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Lesbian Sex Diaries: Julie’s Story

  • Release date:
    February 15, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 38m
  • Cast:
    Dido Angel|Aniko Stark|Angel|Claudia Valentine|Suzie Carina|Angelina|Ariel Piper Fawn|Michelle

Genre: Lesbian

Director/Writer: Bill Powers

Cast: Julie, Claudia, Sophie, Suzi, Michelle, Angel

Length: 125 minutes

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Lesbian Sex Diaries: Julie's Story is an erotic and sensual all-girl film that has six friends gathering for a reunion. Everyone shows up at Claudia's place. It stars newcomer Julie who won the 2011 European XXX talent show ""Search for a Star." The winner received her own film and this film was the one. She is joined by Viv Thomas' popular stars Claudia, Sophie, Suzi, Michelle, and Angel. Viv Thomas' five year distribution deal with Girlfriends Films has been a very benefiicial one since it has allowed more people to learn about and acquire access to their amazing films.

Scene One: Blonde Michelle and brunette Suzi kiss a bit in the bedroom. The heat level smolders nicely. The sensualness between them increases when the activity moves onto kissing her partner's body on the bed. The body language between them enhances the pure enjoyment that these ladies have for this scene and for one another. They are really into the moment. It shows when each one undresses her partner. Michelle and Suzi both take good fond care of the other's pretty pussies. The atmosphere feels steamy. We also get good shots of their vaginal playthings.

Scene Two: A restless Stacy is in bed trying to sleep. She continues to think about Michelle and Suzi's lovemaking moment. Her persistent thoughts make her to play with herself sexually. The camera provides good angles of her solo activity. It is apparent that Stacy is thinking quite erotically about her fantasy as her hands continue to pleasure her attractive body. Her performance feels personal. I really enjoyed how the camera focused on her pussy and sensually active fingers later on.

Scene Three: While Claudia and Angel are walking outdoors, they sit on a bench and start kissing. The lips on lips activity becomes quite heated momentarily before it tones down to a more tender pace. The camera does a nice job in panning their attractive bodies. The titty fondness moments occur when the two friends take turns in sucking each other's breasts. The steaminess of the scene increases as soon as the pussy eating moments begin. The personal erotic factor enhances with the fond touching action by the women. The pussy rubbing activity heats up the excitement level.

Scene Four: After Julie's walk, she returns to the house and sees Suzi. Suzi follows her to the bedroom where she kisses her friend. The slow pacing action of their kisses create a captivating atmosphere. Later, Julie lays on her back as Suzi kisses her way down her body. She sucks her titties a bit before rubbing her warm vaginal treat. This scene is a lip biting erotic winner. The background music is also well used. The air becomes so stuffy when Suzi finally orally massages her friend's pussy. When the music eventually stops, Suzi becomes a more determined oral massager. Then, Julie gets to pleasure her friend by kissing her tits and rubbing her pussy. Her active pussy rub makes Suzi moan well.

Scene Five: Suzi, Michelle, and Angel head to the bedroom for a tryst. The two dark-haired ladies kiss briefly before Suzi runs her fingers along Angel's nipples. The fondling activity between the trio continues. Angel's body is showcased well as her two friends continue to pleasure her. Michelle focuses on the woman's pussy with her fingers. The scene heats up with more emotion when Suzi joins in to rub Angel's clit. Each woman gets to be the center of attention especially when they are on the bed and Suzi is getting her tits kissed and her pussy rubbed and fingered. Later, Suzi gets on her hands and knees on the bed so that anal beads can be placed into her butt. Michelle does a fine job in putting them in and then, later taking them out with her teeth as Angel rubs Suzi's pussy with her thumb. In the meantime, Claudia is watching them from the doorway and starts to masturbate well. She does a very good job in massaging her vaginal lips. The woman's solo play becomes more passionate when the blonde cutie gets the royal pussy treatment by her two partners. Angel does a nice job in sucking her pinkness while Suzi finger fucks her girlfriend. A more determined pussy workout by Angel occurs later while Suzi sucks and caresses Michelle's breasts.

Scene Six: Julie and her best friend Sophie make out on the couch. The tone feels personal. Julie slides off her pal's panties and gently kisses her inner thigh. Then, the woman focuses on her pretty pussy quite attentively. The camera remains pretty solidly on Sophie's hot looking pussy throughout the hot pleasuring session. Afterwards, Julie exposes her breasts and Sophie sucks on them while rubbing her friend's nice looking pussy. Their makeout session heats up with good passion when both ladies rub Julie's vaginal plaything.

