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Lesbian Encounters

  • Release date:
    July 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 29m
  • Cast:
    Ash Hollywood|Veruca James|Vanessa Cage|Jenna J. Ross|Yurizan Beltran|Kiera Winters|Jade Couture|Esperanza Diaz

Genre Lesbian

Director B.Skow

Duration 150 minutes

Cast Veruca James, Kiera Winters, Ash Hollywood, Natasha Malkova, Yurizan Beltran, Esperanza Diaz, Jenna J. Ross, Vanessa Cage.

Condoms None

Audio / Video Filmed in high definition with 3 Sony XDCAM cameras, Lesbian Encounters is a visual treat. The DVD includes a photo gallery, plus trailers to hit Girlfriends Films movies. It is presented in 16:9 widescreen format. (from GF press release) Too bad there is no photo gallery on the disc I watched.  The filmmakers have stills displayed on the website, but not on the disc.  Good, clear 2-channel Dolby Digital sound.

Preview I'm not a big fan of "reality" programming, but if more of it featured impromptu lesbian sex, I would watch.  (Probably why I check in on Bad Girls Club from time to time.)  The box cover features Veruca James and Kiera Winters in a half-trib pose.  The slim brunettes co-star in the first scene.  The box copy promotes intriguing lesbian sexual encounters.  Packaging art also seems to indicate all manner of lesbian activities are to take place, sans toys.

Lesbian Encounters is a departure from GF's tried and true series formula.  The stylized features like Encounters, Lesbian Nanny Tales and Lesbians Unchained allow GF to explore narrower themes that may not have the gravitas for an extended series. Although, comments from GF Vice President, Moose, indicate a series may be in the offing, after all.  The idea of ladies coming together for a first meeting and getting down was interesting enough for me to select Lesbian Encounters.  Yurizan Beltran, Ash Hollywood and Veruca James have enough star power to dispell the possibility of a boring watch.  Will the viewer see some genuine awkwardness melt into seduction and then sensual eruption? Read on...

Review   I can tell within ten seconds that the purported premise is bogus.  I know it's porn, and fake, but how easy and/or cool would it have been to get eight Girlfriends Films stars together and match them up for spontaneous sex?  Judging from this movie, not cool or easy enough for B. Skow.

Veruca James begins what will become a trend.  While we never hear the interviewer, the "interviewee" launches into a diatribe about how vile men are: unkempt, uncaring and generally distasteful.  Women, on the other hand are pretty, soft and smell good.  It gets to be extremely boring by the second actress, Kiera Winters, who goes on and on about girl-cum, and how much more plesant it is than semen;but that doesn't mean it's going to stop.  I'm going to stop mentioning it, though.

Next up was Ash Hollywood, who played her part the right way. Nothing says slutty-hot better than dark roots showing through a blonde dye job. She got into the role and presented herself as someone who was lonely and disillusioned by men enough to seek that special kind of companionship with a woman.  Natasha Malkova came with the more of the same, talking about the struggle she has had in hiding her lesbian curiosity from her old-fashioned family. Then they meet, and sit on a bed.  The interaction is awkward at first, which is good in this situation, until they kiss to break the ice, and the clothes start coming off.  The best look in this scene was Natasha FDAU while Ash licked and rubbed her sweet spot. I now know why @AshHollywood was nominated as best new starlet of 2012 by AVN, XBIZ & XRCO.  And if you're wondering, I did see the blemish on her ass, but it's a very nice ass otherwise, so meh.

Token ethnic alert! As an ethnic lesbian porn enthusiast, I like the trend I've seen recently with GF casting Latina starlets.  Yurizan Beltran is at the top of a list that often features  Adrianna Luna, Vicki Chase and others.  The newest to the group is Esperanza Diaz. Insert man-bashing monologue here. These two do it on the couch.  Yuri drove the action, as the more experienced of the two.  The action wasn't super-hot, and never made it off the couch, but seeing Yuri's near-perfect body wrapped up with another feminine figure is always a win.

Jenna J. Ross had the best attitude about the proceedings.  To start, her "interview" was much more about her loving to please women, than disliking men.  She is very much into the sport sex side of things and wants to give her partner a great orgasm, then leave.  Jenna reminds me of Betsy Brandt, the actress who plays the Marie Schrader character on AMC's Breaking Bad. Fresh faced blonde cutie Vanessa Cage also focuses on the beauty of the female form and her desire to explore and experience another woman's body.  Vanessa is the perfect beach bunny, blonde and tanned.  These two never made it off the couch either.  Great final scene.  If Jenna's eye contact while lovingly licking Vanessa mound isn't the hottest thing you've seen in a while, you're living quite the charmed life.

Final Thoughts In the end, it's worth a look for the accumulation of four better than average scenes with hot girl on girl action.  What's not to like?  Only an idiot would take porn too seriously, so all the man bashing stuff can be ignored.  The elements I enjoyed the most were the women's appeals for tenderness.  Time after time, they all mentioned men's odors and roughness. Guys, take note!

The more experienced participants, 'experienced' being a relative term in porn, played the roles of interested explorers better, but when the clothes came off, the drama didn't matter.  The opening and closing scenes were the hottest, the middle two were carried by the bigger star.  Lesbian Encounters is Recommended for the star power of Veruca James, Yurizan Beltran and Ash Hollywood.  If GF makes this a series, Skow should consider doing it for real.


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