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Golden Girls 3

  • Release date:
    September 20, 2005
  • Runtime:
    1h 45m
  • Cast:
    Kevin James|Venus|Ron Jeremy|Laura Lion|Mike Ranger

Golden Girls 3

Genre: Feature

Director: Frank Thring

Cast: Janet, Daniella Schiffer, Sara, Lara Lion, Teresa,
Venus, Valentina Valli, Anne, Kelly, Maria, Claudio Meloni, Patrick, Karl,
Charlie, Neeo, Cage, Frank Thring

Length: 105 minutes

Date of Production: 7/31/2003

Extra's: 45 minute behind the scenes and interview with Frank
Thring, Trailers

Audio/Video Quality: Presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame
color with stereo sound. The video is crisp and clear at times and softens up
at others. The color between two different cameras in the same scene do not
match at all so you get a very noticeable shift. The audio is up and down throughout
the entire movie with the music being too loud.

Plot Summary: The "Pee Collector" is terrifying a european
town by forcing attractive women to urinate into his glass bottle at gun point.
Two police officers are trying to track him down to end this before he goes
any further

Review: Whew! I didn't know what I was getting into here.
This is the first Golden Girls volume I have watched and I was afraid that
I would be out of the loop on what was going on in the series, but as it turns
out, each volume is a different story. The women are beautiful but the sex
is inconsistent, sometimes within the same scene. While watching the movie,
I got the feeling it was very cut up and in the extras interview Frank says
there are two versions
of these Golden Girls videos, one for the US market and another for the European.
The cuts are extremely annoying and are about as smooth as hitting a speed
bump at 75mph. All of the girls have way too much lipstick on and leave lipstick
trails where ever they put their lips. During one blowjob in particular, the
girl uses a lot of spit which mixes with the red lipstick to make a pink liquid
she keeps spitting on to the guys dick which is very unattractive. The dialogue
is in English and several of the actors used sound as if English is about their
sixth language so, it's a little rough to actually get into the "storyline".
One poor girl speaks english so poorly they overdub her lines with another
woman's voice and only show her face when she's not talking.

Overall Thoughts: I had a bad feeling when I saw the subtitle
of "The Pee Collector" on the screen, turns out that feeling was very accurate.
Poor editing, acting, make-up and inconsistent sex scenes are just too much
for the gorgeous women to make up for. Frank Thring has done good videos in
the past; The
he did for Private, is probably his best in my opinion. I would skip Golden
Girls 3 and watch The Academy instead.


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