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Elastic Assholes 11

  • Release date:
    May 29, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 13m
  • Cast:
    Sean Michaels|Tom Byron|Kimberly Kane|Tim Von Swine|Krissy Lynn|A.J. Applegate


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Mike John’s Elastic Assholes 11

Jules Jordan Video/Mike John Productions

Genre: Anal

Director: Tim Von Swine

Cast: AJ Applegate, Tim Von Swine, Kat Dior, Sean Michaels, Sasha Casey, Krissy Lynn, Tom Byron, Kimberly Kane

Length: 190:46 minutes

Date of Production: 4/29/2013


Extras: There was a group of six trailers, a popshot recap, a photogallery, websites, a cast list, and a great BTS lasting 39:39 minutes. The BTS was mostly a series of sex scenes mixed in with the attendant photoshoots, Tim adding comments along the way (definitely adding some fun) including some background material as well as some more sex.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Elastic Assholes 11 was presented in an appealingly clear 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Tim Von Swine for Jules Jordan Video. The lighting was consistently solid, generally limiting the grain and other visual flaws in the open settings of the house, the open rooms well lit this time (I still preferred the tease sessions by the pool when available though). There were no compression artifacts and the fleshtones were good, making this one visually solid for my tastes. As expected, Tim Von Swine handled the production and the entire movie was the better for it, again earning him full directing credit. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio was a bit more basic with no separation or major dynamic range but I could always hear what was said by the performers.


Body of Review: Tim Von Swine is one of my favorite directors at Jules Jordan Video thanks to his ability to get the best out of the ladies. His latest title under the “Mike John” banner will come out this week, a handy little anal fuck flick called Elastic Assholes 11, the series providing a lengthy look at ladies who have shown a propensity to take a cock up their ass with a smile. The ladies this time included AJ Applegate, Krissy Lynn, Kat Dior, Sasha Casey (in her first anal), and sexy Kimberly Kane. With a cast like that, the fun factor fucking and strokability should be well above average, Tim himself joining in much more than usual to serve as the “everyman” rather than some pretty boy type or well hung monster. In that sense, the dynamic of the show changed by using Tim so much, his ability to connect with the ladies substantially higher than most of the gonzo mopes out there since he relies so heavily on personality instead of working cheap or carrying a monster sized pecker. Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that obviously no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: AJ Applegate, the stunningly attractive blond with the wonderfully heart shaped ass seen on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up first with Tim Von Swine. I can’t blame him for reserving such a high end hotty for himself, the gal looking fantastic out by the pool in a skimpy bathing suit. She had some light body hair covering her body and what some might call “a few extra pounds” but to me, she was great looking. As I have pointed out in the past, the look of such a beauty under the natural sunlight is my absolute favorite, her fleshy ass bending over to warm up with a modest vibrator, AJ sliding it in and out with ease before the couple went inside. From there, she gave him a playful POV blowjob, her eye contact superior throughout the scene and her oral skills with slobbing a knob just fine. She treated him like royalty and showed an attitude of adoring the guy, the two moving to active vaginal penetration of her shaven snatch before some additional oral led to her taking him in her sweet ass. This continued for a lengthy bout of boning until a realistic looking anal creampie deposited her newly acquired wad of genetic juice inside her, a cut allowing her to push it out in runny fashion on the chair and carpet.


Scene Two: Kat Dior, the attractive reddish brunette featured on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up next as she showed off her lean body in the living room while wearing appealing lingerie for Sean Michaels. While I prefer gals with more heft to them, she was a nice change of pace, this being her second credited title for a big “name” company that I have seen from the newcomer. At 19, she claimed to have had around 10 cocks in her ass total, her demeanor less polished than her peers in the movie (more like a stripper trying to gain some notoriety) yet displaying enough sex appeal to keep up with the others (to a degree). She began by using a black dildo on her ass as a means of warming up, the stretch marks giving me the impression she had birthed children or lost a lot of weight, the manner in which she backed up to receive the plug giving the director some conversational fodder until Sean took over. Ever the gentleman, Sean gave her some head as he rubbed her kitty, gobbling gash and rimming her as he prepared her for his monster cock. She provided his head with a tiny taste of oral but held him firmly as she sucked a few inches of his pecker. Much of her reciprocating warm up was a handjob but Sean took her under his wing gently and gave her more head to ease her into things, a fairly active vaginal ride enhancing the eventual anal where she really pushed her limits, the taste testing portions of the scene proving she was still learning to get better as she let go. She had good eye contact too, lacking some of the chemistry Tim had with the ladies in his scenes but still making a lust connection all the same in strokable fashion. Still, while she did anal, she was decidedly stronger during the vaginal portions of the tryst, Sean beating his meat to treat her to a healthy load of population pudding as she became a believer in the guy.


