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Legal Lesbian Seduction

  • Release date:
    June 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 44m
  • Cast:
    Judith Eufrat|Cindy Hope|Karina Currie|Tess

Genre  Lesbian, Feature.

Cast Cindy Hope, Karina Currie, Eufrat, Tess Lyndon.

Director Viv Thomas

Date of Production February 2013

Duration 105 minutes

Condoms None

Audio / Video  Filmed in HD. Presented in 16:9 widescreen.  Minor lighting issues in fourth scene.  Dolby Digital audio; music and dialogue were full and clear.

Extras Trailers for Tides of Lust and Story of She 2. Outtakes and behind the scenes footage were good for one watch.  They are obviously taking a lot of stills for web and other publicity, so why not add the stills in a gallery as a dvd extra?

Preview The Viv Thomas / Girlfriends Films partnership is a godsend to fans of lesbian erotica.  V.T.'s consistently high production values, from the shots in each scene, to the music, and most notably, the stellar casting of the most beautiful girl-friendly starlets in Europe, have made each successive title a sensual joy to behold.  Legal Lesbian Seduction represents what will probably be the continuation of a high quality trend, with a fortunate twist.  Not only is there enough of a plot to make you pay attention, it's in English!

Law and sex - such juicy companions. Meet Karina, hot shot judge and a super seductive vixen who doesn't think twice about extorting sex out of beautiful young girls coming to her for help.

View The story, in a nutshell, is Judge Karina extorting petitioner Eufrat to help her steal Cindy from her girlfriend, Tess.  It makes more sense as it plays out, trust me.

Judge Karina listens to the pleas of a distraught Eufrat.  Believe it or not, Eufrat will do anything to get the judge to let her off.  Length was the highlight of this pairing.  Long legs, long lean bodies, both girls being tall by porn standards.   Another good VT scene; both performers looked great, the action was a joy to behold, although it seemed a little posed, at times.

Eufrat is supposed to help Judge Karina win Cindy as a sex slave.  Fortunately, Eufrat reads Tarot and persuades Cindy that her love life may change.  The beginning of the change is Eufrat and Cindy on the Tarot table, then on the floor.  Another scene with plenty of knuckle-deep finger work.

With Eufrat having done her share of persuading, Cindy eagerly submits to Karina in her chambers.

Having given herself to Judge Karina, Cindy is distant from her girlfriend, Tess.  Tess desperately services her lover for the last time.  Tess is great at arching her back while going down and showing all of her delicious little heinie.  Cindy was great at playing the disaffected role as soon as she was done.

For a pleasant surprise, Viv throws in a sightseeing scene.  Karina and Cindy tour some unnamed European city, bonding and posing for pictures.  Then they settle into a hotel room to consumate their illicit love.  Poor Tess.  This scene suffered from a bit of a lighting issue, as shots from one side of the room were noticeably darker.

Viv Thomas does it again, taking you deep into the judges chamber, with an intriguing story revolving around some of Europe's finest sensual ladies: Cindy Hope, Eufrat, Tess and Karina Currie. All rise for genuine lesbian sex of the highest calibre!

Review / Final Thoughts Another piece of top-drawer lesbian material by the top purveyor from across the pond.  The scenes did well to pair most of the players together in at least one scene.  There is not enough between any of these five very good scenes to pick a favorite.  Here is a European produced movie with a plot that makes it worth watching all the way through every time.  Highly Recommended.


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