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Fitness MILFS

  • Release date:
    April 24, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 32m
  • Cast:
    Vince Vouyer|Alana Evans|Maya Hills|Austin Taylor|Mellanie Monroe|Kendra Lust


Click for Trailer, scenes 4 and 5 having their own linked below

Fitness MILFs

Vince Vouyer Unleashed/Jules Jordan Video

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: Mellanie Monroe, Alex Gonz, Maya Hills, Anthony Rosano, Alana Evans, Romeo, Kendra Lust, Austin Taylor

Length: 212:40 minutes

Date of Production: 3/15/2013


Extras: I liked the 7:25 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, it was short but sweet (I wish it was much longer, no pun intended). There was also a photogallery, a pop shot recap from the scenes, some trailers, and web access.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Fitness MILFs was presented in an anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Vince Vouyer for Vince Vouyer Unleashed. The lighting was flat and even most of the time, helping make the scenes look good. The editing and camera work was distinctive too, allowing the ladies enough room to look their best during the tease portion of the scenes as well as the actual fucking, any complaints about minor issues (there were a few) trivial compared to the overall quality of the production. The biggest complaint most fans will have should probably be the company watermark on the lower right corner of the front cover, the camera seemingly compensating for it but keeping all the best action away from it. The aural components of the show were also well handled, nothing significantly outstanding but the ladies could be heard, the background noises were minimal, and the music did not get in the way as it sometimes does elsewhere.


Body of Review: Vince Vouyer has long been one of my favorite directors, his current work under the Vince Vouyer Unleashed label among the best he has ever offered the world. His latest fuck flick is Fitness MILFs, the master of gonzo porn changing with the times to shoot experienced women even though he is well known for greatly preferring to capture younger ladies going at it. To me, this is a good thing since I have long found Vince’s works to be strokable with substantial replay value, the fitness angle in keeping with sweaty ladies ready to fuck and the casting of shapely ladies deserving of the title “MILF” a far cry from many competitors. Of special interest to me was the inclusion of Alana Evans, a blond with exceptionally pretty eyes and a figure to die for, Kendra Lust, a brunette with an ass well worth checking out under any circumstances, and foxy Austin Taylor, my appreciation for the fellow Texan well noted elsewhere. Mellanie Monroe and Maya Hills completed the cast of women that any sensible man would love to fuck, each bringing something to the table as it were thanks to Vince giving ample room to explore. The company website described the movie like this: “I've shot more than 200 porno movies in my career and if there is one thing I've learned along the way, it's to listen closely to what the fans want. And I'm here to report that the fans have spoken again. Due to popular demand, I have completed my very first MILF niche DVD, and I've titled it Fitness MILFS. My vision for this was simple. It seems like the new normal is seeing these insanely hot, mature women walking the streets in their skin-tight, workout attire, pushing their baby strollers or just jogging through the neighborhood with their big titties bouncing and their big booties shaking. There's nothing sexier than a beautiful MILF with camel-toe creeping through her crotch if you know what I mean. So without further delay, I present to you Fitness MILFS, and I guarantee these moms love to fuck.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Mellanie Monroe, the blond bombshell with the bodacious booty observed on the upper left corner of the front cover, was up first as she stretched in her yellow cover outfit. For me, the big selling point was her sweet ass as she bent over, the curvature such that any straight man would find it adorable. She was flexible enough and became sweaty at her workout, her pretty eyes gleaming when it came time for her to try some erotic aerobics with Alex Gonz. He stuffed his face between her ass cheeks to rim her, gobbling her gash as she gave him access to her shaven snatch until she slobbed his knob aggressively with a lot of eye contact. There was ball licking and some very active vaginal riding by the lady, the gal masturbating while he plowed her with an ending vaginal creampie of genetic juice that looked believable. She then fingered it out of her dripping snatch to taste it, her puffy pussy oozing his remains while Vince commented.


