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Lex’s Breast Fest

  • Release date:
    September 16, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 42m
  • Cast:
    Sophie Dee|Karlie Montana|Lexington Steele|Richelle Ryan|Bridgette B.|Krissy Lynn|Jayden Jaymes

Lex’s Breast Fest

Evil Angel/Lexington Steele Productions

Genre: Interracial, MILFs

Director: Lexington Steele

Cast: Krissy Lynn, Sophie Dee, Lexington Steele, Jayden Jaymes, Bridgette B., Richelle Ryan, Angelina Valentine

Length: 222:36 minutes (135:52 minutes & 86:42 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: The first disc had a cast list, some websites, and a company trailer but it was the second disc that truly offered the expected goods. There was a 32:02 minute long Behind the Scenes feature comprised primarily of interviews by Lex with the ladies naked on a couch, a 21:15 minute long “bonus scene” of Angelina Valentine teasing and masturbating in the house (pictures below), trailers, photogallery material for each scene, a pop shot recap, and filmographies.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lex’s Breast Fest was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Lexington Steele for Evil Angel. The lighting was solid and the fleshtones accurate, the work by Kevin Moore as the director of photography helping to again make the effort stand out nicely from Lex’s older works. There was a company watermark displayed in the lower right hand corner for those who care, some of the framing placing it in the action but generally seeming to compensate for it well enough, the bitrate and other aspects showing some quality. Aurally speaking, the Dolby Digital stereo was in English, the volume was reasonably consistent (but low much of the time), and the vocals were easy to understand. There was not a lot of music or ambient noises applied to convey anything special but even the vignette scenes were pretty sonically sound here, some whispers heard guiding the cast when the sound was elevated but otherwise it was decent enough in this area too.

Body of Review: Lexington Steele now directs for Evil Angel, the “man of steele” having a long and varied career on both sides of the camera. His latest flick for them is called Lex’s Breast Fest, the dominant themes of the double disc set being interracial and the use of large boobed babes. For my tastes, the inclusion of ladies like Jayden Jaymes, Krissy Lynn, Sophie Dee, and Richelle Ryan made it an A-list adventure but Bridgette B. and Angelina Valentine kicked ass too.

The company website described the movie like this: “Legendary ebony cocksman Lexington Steele is an accomplished director with a deep attraction for buxom sluts. And the super-stacked bombshells in "Lex's Breast Fest," the stud filmmaker's latest boob-centric interracial masterpiece, are positively top-heavy with talent! In five sizzling scenes of hard-core boob worship and fucking, Lex's creative libido and enormous black cock tame his voluptuous vixens ... and ultimately shower them with his hot, creamy sperm. First up are dark-haired Sophie Dee and blonde bombshell Krissy Lynn, a pair of shapely lesbians worshiping one another's massive mammaries; Lex joins in, and Krissy and Sophie slide his throbbing fuck pole between their glistening jugs. They ride him to orgasm, with Krissy taking a thorough anal pounding. Next, big-boobed brunette bombshell Jayden Jaymes releases Lex's huge black cock and lovingly licks it like a lollipop until he fucks her silly. Incredibly busty Latina glamazon Bridgette B. calls up Lex for some phone sex, and soon welcomes the director into her kitchen for a hot interracial house call that leaves the curvaceous wench sore but satisfied. Tanned, curvy bombshell Richelle Ryan shows up late for her audition. At first he's pissed, but when Lex sees the sassy slut's enormous hooters bursting from her sequined bikini top, he loses all professional detachment. Lastly, globe-breasted porn slut Angelina Valentine gives Lex a nasty lap dance; she grinds on his lap and gets royally fucked until he splatters her whore face with jism. "Lex's Breast Fest" is endowed with behind-the-scenes interviews on the DVD.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Krissy Lynn and Sophie Dee, the curvy couple of hotties seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, were up first as they tackled Lexington Steele. Krissy is the magnificent blond in satin blue and Sophie is the huge breasted brunette in black, both of them getting frisky together on a white couch before Lex joined them with his already rigid pecker. Krissy gobbled gash after both ladies savored each other’s boobs a bit, Lex perving out by watching them through the window before entering the home to add oil on Sophie as she prepared to reciprocate orally on Krissy. The oil was then applied to Lex’s genetically gifted rod and the ladies titty fucked him, taking turns sucking him off before sharing his cock for some penetrative positions as well. Krissy went first and did anal toward the end of the scene, Sophie’s tight snatch milking him seriously well as she impaled herself soundly on the cock. I liked their eye contact and how into the action they all seemed, the ladies never shying away from helping each other (be it rimming, diddling, or taste testing) to make this an outstanding opening scene. The chemistry filled scene ended with the ladies assisting Lex by putting their titties together, applying some dirty talk, and receiving his genetic juice all over their mugs and boobs before sucking him clean of the spew.

