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Lesbian Seductions Older/Young 44

  • Release date:
    July 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 9m
  • Cast:
    Brandi Love|Julia Ann|Prinzzess|Karina White|Ashlynn Leigh|Veronica Snow|Charley Monroe|Rain DeGrey

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Prinzzess, Brandi Love, Julia Ann, Veronica Snow, Karina White, Rain Degrey, Ashlynn Leigh, Charley Monroe

Length: 189 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: The female cast of Lesbian Seductions 44 is introduced. The promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of this studio's titles. Website information round out this section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition with Sony XDCAM cameras. This DVD is presented in 16:9 widescreen format.

Overview: Lesbian Seductions 44 is the forty-fourth installment to this highly successful series for the studio Girlfriends Films. In this episode, we have several fan favorites. It starts with Girlfriends Films contract star Prinzzess. Beautiful Brandi Love and Hall of Famer Julia Ann continue their careers in high form. Long time favorite Girlfriends Films performer Veronica Snow shows off her hot sexual talents. This studio continues to provide the best girl/girl foreplay in the business.
Scene One: First off, this scene takes too long to develop. However, once the soft gentle kisses begin, the viewer will be engaged. Considering the roles that Rain Degrey and Prinzzess are portraying, it is surprising that there was no chemistry between them for a long time. Even when Rain rubbed her partner's panty-covered pussy, it was not too exciting despite providing some heat. It was only until she sucked on Prinzzess' pussy that their performance got me very turned on. Rain's highly determined suction and manual methods make the younger woman orgasm with much emotion. Their sex scene feels raw. I have to admit that their performance gets even hotter when Rain fucks Prinzzess with a strap-on.  The blonde cutie receives an amazing fucking workout that should give this performance a Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene nomination for the AVNs. When I close my eyes, I could imagine India Summer getting screwed since Prinzzess' moans sound so much like her gal pal. As their performance progresses, I was impressed that Rain gave her worn out partner a glass of water. Then, a tired, but proud Prinzzess applies an electronic vibrator on the woman's highly sensitive clit. Rain gets off amazingly well.
Scene Two: Brandi Love is Ashlynn Leigh's teacher. The student stops by her favorite teacher's home to return a  book. After Brandi gives her another one to read, the young coed is in a rush to leave. Soon, the student mentions that on account of Brandi's lesbian lifestyle, her mom does not want her to stay too long at the house. However, Brandi is able to bring out Ashlynn's curiosity for lesbianism. Their sweet natured conversation mesmerizes the viewers. Later, the very appealing lesson takes place in the upstairs bedroom. Brandi makes sure that Ashlynn feels comfortable. There is a lot of sweet touchy-feely activity by the beautiful teacher on her student as she runs her hands all over her student's body. It provides much turn-on action. Later, the kissing activity begins and Brandi removes her dress. Thus far, the slow and steady pace is appropriate to the situation. This tone continues throughout the scene when the pussy pleasuring activities takes place on each woman. It does feel like Brandi is teaching Ashlynn how a lesbian would pleasure her lover. Brandi's vocal comments to Ashlynn while orally pleasuring her bring forth this conception very well. A nicely heated scissoring session occurs too. When you combine this scene with the previous one, thus far, this film is the best Girlfriends Films movie that I have seen all year. Now, it is time to see how the rest of the movie fares.
Scene Three: Julia Ann is surprised to find out that a package of porn flicks that she received in the mail is for Charley Monroe. After they have an argument about Charley's fascination with women, the pair make up later that day. When Julia Ann confides to her about her past and current loneliness, she and Charley embrace and soon, we see them kissing. The nicely paced kissing activity and make out session heat up the atmosphere well. I especially enjoyed hearing Charley whisper "Go slow" to her caring woman. Then, later while Julia Ann is licking Charley's pussy, we hear her ask Charley "Are you okay?". The pussy eating action by Julia Ann becomes driven whereas Charley's oral delivery is steady. Afterwards, Charley tribs her partner with good thrusting motion and pace. As their performance progresses, the viewer can tell that a more passionate connection is developing between the women.
Scene Four: Veronica Snow arrives at Karina White's home. When Karina confides to her friend about her upcoming rendezvous with another woman, Veronica suggests that she should experiment with her about her newly developed lesbian fascination. They lay on the bed and Veronica runs her hands along the pretty woman's body. The atmosphere becomes quite heated. Later on, some nice kissing action occurs. Also, I loved the interaction between them. The pussy rubbing action is tender and I loved the close-up shots of Karina's honeycomb. Later, Karina sucks Veronica's tits and then, Veronica sucks her sexual plaything. After Karina cums, she applies her own oral massage on the nice woman. The heat level increases much when Karina lays on top of Veronica and humps her.
Final Thoughts: Now having seen all of this film, I can easily state that Lesbian Seductions 44 is one of the best Girl/Girl films of the year. The Prinzzess-Rain Degrey is so amazing that it deserves to be nominated for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene at the AVNs. Brandi Love's performance as the instructor/mentor role is super. Ashlynn Leigh's demeanor and behavior as an inexperienced woman being with another woman for the first time are exceptional. It would be nice to see Brandi be paired up with a performer who was in her very first girl/girl scene. Then, Brandi could teach the newbie how to pleasure a woman. That performance would be totally hot. The other two scenes of Julia Ann and Charley Monroe as well as Veronica Snow and Karina White provide steady turn-on action, but they do leave the viewer wanting more personal and emotional connection from them. Overall, this production is  a highly recommended one that deserves consideration for Best All-Girl Release.


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