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P.O.V. Punx #7

  • Release date:
    February 19, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 8m
  • Cast:
    Larkin Love

The Movie:

This seventh POV Punx entry feature from Burning Angel includes six scenes that make up this two hour and thirty seven minute long feature. Anyone familiar with POV style porno movies knows what to expect – camera angles that put you in position so to speak and provide the illusion that you’re the one doing the fucking. It’s kind of a fun concept and while this doesn’t do anything new with it, if you dig the whole Burning Angel/alt/punk girls then this’ll be right up your alley, especially if you’ve got a thing for well endowed ladies, because this, dear readers, is the big boob edition!

Here’s a look:

Chapter 1 – Juelz Ventura: This first scene starts off with foxy dark haired Juelz in the shower, completely nude. James Deen is behind the camera, they talk dirty to one another for a bit and then she comes out and dries off. His cock comes out for some fresh air and she drops to her knees and sucks him down her throat. She bends over the tub and he fucks her from behind, and after that he gets down on his back and she rides him cowgirl style. She blows him again and then gets on her back so he can pound away missionary style while she plays with her clit. He pulls out and she drops to her knees and he finishes a strong opening scene. Juelz has got very nice eyes, the blue Seka-style eye shadow giving her an extra sexy look. Nicely done!

Chapter 2 – Angel Blaze: Cute dark haired Angel shows off her curvy behind and flirts with the camera for a bit. She plays with her big tits underneath a wifebeater but soon that gets rolled up and they come out to play. She drops and gives James a nice looking blowjob, happy to have him in her mouth and showing some serious enthusiasm and oral skill here. They head to the couch and she gets down on all fours and he fucks her from behind, and then she gives him head again. Missionary style action gives her a chance to play with her tits a bit while he bones her, and then she gives him a nice titty fuck until he’s ready to blow his load all over her cleavage. This is more tit-centric than the first one, but once again we get a nice, enthusiastic performance from an attractive and all natural big busted beauty. Two thumbs up!

Chapter 3 – Larkin Love: Larkin’s a nice looking girl with massive natural jugs. Her purple fauxhawk isn’t the best hair style we’ve ever seen her wear but there’s no denying that she looks good here. She talks to the camera and flirts with James before she gets too horny to hold back and takes his pants down and gives him head, using her hands on his cock a lot too. She rides him cowgirl style, those knee high leather boots looking sexy, and then she gets on her back on the couch and spreads herself wide for James to go at it with her missionary style. She blows him, they got for more missionary style and then more oral, and he comes on her tits to end the scene. Larkin does a great job with the dirty talk here, really doing a good job of taking advantage of the ‘personal’ angle that the POV format offers. If the whole fantasy angle of a movie like this is to put you in the driver’s seat, she comes out on top for really getting into the act.

Chapter 4 – Veronica Rose: Blonde, heavily pierced Veronica talks to the camera to warm up. She takes James’ cock out and gives him a very slow, steady, well paced blowjob. She takes her time here, she’s in no rush and the scene is all the better for it. He gets her on her back and fucks her shaved pussy missionary style, and then she rides him cowgirl style, the camera focusing on her awesome natural jugs. He gets her on all fours for some doggy style poking and prodding and then he pulls out and jerks off onto her tits as she kneels in front of him. Once again, if this scene doesn’t deviate from the others much it is well performed, well shot, and features a very nice looking girl in wonderfully dirty action.

Chapter 5 – Lily Lane: Lily struts around on a rooftop in a short dress and gives us a bit of a tease to start her scene off. they head into a stairwell and she sucks some cock to get things moving. She bends over and gets fucked from behind, sucks a bit more cock, and then she’s on her back getting fucked missionary style. There’s more oral next, with Lily really getting into it now and sucking dude’s balls and stroking him while periodically going all the way down. From there they go at it cowgirl style and missionary style before he pulls out and he finishes on her pelvis. The weakest scene on the disc is still not bad, it’s just not shot as well. The camera is shaky and a bit all over the place and Lily doesn’t seem quite as into it as the other girls.

Chapter 6 – Vyxen Steel: Last but not least, buxom black haired Vyxen starts her scene off by talking to the camera a bit. From there the pants come down and she sucks some balls and then goes down on our cameraman. She’s got very nice eyes and seems into what she’s doing, working it for the camera and putting us ‘in the zone.’ From there she’s down on all fours taking it from behind, before getting on her back and letting him use the back door. He fucks her ass for a few minutes from that angle and then she rides him, anally, cowgirl style – which gives us a late but welcome look at her lovely perky boobs in action. She pulls off of him and drops to her knees before taking him in her mouth and stroking him to a climax into her mouth and onto her face, ending the scene and the feature rather nicely.



For the most part we have a nice, stable picture on a well-authored DVD. There aren’t any edge enhancement problems and the picture is clean, clear and quite detailed with nice color reproduction and decent flesh tones. The 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen image is clean, colorful and easy on the eyes, though a few scenes definitely show some mpeg compression artifacts, which is mildly annoying.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans and yelps and yells. The levels do tend to fluctuate quite a bit from scene to shining scene but aside from that there isn’t much to whine about here. The audio is fine and the soundtrack sounds quite nice.


The only real extra on this disc is a Behind The Scenes (26:51) segment that is less a featurette than a simple collection of random behind the scenes footage. It’s all pretty much impromptu interview bits shot before and after the girls have done their scenes but there isn’t much structure to it, it’s more or less a lot of casual goofing off. It starts off with Juelz in the shower – Joanna Angel shows up and they talk about boobs for a bit. Then girls show off their asses and that’s about it. This is all mildly amusing, but hardly essential viewing, but it does offer a candid and relaxed look at what it’s like on a Burning Angel production shoot.

Aside from that, look for four trailers for a few other Burning Angel DVD releases, a still gallery, a web-link, animated menus and scene selection.

Final Thoughts:

POV Punx 7 offers up a nice selection of big titted ladies, most of them heavily tattooed and pierced, decked out in goth and punk style garb doing the dirty deed for you and only you. While Larkin makes better use of the POV angle in her scene than the other ladies do, this is a solid entry through and through and comes recommended to those with a taste for this particular style and who can appreciate Burning Angel’s specific niche in terms of looks.


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