Scene Seven: Claudia rubs oil on Sophie's cute body by the pool. Her rubbing motion and technique create a very stimulating atmosphere. I got hard while watching it. Later, her attention shifts to the woman's pussy. Despite some resistance by Sophie, Claudia is able to rub and caress the woman's honeycomb for a lengthy period of time. It, too, becomes a hot moment. Some brief pussy tasting action occurs. But, the fingerfucking and titty sucking actions provided the most passion. Sophie's body quivers from the lady's hands-on behavior. Next, Claudia gets on her hands and knees on top of a lawn chair as Sophie caresses her ass a lot. Then, she rubs her pussy a while.

Scene Eight: A naked Angel is in the bathroom. Moments later, she is fucking herself with a pink vibrator as her right foot is on top of the sink while she is standing on her left leg. She has her right arm around her butt as she continues to screw herself. As the scene progressed on, her effort becomes more energetic and driven. She gets off nicely.

Scene Nine: Julie and Michelle are sitting across a small glass table with only their black stockings on their legs and black heels on their feet. Both ladies do a swell job in teasing each other by running their hands along their own bodies. The heat level increases significantly as some solo pussy play occurs. Michelle takes the glass dildo from the top of the cloth napkin and licks it while staring at Julie. Then, some hot solo fucking action occurs with Julie providing the most intense moments with her fingers.

Scene Ten: Sophie is beside a big window as she runs her hand along her breasts quite sensually. She also sucks her finger nicely too. Her slowly paced and actively running hands look hot on her body. Later, she places her attention on rubbing her sensitive sex spot. I enjoyed looking at her nicely feminine fingernails. The passion rises as Sophie rubs herself with a faster pace. The sounds of her moans are a turn-on while she gets off.

Scene Eleven: A sexy Claudia is looking at herself in a mirror. She is quite attracted to her shiny silver dress. The woman lifts it up a bit to expose her garter. She runs her hands along her hips and ass briefly before taking out some sex marbles from the drawer. Soon, Claudia pushes them inside of her vaginal treasure compartment and leaves them there to join the others for dinner.

Scene Twelve: While the six friends are playing strip poker, the excitement level sparks up as soon as Suzi and Sophie kiss. The game ends when Claudia stands in front of her gal pals and pulls out the metal balls from her pussy. The women get so turned on by the sight. Afterwards, Claudia sits beside Julie and sets her on the coffee table. Claudia and the woman kiss. Soon, Angel and Michelle join in on the pair as they run their hands on Julie. Meanwhile, Claudia has removed Julie's nylons from her left leg and begins to worship her foot. In the background, Suzi and Sophie are making out. Later, as Claudia and Julie have some one on one time together, Angel provides some nice foot worship on Michelle. Thus far, the tone of their makeout moments are quite sexy. All of a sudden, Angel and then, Michelle begin to suck and spank Claudia's hot butt. Beside them, Michelle is getting her pussy eaten by Sophie while Angel runs her hands along Michelle's cute bod. The orgy fest continues as there is a good amount of pussy fingering, rubbing, and especially eating action that occurs amongst the ladies. The room begins to fill up with the sounds of their moans. The positioning of the women in this room gives the scene a beautifully erotic appearance. I wish that there was more kissing activity throughout this performance though. Sophie does a swell job in eating Michelle's pussy by the way. Later on, Sophie lays down on the coffee table as her five friends pleasure her. Michelle and Julie take turns in orally stimulating her vaginal treat. Sophie's moans become more intense when Julie fingerfucks her.

Final Thoughts: Julie truly deserved that win on that talent show. She delivers a well done performance. I could not tell by her performance that this film was her very first one. This performer can sizzle the screen. I really enjoyed Bill Powers' screenplay and direction style. It was well-paced and quite captivating. I could not wait to find out what was going to happen next. As for the sex performances, many of them were very sexy and sensuous. The chemistry between the ladies were steamy. The final orgy scene could receive a nomination for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene for the AVN Awards. Meanwhile, this film deserves to be nominated for Best All-Girl Release. I highly recommend this true erotic winner. For a possible future film, I'd like to see Julie be paired up with Sophie to further explore their relationship.


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