Scene Two: Maya Hills, the exotic woman seen on the lower right corner of the cover, was up next with Anthony Rosano, less time spent on the fitness angle other than her wearing stretch pants and a workout top than anything else. She crawled over to his erect member and sucked him off, toying with him as she applied some hand to gland friction, her eye contact also splendid. He reciprocated by eating her ass and pussy, banging her snatch slowly at first but building up speed as things warmed up. There was additional oral such as face sitting, Maya humping his face as he licked her twat, the gal leaning over to form the usual 69 before impaling herself on his cock vaginally. They seemed to have some chemistry together too, her fine ass shaking as he smacked it but my biggest surprise being the lack of anal (her shaven pussy was still just fine by me though). This scene also ended when he launched his population pudding into her pussy, Maya cleaning him off just beforehand. The company website described the scene like this: “I first filmed Maya Hills when she was 18 years old, and then I filmed her again when she was in her early 20's. Now Maya has returned to porn again, but this time as an official MILF. Everyone loves a comeback, right? Maya tells us that when she first returned as a MILF she did not like being labeled as such, but over time she has accepted the title. Maya has a new set of boobs, and I mean big, soft mommy boobs that only add to her slutty sexual prowess. Like fine wine, Maya has gotten better with age. That's evident after watching some of her new cock sucking and fucking talents. Maya decides that being a mommy is so much fun she wants her porn stud to blow his load inside her pussy for a MILF cream pie.”


Scene Three: Alana Evans, the multi-award winning blond hotty seen far in the background on the upper middle of the front cover, was up next as she bantered back and forth with the director, the gal in an upscale kitchen in her blue stretch pants and pink tank top. She wanted to share both Anthony Rosano and Romeo, teaching them the ways of her world in terms of satisfying a partner, the gal eating healthy foods while deciding who to actually do that day. She welcomed the men inside the kitchen and Anthony was all over her, Alana sucking him off before giving his pal some head as well. Her eyes were gorgeous and she was still as fit as ever, her aggressive oral style tackling both of them alternatively before the guys went further to bone her pussy and ass. There was no DP but she was on fire riding their rods, Alana kneeling in front of them to get a douse of spunk all over her face and end up with a semen goatee. The company website described the scene like this: “Alana Evans is no stranger to squeezing the cum out of several porn cocks at the same time. In fact, she has been getting ass-fucked on film for 14 years. I was there in the early days of her career, personally drilling her perfect round, deep and tight asshole. Alana is now in mega MILF status and still has the big, round booty in the back. But now Alana also has big set of mommy boobs to add to her porn whore arsenal. Alana takes on an industry pro and a new male performer for some two-on-one, anal action and begs for a double facial.”


Scene Four: Kendra Lust, the brunette on the upper right hand corner with the ample sample of an ass I adore, and previously mentioned blond bombshell Mellanie Monroe, were up next in a lesbian scene that transformed to include moper Alex Gonz. The ladies wore workout appropriate clothing to bed and were soon all over each other, their thongs and bras not hampering access much as they swatted ass and gobbled gash like seasoned champions. This continued as they rubbed pussies together, the heat generated showing as much chemistry as you will find here before their play cock entered the picture. Mellanie tossed Alex to the bed and began blowing him seductively, inviting Kendra to watch or even participate. It did not take long for both to double team him orally, the ladies only breaking the mystique as they looked toward the camera instead of Alex. In any case, he took turns drilling their dripping snatches and they looked best in pyramid form, the stacking of premium ass always a sight for sore eyes. They did more taste testing along the way and Kendra took the bulk of his oozing wad of splooge, sharing it with Mellanie in nasty fashion before the scene ended. The company website described the scene like this: “I'll be the first to admit it, guys. I have a case of MILF fever. I love these crazy MILFS, especially the ones packing big boobs and big butts. Brunette beauty Kendra Lust is one of the top MILFs in Porn Valley these days. It turns out that Kendra has a big crush on big-booty, blonde bombshell Mellanie Monroe. I make dreams come true, so you better believe I got Mellanie on the horn and scheduled these two in a girl/girl scene. Kendra met Mellanie for the first time on my set, and to say they hit it off would be an understatement. Before I could even unzip my fly to start choking my chicken these two mega MILFs were licking each other's pussies and sucking on each other's big tits. Then they executed one of the all-time great porn positions -- the scissors. You know, the one where they rub their pussies up against each other and get off. It never gets old. But I needed to see more. So I called one of my top studs, Alex Gonz, and sent him in to apply a professional deep-dicking on these two thick-ass bimbos. Alex knows how to handle a couple of MILF whores. He didn't need a diagram to stack their big asses on top of each other and piston-pump their boxes. He enjoyed his MILF sandwich and finally he blew his spunk all over their faces.”


