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Lesbian Workout

  • Release date:
    March 15, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 11m
  • Cast:
    Antonya|Eve Angel|Kari|Lana|Nicole Smith|Sabina Taylor|Viktoria Diamond

Genre: Lesbian, Workout/Exercise fetish.

Studio: Viv Thomas (dist. by Girlfriends Films)

Duration: 132 minutes

Date of Production: 22 February 2013

Cast: Antonya, Eve Angel, Kari, Lana, Nicole Smith, Sabina Taylor, Viktoria Diamond.

Extras: Trailers for The Story of She 2 and Tides of Lust.

A/V notes: Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio. Filmed in HDV. In the opening scene, it's easy to see the water rippling in the pool and even the tile pattern on the pool steps.  Dolby Digital sound was great; in the outdoor shots, I could hear bird calls, and the cell phone of someone on the production crew - not cool, guys.  The interludes between scenes have some techno music that isn't anything over the top.  The dialogue is clear enough, but they're speaking Hungarian, so...

Preview: I didn't know Viv Thomas is a man.  I have known for quite some time, though, that Viv Thomas produces some of the highest quality girl-on-girl erotica the industry has to offer.  When I go to my local gym, I wonder what goes on in the women's lockerroom.  The cover shot is of one blonde licking another blonde's sweet spot on a golf green, that's enough to pique my curiosity. I'm looking forward to some beautiful Euro-babes and some sensuous licking with great production value. Five scenes and seven girls in the cast list mean we'll have a few girls in more than one scene.

Working your body is sexy: The sweat, the muscles, the exhaustion. Get in tight with Viv Thomas' stunning collection of beauties as they start to pump their bodies with aerobics, yoga balls, golfing, surfing and gym. Fortunately they turn to the workout they all love best: hardcore lesbian sex sessions! {Watch a trailer}

The movie starts with a tease. Sabina Taylor, a short-haired blonde with small tits, is in a black sportsbra and briefs, doing an aerobics routine and glistening with sweat.  With the Dri-Fit and Swoosh logos clearly seen, this would make one helluva Nike commercial.  She'll be back for between scene interludes throughout, shedding her clothing, one piece at a time.

The first scene features poolside stretching. Viktoria Diamond and Eve Angel stretch and display their natural bodies.  Viktoria is a petite blonde, while Eve is a brunette with a more athletic figure.  After a few realistic warmup moves, they go down to the mats and an assisted stretch inspires the girls to transition to a more erotic kind of workout.  As they kiss, Viktoria lies back to enjoy Eve's attention. After Viktoria's orgasm, it's Eve's turn.  With Eve on all fours, Viktoria engages in some light rimming, and licks her honeycomb some before finishing her off with two fingers in and her other hand reaching around to rub her friend's pleasure button.  Eve is super sexy as she writhes in response to Viktoria's eager ministrations.  The first "climax" for Viktoria looked a bit premature, that situation was rectified, as Eve took another turn on her partner and finished her off properly.  I like the scenes that end with passionate kissing; they go on for another minute, just kissing, open mouthed and real. [23]

The women in the second scene try out some broken English; just enough for one to request a massage from the other.  They start out in what looks like a hotel workout room.  A minute of faking working out goes on before Antonya asks Kari for a massage. Antonya is a thick bodied blonde with big, fake tits and Kari is a slimmer brunette, who, according to website info, is Czech, for a change. Kari "massages" like a guy; rub the thigh, then the stomach, chest, tits and back down to massage the crotch.  After some brief breast work, Kari digs in with one, and later, two fingers to supplement her tongue work.  Kari kept ALL her clothes on the entire time she was down on Antonya. There is some transitional kissing following Antonya's finish, then Kari is up onto a workout bench so Antonya can lick her from behind.  Kari's great physique is on remarkable display here.[25]

The third scene takes us back to the poolside.  Lana and Nicole Smith are doing some exercise ball maneuvers in matching outfits; tiny white tank tops and grey shorts.  Blonde Lana and brunette Nicole, have similar athletic body types that increase the appeal of the matching outfits.  The action begins with sit-ups and then the ball disappears.  One moment it's there, a fade to black and two seconds later, it's gone.  Nicole is the first to be pleased, as she takes up what is by now a familiar position, lying on her back, spread eagle for the best shot, knees up.  After she has her joy, Lana climbs on top for a good looking 69 that showed off her succulent tanned figure.  Nicole gave an empassioned effort, tongue lashing Nicole's sweet peach until their desire reached its peak.  Lana, dismounted to turn and kiss the lips that had just ravished her.[18]

Fore! The golf themed shot on the cover was the tipping point for me to pick this film.  Lana and Viktoria Diamond are back.  The golf amounts to one putt, missed, with a 7-iron.  They toss the club to the side and start to kiss and grope almost immediately.  I'm not pleased.  Would it have been too hard to put them in skirts, sans panties, and show them bending to place their balls or scope a line? With Viv Thomas promoting his own annual golf tournament, I would have liked to see more.  It went downhill from there.  This scene was plagued by the location.  They shot it on a green, with only a small towel to protect the girls' delicate parts from the bare grass.  All the positions were contorted efforts to balance on small pieces of discarded clothing to stay off the ground.  Viktoria was licked first, on her knees, from the back, as Lana reached through her legs to rub her mound.  Then Lana took an odd position, leaning against the flagstick, while Viktoria licked and fingered away.  Finally, Viktoria was back on top for what started as a facesit, but then moved off slightly for fingerplay.  The post-coital kissing was done standing up this time, followed by the girls walking off, hand in hand.[30]

Lana is back, again, along with Eve Angel.  A leisurely swim takes them to the edge of the pool.  Still and close, they move in to kiss.  This is a fitting end scene.  The girls looks complement each other, in the sense of having similar body types. Both have medium breasts and the nipples are are full alert throughout.  They alternate licking each other in the positions that by now should be familiar.  I wish I could swim in that pool.[22]

Final thoughts: Enough can't be said for the quality of the video.  Every shot was clear, and artfully composed. This production is solid, from the cast and scene pairings to the locations, save one, and the passion in the action.  Solid, not spectacular.  Probably good for a couple months replay rotation.  For fans of Euro-babes and sensual girl-girl play, this has to be an A+; for the average viewer, it's nothing short of Recommended.  Prime stroke material or to stoke the romantic fires of a couple viewing together.  If I had my choice of repeat performers, I would have liked to see Kari in one or two more scenes.  In retrospect, the scenes were a little too short, clocking an average of 24 minutes.  Lesbian Workout misses a higher recommendation due to it being voiced in a language I don't understand, and a lack of significant DVD extras. Add an English audio track, even a dub would work, a photogallery and a long edit of the exercise interludes, and I'd be considering the HR rating.


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