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So Young So Sexy P.O.V. 7

  • Release date:
    July 31, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 7m
  • Cast:
    Mike Adriano|Kennedy Leigh|Jessica Robbin|Kimber Day|Giselle Mari

Category: Teens/Gonzo/POV
Cast: Kennedy Leigh/Jessica Robbin/Giselle Mari/Kimber Day/Mike Adriano
Director: Laszlo H.
Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers
Bonus Scene #1: Brooklyn Lee from So Young So Sexy
  Bonus Scene #2: Evilyn Fierce from So Young So Sexy 3
Runtime: 187 Mins
Release Date: 7/31/2013
Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Giselle Mari/Mike Adriano
Tease/Female Masturbation/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Rimming/Missionary/Cowgirl/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)

The premiere scene in the 7th installment of 'So Young So Sexy' begins as we see new cutie Giselle Mari chatting it up with Adriano and director Laszlo H. The talking goes on for a bit before the guys ask her for a tease sesh and Giselle kindly obliges. The slow introduction eventually moves into Adriano feasting on her asshole to begin the action, and after around 15 minutes of pussy and ass worship the bj sets in. A decent energy from Giselle here, as she gives a solid effort while Mike coaches her a bit before she gives him some rimjob love. The sex begins in a softer missionary style fucking that picks up eventually as time progresses, but the sex is ultimately pretty slow. I just didn't find very many points in the scene to be noteworthy of giving a thorough explanation, it was very straight forward, and almost mechanical on the part of both Adriano and Giselle. I wasn't into it.

Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jessica Robbin/Mike Adriano
Tease/Ass Eating/Foodplay/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Tit Fucking/Missionary/Spooning/Doggie/Cum on tits (Low Volume)
Next up is super cute redhead Jessica Robbin. The scene begins again in an interview format, with an eventual tease mixed into it as Adriano gives the viewer some insight into Jessica's career in porn thus far. When the trademark Adriano ass eating ensues we get some stellar views of Jessica's hole, and she is super playful throughout these opening moments while teasing Mike into a frenzy. Pretty nice action here although it does slow down in certain moments, but once the bj begins Jessica gives a solid effort into throating Mike's jizz whistle to the best of her ability. The sex has some pretty nice moments as the scene progresses, getting a little rougher than the previous one with Mike giving some solid thrusts into Jessica's hungry hole as she reciprocates to it very well. The doggie style sex in the later stages of the scene is probably my favorite segment, as the viewer gets some choice views of Jessica's perfectly pink hole while Mike gives her a solid log-jamming. The scene caps off as Jessica uses her tits to finish off Mike, as he squirts his dick juice over them in the closing moments. Pretty good scene here, Jessica had a nice energy.
Scene 3:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kimber Day/Mike Adriano
Tease/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Doggie/Cowgirl/Missionary/Cum on Ass (Medium Volume)
Kimber Day is next, beginning the scene looking delightfully gorgeous in a pink tank and tight & tiny booty shorts. If you thought Jessica from the previous scene was adorable, then wait until you see Kimber, this girl is awesome. To say she is 'bubbly' would be a severe understatement. The guys again share in some light convo with Kimber as she giggles and dances around playfully, before the Adriano asslicking eventually begins. Kimber is fantastic early on, her enjoyment throughout the early stages is impossible not to notice, and once the bj sets in her teasing antics are quite a lovely sight as well. After a hesitant but extremely well performed blowie from the hottie some doggie style fucking begins the sex. The sex is pretty light and sensual to kick things off and gets relatively harder moving on, but is by no means rough or extremely intense. The scene caps off with a jizz load to Kimber's butt cheeks, before she gives Adriano a couple of final sucks to close it out.  Nice scene here, I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for this cutie, as you should too.
Scene 4:*Scene To Remember*-------------------------------------------------------------------
Kennedy Leigh/Mike Adriano
Tease/Female Masturbation/Dildo Play/Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Blowjob/Doggie/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Pull-Out/Cum on Stomach (Low Volume)
The final scene of the film begins with superstar teen sensation Kennedy Leigh, who opens things up looking absolutely incredible in a pink top and daisy duke shorts that give a great view of her lower half. The pre-scene interview is tough to pay attention to because of Kennedy's overall hotness, but I did gather that she's 19 years old....and a couple of other things that seem to have escaped me unfortunately. The best part of watching Kennedy in any scene is her confidence, this girl knows that she's hot, and watching her flaunt herself while knowing that essentially every dude in the universe wants to fuck her, well...it's pretty fucking awesome, but I digress. Things get started with some dildo play, as Mike eventually jumps in for some muff munching to help in matters before Kennedy jumps down for some blowjob fun and gives some light cock chokes to Mike's meat throttle as she does. Sex begins in a doggie style reaming given to the beautiful Kennedy, and escalates into what is definitely the most solid scene of the film front to back. Kennedy was ridiculously hot as always, and this one is sure to be in my spank bank for many moons.

Bonus Scene 1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Brooklyn Lee/Mike Adriano

Tease/Buttplug Play/Ass Eating/Cunnilingus/Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Missionary/Doggie Anal/Gaping ATM/Mouth Spitting/Choking/Cum in Mouth (non-visible)

The first bonus scene is taken from the original So Young So Sexy, and presents to us the incomparable Brooklyn Lee. Brooklyn is fully "teen'd out" in a schoolgirl outfit and high pigtails as she glosses up her lips and plays with herself while providing some fantastic tease early on. The tease is quick and to the point, moving forward fast as Mike steps onto set to munch on her ass while Brooklyn gives some sultry looks to the camera. A beautifully intense and rough blowjob follows, as it seems that it's the only type that Brooklyn knows, and the sex that then takes place is so good. Some hard anal works its way into the mix as well, with Brooklyn giving every ounce of herself to Mike while he does his best to keep up. Fantastic scene here, and definitely a strong extra feature to have on this disc.
Bonus Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Evilyn Fierce/Mike Adriano
Blowjob/Missionary/Doggie/Cowgirl/Facial (Medium Volume)
The final bonus scene begins abruptly as Evilyn Fierce is sloppily slobbing Adriano's knob to kick it off. Great bj fun here with some fantastic camera interaction from the adorably sexual Evilyn, as she gives some valiant attempts to throat Mike's dong throughout. Sex in the scene is notably great as well; there are several moments where Mike has trouble containing himself because of Evilyn's ability to accept a grade-A fucking, but he does catch his bearings well enough to continue forward. The scene ultimately reaches it's ending after around 28 mins with Mike emptying his jizz whistel for what is probably the most widespread facial of the film. A greats scene here, it's obviously cut down for time constraints, but Evilyn was simply amazing nonetheless.
A relatively forgetful release here considering it comes from Mike Adriano. If you're a fan of his films you probably understand that they're never necessarily bad, but they can tend to drag at times, especially early on in scenes. Even though there were some nice moments mixed into the movie, there were tons of parts I think many viewers are likely to skip through. It also doesn't help that the best two segments of  the film are the bonus scenes, but I suppose that it does give a person more reason to check it out. I didn't include the bonus scenes in my assessment for the Scene to Remember since they aren't necessarily a part of the movie, but if I did, the Brooklyn Lee scene would definitely take the cake as best scene in the film. A pretty tough grade here, but the first scene was really rough around the edges, and many of the others had some pretty ugly moments as well. I'd say give this one a look if you're in the market for renting porn, but if you happen to miss it you're not missing very much. Adriano has been a part of some fantastic scenes in the past couple years, this movie definitely doesn't have any of them.


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