Scene Two: Jayden Jaymes, the alluring brunette featured on the lower right corner of the cover in pink corset and black panties, was up next as she posed for some stills in the living room. Lexington Steele interrupted the proceeding and decided to interview Jayden for the role in his upcoming titty movie (this one), his hands caressing her as much as hers were all over him. He nuzzled her tits and she reciprocated with a hand assisted blowjob, the hand to gland action enhancing the moment before a titty fuck led to him going down on her briefly, her shaven slit looking most inviting as he began tapping it hard. Her initial positions were not the most active of the movie but she did some taste testing and additional titty fucking too, getting on top of him to show she could ride as aggressively as she wanted, Lex eating her a bit more from time to time too. Her eye contact was all the more impressive thanks to just how beautiful her eyes were, her breasts bouncing nicely as they fucked in most positions. The scene ended when he jerked out a wad of population to her chest and neck, Jayden sucking every last drop out of him.

Scene Three: Bridgette B., the busty beauty seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover, was up next in the last scene of the first disc with Lexington Steele. She was dressed in an orange satin robe, a pink dress underneath with no underwear which turned them both on. They started off by engaging in phone sex, Bridgette in the house masturbating as Lex stood outside on the windy day. He tricked her by being close by when she thought he was away on business, sneaking up on her only to surprise her with his turgid boner needing some attention. She clamped down on it using her tits and he pumped away as she used Spanish dirty talk intermixed with some English, sucking the head before bending over the granite countertop to take him balls deep inside her juicy bald beaver. Her tits bounced around nicely and she rubbed herself to an orgasm during their penetrative positions, sticking with vaginal and titty fucks interlaced with a lot of oral before she drained him of spunk that he delivered by hand to her tits, neck, and mouth for tasting.

Scene Four: Richelle Ryan, the bountiful boobed babe seen featured on the lower left hand corner of the front cover, was up next in the first scene of the second disc. She was paired up with Lexington Steele who initially complained that she had a big booty but then he noticed her newly implanted state pressing out against her colorful pink sequined top, a matching G-string under her skimpy yellow booty shorts. While I prefer all natural tits, she carried them well and Lex was transfixed (see my screen capture), her boobs catching him off guard a little bit as she allowed him to take them for a spin. He nuzzled her welcoming tits before oiling them up for a titty fuck, Richelle slobbing the head of his knob and beating her chest with his turgid pecker. Once warmed up, she impaled herself on his cock to actively ride him, a delightful set of positions using her bald beaver exciting her no end as their mutual chemistry led to the expected nut of splooge tossed off all over her abdomen, Richelle sucking him clean of baby batter before they discussed her earning a role in his next movie.

Scene Five: Angelina Valentine, the big titted brunette on the upper center of the front cover (wearing a tiny yellow G-string), was then up last with Lexington Steele, her blue mesh body stocking leaving nothing to the imagination a she cradled her ass into his lap and pressed her boobs into his face. Angelina was playful and frisky, teasing the guy before jumping on his cock to aggressively ride. Her meaty ass looked great bouncing on him as her juicy pussy drove itself down on him, her tits rubbing against his face as she tried different variations to get off. Her pussy had a slight landing strip but was otherwise bald, the curvy gal slobbing his knob between positions with a look of desire on her face, her eye contact during the scene elevating the quality of the tryst more than a little as she channeled her inner slut so well. It ended with her on her knees nibbling his nuts, Lex stroking until he unleashed his ball batter all over her face, glazing her mug and eliciting her compliments since he had been “eating his pineapple” (to make his baby batter sweeter).

Bonus Scene: Angelina Valentine, this time dressed in a black and green bikini, was provided a chance to masturbate for 21:02 minutes, peeling off her attire in a sexy tease before using a large black dildo on her pussy and ass. It was double headed and she used the appropriate head on the appropriate hole, her ass gobbling up the device just as easily as her pussy did to her own delight. Rather than carry on about how much fun she had or how slutty she looked, suffice it to say that I believe all new bonus material is among the best extras a company can provide in a movie.

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Summary: Lex’s Breast Fest by director Lexington Steele for Evil Angel was an excellent selection of interracial scenes with large breasted ladies starring Lexington Steele as he poked, pounded, and pleasured ladies such as Richelle Ryan, Jayden Jaymes, and Krissy Lynn. The technical aspects were handled competently and there was enough IR fuck for the buck that the movie merited a rating of Highly Recommended or better from me. In short then, if you are in the market for a top male IR performer working with some of the most popular ladies with big tits, you can hardly go wrong with Lex’s Breast Fest, so check it out and let me know what you think.


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