties aside and goes to town with her tongue, followed by some finger action and continues to have some fun with her booty. As the attention turns to Celeste, Kiki starts off with sucking on her tits and then makes her way to her pussy, giving it a few soft kisses and licks, as Celeste grinds it up against her mouth. She slides a few fingers in her pussy, getting her all hot and bothered, as she reaches around and teases her ass with her finger. Celeste finds herself face first in Kiki’s ass, enjoying the view, as she shakes and slaps it, as she works her tongue over her ass and pussy. She grabs onto her legs and gives her pussy some spit before grinding them together. They both end up on the table, for some 69 action, as the pussy love continues.

Maddy and Riley

Maddy is supposed to be studying for a test with Riley..instead all they end up learning is cunnilingus and how to make a pussy cum. Such naughty girls.

This should be an amazing scene, I loves me some Riley and as an added bonus we have the lovely and sensual Maddy in the mix. We start off with a strip tease as Maddy slides off her shirt and shorts, just leaving her pink bra and panties. Maddy is another one of those girls who can melt you with those eyes. And when Riley makes her way on the screen, I could go on and on about this sex kitten, but you know she’s one of my favorites, so let’s just sit back and enjoy this, as she dances and shakes into our hearts. These girls are supposed to be studying, but who can concentrate on anything with these ladies around. Add in some porn watching and it’s Maddy who starts to run on Riley’s leg, as they come together to share some very heated kisses. Riley slides off her shirt and kisses her neck, as we get some hints of some dirty stuff to come, along with plenty of spit play. The clothes continue to come off as they continue with some sucking on each other’s tits and then Maddy dives in and gets a face full of Riley’s amazing booty. Some slight foot play before it’s back to the kissing and rubbing. Riley makes her way to Maddy’s pussy, teasing and slapping it through her panties, reving her engine, as the choking and slapping start. Riley is really enjoying Maddy’s booty as well. She slides off her panties and shoves them in her nouth, and then goes in, working her magic tongue on her pussy. These girls are playful, but they also have a mean side, as the choking and slapping starts up again. Riley finds herself deep in Maddy’s booty, giving her pussy and ass a nice tongue lashing. Riley may be small, but she has a dominate side to her. She takes a seat on Maddy’s face and works her booty as she licks her pussy. Riley shows Maddy’s lovely little toes some love while she continues to dance her booty. She lays Riley back and covers her pussy in spit, before sliding a few fingers in her pussy. Riley adds a few fingers to the mix, as her engine begins to purr. Things heat up as they look deep into each other’s eyes and embrace and kiss each other, before Riley climbs on top and grinds their pussies together, as she chokes Maddy. Riley ends up shoving 4 fingers in her pussy while adding in some thumb action, making Maddy clench the bed sheets., and ends up cumming on her fingers. Some pussy rubbing, and of course more spit from the ladies, ends this naught study session.

After this scene, I am glad we get a short intermission as we hop on over to Disc Two

Jada and Remy

Anal queens, Jada and Remy love the dirty pleasure of filling up their amazing asses…especially for your enjoyment!

Well we start off part two with a double booty show with these ladies. Jada is up first as she shakes and teases us with plenty of booty dancing. I’d like to dedicate this upcoming scene to all the booty lovers out there. And to complete the duo, we have the lovely Remy in some hot pink lingerie, rubbing and teasing all over her body, and really turns up the heat even more by the fireplace. The duo comes together on the couch, sharing some kisses before moving onto some love for the tits. Jada slides down Remy’s panties and get a few handfuls of Remy’s booty before diving her face, giving her ass a nice licking. They both offer her pussy some finger love, and then lays her on her back and gives it a very nice tongue and finger combo. As they switch positions, Remy is returning the favor as she works her pierced pussy with her tongue and fingers, getting Jada’s motor running. And as the box cover states, there is going to be lots of anal play in this one, as Remy grabs a butt plug and slides it in Jada’s ass while she licks her pussy. Remy bends over as she gets a toy in her ass, with a little bunny tail, how cute. She pulls out the and slides a glass dildo in her pussy, along with plenty of spit, who needs lube. And we can also enjoy some face sitting, as Jada sits on Remy’s face, followed by the glass dildo in her ass. Jada returns the favor as she shoves the dildo deep in her ass, letting her suck the taste off it. But have no fear, they make sure the pussy is getting some love too, as the ass is being penetrated.

Natasha and Layla

Watch as exotic Natasha and busty Layla lustily lick and finger fuck each other to climax again and again.

Well the busty Layla is up first as she shows off those lovely tits, even she can’t keep her hands off of them. This girl has some booty to go along with those tits. The dirty blonde Natasha is up next, and it seems they both have shopped at the same place for their lingerie. But I have a feeling they won’t be wearing them too much longer, so we don’t have to worry who wears it better. What Natasha lacks in the boob area, she more than makes up for with her booty. As the fun begins, Layla is sucking and licking on Natasha’s tits with her pierced tongue, and some brief boob time with Layla’s, before she ends up bent over as Layla rubs her pussy. She flips her over and works her tongue over her pussy, followed by some finger play. Natasha takes control as she sucks and fondles her boobs, before making her way to her pussy. Natasha gets up and close with her tits, as dives her face in those mountains of fun. They come together for some pussy bumping and grinding. Some more pussy play follows from the girls, and some mutual pussy rubbing as they come together for a few kisses. It seems that Natasha’s booty likes to be on camera, as it seems to the center of attention for most of the scene, no complaints here. The mutual love continues with some 69 action as we wrap up this scene.

Gracie, Mia and Raven

Gracie and Mia are ready for a night on the town..looking for guys until Raven turns up to remind them that girls do it better!

The ladies are ready to turn a few heads, among other things, as they get ready for a night out. Mia is leaving very little to the imagination with her outfit. Raven decides to join in the conversation and soon enough they are giving Gracie all of their attention, with their hands and mouths. They help Gracie out of her clothes and offer her pussy and tits some attention along the way. Mia gives her pussy a nice work over with her fingers, while Raven sheds some clothes and shows off the curves, and Gracie can’t wait to have some fun with those tits. Raven lays down and gets a facefull of Mia’s booty as Gracie tends to her pussy. You can check off more foot love in this scene as well. And for those that like the bush, Raven has more than enough to satisfy your needs. As Gracie shows off the booty, Mia gives it a few drops of spit, and lots of hands on time too. And we know Mia brings some booty to the mix too, as Gracie dives in and gives her ass a tongue lashing. We are going to start off this great movie with a threesome and we are going to end on a threesome, some very nice bookends to this great showcase of lesbian love. Mia and Raven come together for some pussy rubbing, while Gracie takes a seat on Raven’s tongue. Mia finds a toy and slides it inside Raven, while Gracie continues to have fun with her tits. The focus is back to Mia as Gracie licks her ass and shoves the toy deep inside her pussy. And with most of the scenes in this movie, some general playfulness between the girls. Raven takes this up a notch, as she straps on and after Gracie gives it some oral love, she slides on for some reverse cowgirl, as Mia offers a helping hand. After a long strap on session with Gracie, Mia shows off the flexibility, and ends up with her face in Gracie’s pussy.


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