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Big Omar’s Women’s Anal Academy

  • Release date:
    February 18, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 42m
  • Cast:
    Omar Williams|Lucy|Unknown Male|Claire|Tia|Roxana|Kirsti

Big Omar's British Adventures: Women's Anal Academy


Genre: Anal, Gonzo, Interracial

Director: Omar Williams

Cast: Kirsti, Omar Williams, Tia, Burt, Lucy, Roxana

Length: 103 minutes

Date of Production: 7/00

Extra's: photogallery, list of three other titles, dvd catalog inserted in the dvd case

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. Much of the time, particularly in the outdoors footage, the picture looked very clear, but when they took it indoors, it got grainy with color bleeding and other problems associated with poor lighting. The audio was showing on my home theatre set up as 5 channel stereo surround (no bass) but I didn't notice any channel separation at all. The levels were not exactly set properly and often enough, only Omar was heard properly.

Body of Review: Omar Williams is the British equivalent of America's favorite anal goofus, Seymore Butts. Not exactly up to the usual gonzo standards set by John "Buttman" Stagliano of Evil Angel or David Luger and company at Red Light District, the Big Omar series loosely follows the misadventures of a Black guy named Omar, as he tries to score with women all over the English countryside. In his release, Women's Anal Academy, Omar dressed up in drag to penetrate a scam at the local YWCA and meet/meat women there. It was all in good fun with lots of bold humor as Omar and his sidekick, Burt, got some with 4 different women. Here's a breakdown of their no-condoms-used scenes:

Scene One: Kirsti, the brunette on the lower right of the dvd cover, and Omar, had a scene in a hotel room with him dressed in drag. The sex included all of the usual Omar stuff-oral, straight, and anal (good piledriver positioning too)-and wasn't bad. Some warmth was noticed although the chemistry might've been a bit lit. It ended with a facial and some ATM.

Scene Two: Tia, the gal in the lower middle of the dvd cover, and Omar did the deed with Burt riding shotgun. The sex included a DP after the rest of it. This wasn't the best scene although it was just as nasty as the rest of the show. Note: the DP might've been a double vaginal but the lighting wasn't optimal, nor was the camera angle.

Scene Three: Lucy, a girl next door blonde who can be seen on the upper right of the dvd cover, Omar, and Burt do the deed in their room. Burt shot his load into her gaping ass and Omar shot into her mouth and on her face. Not bad but she needed to tone up a bit.

Scene Four: Roxana, an aging housewife who's on the lower left side of the dvd case, Omar, and Burt had a scene in her apt. Oral, straight, and anal with some major facial action. Fair.

Summary: Okay, Omar was a bit silly at times but the sex was generally what fans have asked for and usually used women that aren't on every other porn dvd case you'll see on store shelves. If the women looked a bit harsh, you have to give them credit for letting the guys do all sorts of nasty stuff for your viewing pleasure too. In all, I'm rating this one as a Rent It since the technical stuff is not up to par for gonzo and the looks of the ladies wasn't what I prefer. It wasn't bad though so if you're looking for something a bit fresher than average, it may work for you.



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