Scene Five: Austin Taylor, the hot blond babe seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up last as she gave a brief interview, eventually working her hand to her crotch to masturbate. She wore white stretch pants and a matching striped shirt as seen on the cover, a skimpy white thong riding up her delightfully tasty ass as the scene progressed. A wet spot developed and she soon sat on the face of Anthony Rosano, her sweaty crotch enough for him to enjoy as he told her to not shower. She ditched the pants and they continued with her in superior position, her pussy getting extra wet as he fingered her as well during the foreplay. From there she moved into a 69 to orally attack his cock, the shaft glistening with her saliva as her pretty eyes gleamed at the camera. She was an excellent oralist and her vaginal riding was quite active, her ass pumping up and down really well as he smacked her to prod her onward. They continued and he oiled up her ass, the wet look adding some stroke value for me though all it did was give Anthony a wet target to launch his load of ball batter onto her ass crack, I hope to see more of her in the future. The company website described the scene like this: “One thing I've always considered extremely important is listening to what the fans want. And due to popular demand from all of you loyal fans, I've decided to film some of today's hottest MILF's, also known as Mothers I'd Like to Fuck. So I started out with none other than Austin Taylor, a real-life mother of two who could out-fuck some of these teens any day of the week. This bubbly blonde has it all. When Austin showed up I was like WTF? This girl's body is out of control and her face could melt an iceberg, not to mention she has a bubbly, slutty personality. Austin tells me she loves to work out and it shows. She's a former gymnast who can do a full split on your face. But that's another story entirely. When Austin wants some cock she will gladly spread those gorgeous legs as wide as she can for maximum penetration. This hot mom is no stranger to a hard cock either. She shows us her skills by devouring Anthony Rosano's meat like it's a ham sandwich. Then she lets Anthony face fuck her sloppy, wet gash like he's lapping up a strawberry sundae. But all of that is nothing compared to when Austin mounts Anthony's rod and starts bouncing furiously like her paycheck depends on it. Austin really does love to fuck!”

Summary: Fitness MILFs by director Vince Vouyer for Vince Vouyer Unleashed had everything it advertised and in spades at that. The fact that the female cast was superior to most of what you will find at lesser companies in terms of hot, sweaty, MILFs was the proverbial icing on the cake too, the replay value, strokability, and heat generated by the curvy ladies made this one easy to suggest as a Highly Recommended or better. There wasn’t a lady I would not hook up with in the cast, favorites such as Alana Evans, Maya Hills, and Austin Taylor joined by winning babes such as Kendra Lust and Mellanie Monroe, the biggest issue I had was the limited quality of the dudes they were stuck with. Hopefully, Vince will expand this into a series now that he has proven he can provide more than just barely legal sluts jumping on poles, the outcome for me was always certain but then I’ve been watching his titles for many years and knew he’d come through. In short, Fitness MILFs offered up a shapely cast of attractive MILFs getting sweaty with a fitness theme as advertised, the amount of experienced fuck for the buck as solid as you will find in the genre so check it out for yourselves to see why I found it so appealing.


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