Scene Three: Sasha Casey, the curvy redhead seen featured on the lower middle of the front cover, was up next in what was billed as her first anal, in a scene with Tim Von Swine. According to the IAFD, this was her first released scene altogether (it being her eighth scene), the gal confirming it in the living room interview as she sat on his large ottoman in her white crop top and tiny black booty shorts. Sasha had a slight accent he picked up on establishing her as a Russian American, her all natural curves as appealing as any that have graced the gonzo world of late. Their playful banter put her at ease and she showed off her goodies nicely, her bent over booty a credit to her 22 years of age. Tim thumbed her ass and she turned around to showcase her pretty eyes as she gave him a fine POV hummer, her titty fucking a nice addition to her list of acts as she readied him for the various penetration positions. While far from the most active rider of the cast, she had her own charm, her devotion to oral between positions such that it balanced out her youthful look (thanks to her shaven pussy) as she actively did vaginal. The anal was not as polished or smooth but she was no stranger to getting fucked in the ass, the gal slowly milking his round of spunk until he launched it into her open mouth by his own hand for swallowing. In all, it was a great first scene, especially a first anal scene, to appreciate.


Scene Four: Krissy Lynn, the slutty blond fuck bunny bombshell featured on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next and she was ready to rumble with unkempt Tom Byron as she was interviewed out by the pool on the cloudy day. She displayed an amazing camel toe in her beige shorts and loose blue top, the Salt Lake City native as outgoing as could be as she rubbed herself and slowly disrobed while repeatedly touching herself. Unlike some of the others here, Krissy seemed to take some care in covering up a few blemishes, nothing to break the deal mind you, just a casual observation. She played with her boobs by the pool, some special attention to her nipples, the gal walking into the living room where Tom greeted her with ample attention to her ass. With his beard and long graying hair, Tom looked much older than usual but his devotion to exciting Krissy via some rimming was nothing new for the experienced meat puppet (from Houston no less). She gave him some enticing booty shaking and sucked him off powerfully, their mutual admiration society leading them to go straight to anal. She was turned on by it all and fingered herself while he tapped her ass, some ATM and additional ass fucking draining him faster than expected to leave his splooge all over her crotch.


Scene Five: Kimberly Kane, the tall brunette hotty seen perched on a chair in the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up last but far from least as she gave Tim Von Swine a decidedly heated show out by the pool in her black bikini undies. I admit to having enjoyed her in a wide variety of genres over the years, her recent gonzo efforts a very nice contrast to many of her less experienced peers as the hairy chick enjoyed his fingers in both holes. The tease led to them moving inside for some POV action starting with her admiring his “perfect” pecker. She felt it up and nibbled as needed, sucking him slowly at first but ramping up the pace and depth of her oral as time passed. I know a lot of fans really appreciate it when the woman shows the average looking guys a lot of personalized attention, stoking their egos and treating them like royalty, Kimberly one of the best at serving a guy this way from what I’ve seen (in her movies at least). That said, they engaged in a number of vaginal and oral acts from there, the taste testing leading to some equally heated anal pounding, Kimberly impaling herself on his thick chubby and Tim taking a page from the Raw series by laying the camera down to get completely in view of the composition. Her ass was just fleshy enough to ripple delightfully well as she rode him too, my own desire to see gash gobbling truncated but saved for a later time. The scene ended with an anal creampie too, his ball batter oozing forth from her backside as she farted it out while she apologized in the chemistry filled scene.

Summary: Elastic Assholes 11 by director Tim Von Swine for Jules Jordan Video was another winner by the director, the strokability, replay value, and quality of the action again adding up to a rating of Highly Recommended by my count. AJ Applegate, Krissy Lynn, Kat Dior, Sasha Casey, and Kimberly Kane all provided replay value and strokability, the Tim and the guys elevating the sexual antics with all the usual touches they add to inspire heat, energy, and enthusiasm. In short then, Mike John’s Elastic Assholes 11 was again full of the fun factor that makes the director’s movies so appreciated, his ability to showcase sexually skilled anal hotties in a fuck flick a testament to his ability to enhance the performances of his already solid casting, Tim Von Swine’s bringing home the bacon one more time.