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Younger Games

  • Release date:
    August 7, 2012
  • Runtime:
    2h 44m
  • Cast:
    Lexi Belle|Mick Blue|Mark Wood|Dahlia Sky|Toni Ribas|Alexis Monroe|Laura Crystal|Megan Piper



Genre: Teen
Director: Mick Blue

Alexis Monroe
Bailey Blue
Laura Crystal
Lexi Belle
Megan Piper
Mark Wood
Mick Blue
Toni Ribas

Length: 164 min
Extras: Trailers, BTS, Photo Gallery
Audio/Video Quality: Stereo/Widescreen
Overview: hot girls get fucked with no connection to The Hunger Games movie or book
Condoms: None

Scene 1. Alexis Monroe, Mick Blue

Pretty young blonde Alexis introduces herself to the camera. Apparently she's a college student and is going to do some "privates" to help pay for her tuition and books. I don't know what she means by "privates" but I assume it means fuck strangers for money. She shows us her new tits and they're OK but I think she should have kept the old ones. Her ass looks great though. Later when she's at school she gets a call from director Mick Blue, I assume to schedule a "private" session. When she goes over to his place she collects her payment and forces some awkward conversation before she gets down to the business of sucking Mick's cock. Alexis is a skilled little cocksucker with a playful, enthusiastic style.

Alexis gets served a stomach omlette.

Mick fucks her on the couch and her new tits look even worse as they lay wall-eyed while Mick pounds puss. The view is much better from behind when she straddles Mick for a dick ride. Her cute chubby butt jiggles with every thrust of Mick's member. Alexis takes a break to suckle Mick's peen slowly and wetly. She gets back on to ride him backwards and cums hard as he slams her clam. Finally Mick mounts her from behind for a doggy fuck and we get one last glimpse of that ass. Mick flips her over for a face-to-face fuck before spraying his babies on her belly.

Scene 2. Megan Piper, Toni Ribas

Young hot brunette is also a broke college student who does "privates" for extra money. Has anyone ever heard the term "privates" used in this way before? Am I out of the loop? Megan's firm natural tits can be seen through her sheer top but she takes them out for the camera anyway. I've seen this chick in action before and I can telly you she's one intense young fuck. She flashes her bald beev for us and gives us some awkward conversation. Finally we cut to Megan in her room and she gets a call to book a "private" with Toni Ribas. He pays her in cash and she drops to her knees to slob on his knob.

Megan has two healthy handfuls of ass.

This girl can really suck a dick! She mounts him and rides his dick hard while the dirty talk flies. Megan has lots of sexual energy and Toni obviously enjoys helping her work it off. Megan has a sexy mischievous smile that never leaves her face during the whole fuck. With this high level of energy I can't wait to see her do anal. TOni mounts Megan from behind and dicks her deeply much to her enjoyment. Unfortunately her pussy is already looking a bit ragged and used when he holds it open. When Megan gives Toni's dick one last suck he closes out the scene with a few thick cum blasts to her face.

Scene 3. Bailey Blue, Mick Blue

Now we have Bailey and yes it's the same story with her, she's a student and it's expensive and she has to do "privates" and blah blah blah. Normally I'm not into blondes but I think Bailey is hot is a white trash way. She has gorgeous eyes and a firm natural young body. She shows off her tits and ass for the camera before the scene cuts to a bus stop where Bailey gets a phone call from Mick to book a private fuck sesh. He comes and picks her up like a street whore. When they get back to Mick's place he gives her the cash and then it's business time. We get a good look at Bailey's outfit and her legs look great in her knee-high socks while he ass pops out of her little shorts. She gets down to business sucking Mick's cock and she is certainly no slouch in this department.

Bailey tastes a deluge of splooge.

By the sounds she makes it's obvious that she understands that it's important to actually SUCK a dick during in blowjob instead of just ramming it down her throat. Mick peels off her shorts and eats her asshole and I have to admit it looks delicious. He fucks her from behind up against a wall as she cums convincingly. The action moves to Mick's couch where he can chow her box more comfortably. Lots of hot eye contact as Bailey sucks his cock yet again. She bounces enthusiastically on Mick's boner and it's the hottest action on the disc so far. Bailey is one girl that enjoys her work and doesn't mind getting sweaty to prove it. Nice wide shot of the action while Mick gets behind Bailey to pound her out in doggy. When Mick finally blows his load he does so on Bailey's eagerly waiting tongue.

Scene 4. Lexi Belle, Mark Wood

Lexi is a cute young blonde porno superstar which we have all seen before of course. She's a little clean-cut for me personally but she is certainly hot and adds a playful sexiness to all her scenes. Her body is about as perfect and natural as they come. She shows off her body in a peach-colored bodysuit while telling us what a bad girl and tease she is. Dirty talk sounds so much better coming out of such an innocent looking mouth. She takes a shower in her bodysuit (WTF??) when her phone rings and it's an anonymous client to book a "private". After she finishes "washing" she arrives at the client's house in hot little denim shorts and thigh-high socks which make her legs look amazing. When her client enters the room it's Mark Wood her professor.

Lexi spreads for a thick delivery.

This makes for some awkwardness but of course Mark coughs up the cash because you know he's been spanking it to Lexi all semester. Lexi strips down to her socks and sucks Mark's cock. She has good technique with lots of eye contact with Mark. Mark doesn't hesitate to put Lexi face-down-ass-up to dick her deeply in doggy. He slams her clam hard as Lexi squeals with delight. Lexi hops up on his boner for a bouncy ride with her puss in the camera but I'd prefer to be looking as her ass. My wish is granted when the cameraman gets Mark's POV. When Mark's done he squirts his ball snot on Lexi's face but she looks less than thrilled about it and hesitates to even opern her mouth.

Scene 5. Laura Crystal, Mick Blue

Laura Crystal is a statuesque Czech blonde who tells us in broken english that she is a student and does "privates" for extra money. She shows us her tits but her bolt-ons are terrible and her nipple scars are distracting. She plays with her beefy pussy before lounging in the pool, where she is joined by Mick Blue. They make out for a bit before moving indoors to get into the bone zone. She sucks him off but it's fairly cold, clinical Euro-style head. When Mick puts Laura on her back to bang her out unfortunately it's more of the same.

Laura gets her salad tossed.

Even the position is awkward as it looks like Laura is doing crunches as she gets her pussy stuffed. The picture is overexposed as well and essentially nothing about this scene lives up to the standard set by the previous scenes. Things get a little better when Mick flips her over for a doggy fuck. Laura's performance has no appeal for me whatsoever. Mark even fingers her bung but it elicits little response. Regardless of position you just can't deny that this is simply bad porn. When it mercifully comes to an end Mick squirts his goop on Laura's face.

Final Thoughts:

There's some decent stroke material here but frankly it's nothing especially noteworthy.  Alexis Monroe's scene had good action and chemistry but I find her looks boring and ordinary.  Things improved greatly with Megan Piper's scene as she's a horny young thing with a bright future in the industry.  Bailey Blue's scene was also hot with the best chemistry on the disc.  Lexi Belle is a superstar because she's hot as hell and her scenes never disappoint, but there are plenty of better ones than this out there. And Laura Crystal's scene was disappointing from beginnning to end.  The Younger Games is worth a spank or two but not really much replay value here so I'm giving it a rating of Rent It.


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