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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 43

  • Release date:
    December 14, 2012
  • Runtime:
    3h 8m
  • Cast:
    Riley Reid|Syren De Mer|Magdalene St. Michaels|Bree Daniels|Zoey Holloway|Brenda James|Taylor Vixen|Odette Delacroix

Genre: All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, 18+ Teens, Mature, Old & Young Females

Director: ??

Cast: Brenda James, Syren Demar, Magdalene St. Michaels, Taylor Vixen, Zoe Holloway, Bree Daniels, Riley Reid, Odette De La Croix

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 3 hours 8 minutes

Release Date: 12/14/12

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Slideshow and Trailers

Condoms: No

Overview: For whatever reason, I find the actual seduction in the Lesbian Seductions series to be far more intriguing than in any other lesbian series. Perhaps this is why Lesbian Seductions continues to be the standard when it comes to women on women seduction, flirting, innuendo, tease, and most importantly, sizzling hot girl/girl sex. Experienced cougars preying on naïve kittens is always a winner in my book.

Scene 1 Syren Demar, Odette De La Croix

Odette appears a bit terrified as Syren walks in, not hiding her fear of what the sexy cougar may have in store for her. Syren, after a very long seduction process that could’ve been cut short, finally gets Odette calmed down enough to let her guard down and lets Syren have her way with her. She completely takes advantage of Odette’s inexperience with women as she unwraps her little prey and begins sampling her sweet spots. But Odette manages to hold her own with the far more sexually experienced Syren, getting her to cum as she laps up her clit and making Syren climax.

Scene 2 Zoey Holloway, Taylor Vixen

Zoey finds out her very pretty, big busted daughter Taylor has been spilling family secrets so in order to teach her a lesson, she enters her room and reminds her of what she shouldn’t be talking about. Zoey runs her hands over Taylor’s soft bouncy tits then goes in to kiss her passionately, both ladies exchanging plenty of tongue and spit. Taylor lets Zoey have her way with her so Zoey heads down south to muff dive Taylor’s trimmed pink. In 69 Taylor gets her chance to bury her face in Zoey’s pussy, sucking on her engorged clit which causes Zoey to cream. Both ladies moan as they achive climax and end the scene fully satisfied.

Scene 3 Magdalene St. Michaels, Riley Reid

Sweet little Riley is sexually confused as she confides in her mom, Magdalene St. Michaels, who reveals to her little girl that she’s had her share of lesbian experiences. Riley lets her guard down and lets Magdalene touch her even though it’s so inappropriate but she is just enjoying the gentle touches of Magdalene on her tits. Once she unwraps her daughter Magdalen is completely in awe of what a sexy little body Riley, whom she’s about to take her virginity from. Riley enjoys how Magdalene worships her body as she makes sure to kiss every inch of her before burying her face deep in her twat. Magdalene barely comes up for air as she can’t get enough of Riley’s sweet pie. Riley doesn’t hesitate to return the favor, lapping up her mother’s pussy much to Magdalene’s enjoyment. The two clearly share a very good chemistry which makes this a scorcher of a scene plus seeing the much older Magdalene with the teenage Riley is a sight that must be seen. Exactly what I fantasize when I think of cougars/kittens.

Scene 4 Bree Daniels, Brenda James

Brenda discovers that Bree has been experimenting with her sex toys so instead of getting upset, Brenda decides to show Bree how to properly use them. As Brenda demonstrates on Bree, Bree can’t help but get excited as the vibrations of the toy cause her to cream a bit. With her nipples erect and pussy watering, Brenda is getting turned on by the sight of Bree trembling. She wants to go down on Bree and eat her muff, finally getting her wish to lap up Bree’s tight pussy. She also gets a nice view of Bree’s ass as the two 69. Bree has the job of rubbing Brenda off as she keeps her panties on the entire scene so we never see if Bree can lap it up as good as Brenda. Bree creams all over Brenda and the two share a deep passionate kiss before the scene closes.

Summary: Lesbian Seductions 43 features one the best casts in the history of this series. Not only does each girl have it in the looks department, they sexual performances on this title are excellent. Even the acting was superb as each girl played up their naïve younger character to a tee while the older babes were just as convincing as the seducing MILF. Magdalene St. Michaels delivers another stroke worthy performance along with her sexy little charge Riley, definitely one of the breakout girls from 2012. Odette De La Croix plays her role as an unsure, intimidated kitty in the hands of the Syren Demar, one of the most dominant cougars around. Zoey Holloway and Taylor Vixen are two drop dead gorgeous beauties that look amazing together and definitely exude tons of sexual chemistry. Bree and Brenda close out this title strongly with a nutblasting scene. It’s a standout title from this series with few flaws (the run times was too long and some of the opening dialogue seemed to drag and go longer than neccesary), but still worth keeping around for a while when you need to bust a nut. It’s earned its Highly Recommended rating.


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