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  • Release date:
    June 11, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 34m
  • Cast:
    Jesse Jane|Robby D.|Kayden Kross|Stoya|Vicki Chase|Brooklyn Lee|Alyssa Branch


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Digital Playground

Genre: Feature, Comedy

Director/Writer: Robby D.

Cast: Vicki Chase, Bill Bailey, Jesse Jane, Erik Everhard, Kayden Kross, Derrick Pierce, Stoya, James Deen, Brooklyn Lee, Johnny Sins, Alyssa Branch, Giovanni Francisco, Danny Mountain
Non-sex roles: James Bartholet, Shylar Cobi, others uncredited

Length: 153:44 minutes

Date of Production: 12/3/2012


Extras: The first thing I noticed was the larger packaging for the movie, the extras placed on a separate DVD disc and the three discs all contained in a cardboard box (sadly, with no slipcover for the DVD case though). The best extra for most ladies out there should be the included “Mini Vibe To Go” pocket rocket vibrator, the device pretty strong with the package including the needed four watch sized batteries. In terms of movie extras, the 29:26 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was the next best for me. Jamall Johnson was credited with shooting the footage along with Nick P who also did the editing, Willem Default shown a nod at the end. The inclusion of a standard DVD will appease those who have yet to get a Blu-ray player but frankly, given the quality of upgrade and the current price of such devices, I doubt many reading this will be without one. There was also a photogallery, a 3:47 minute clip of the photoshoot, a company trailer, a 2:35 minute look at some of the contract ladies, and some trailers as well as a showcase clip of the contract ladies and a studio trailer.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Bridesmaids was presented in a very appealing 1.78:1 widescreen as shot by director Robby D. for Digital Playground. The movie package included both the standard definition DVD as well as the Blu-ray disc, each looking good though the high definition version was a really nice upgrade. It was edited by the amazing Joey Pulgadas and looked great, the production doing a good job of blending the big feature elements with the sexual trysts. The 5.1 Surround audio was also clear in both versions of the movie, the difference less striking but the production sounded like the vocals, music, and ambient noises were all put together well enough, Joey Pulgadas also credited with this aspect of the movie.


Body of Review: Robby D. is my favorite director at Digital Playground, he and his production team winning scores of awards and accolades over the years. His latest movie sent for review is called Bridesmaids, a showcase comedy title of epic proportions. As this year’s latest block buster title, I was anxious to check it out to see Jesse Jane, Stoya, and Kayden Kross; Brooklyn Lee, Vicki Chase, and Alyssa Branch adding some spice to the mix of hotties worth watching. The quick version of the feature elements was that Jesse and Kayden were feuding with each other to be the best bridesmaid ever, lots of comedic touches allowing them to one up each other in a manner indicative of a number of mainstream flicks you may have watched, suffice it to say that Robby provided some manly humor to the show I found refreshing. The back cover described the movie like this: “Best girlfriends come together to share a special moment; a wedding day! But before the bride can walk down the aisle, competing Maids of Honor Jesse Jane® and Kayden Kross square off in a set of time honored traditions. A feisty fitting that features a horny back room fling, a wild bachelorette party where the male-strippers’ aren’t safe from the over-heated honeys and a bridal shower that ends with the girls in jail! Award winning director Robby D. showcases Digital Playground contract superstars Jesse Jane®, Kayden Kross and Stoya as the beautiful bridesmaids. With 7 steamy sex scenes that also include naughty girls Brooklyn Lee, Vicki Chase and Alyssa Branch as the Bride, Bridesmaids will excite you with fun, passion and desire!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Vicki Chase, a slutty brunette babe always on the prowl, was up first as she seduced waiter Bill Bailey in front of her black companion, her friends all commenting on her tryst in the back room. Her form fitting skirt was pulled up to reveal a splendid ass, her perky boobs given some time to air out as Bill diddled her and gobbled her gash, the knob slobbing she provided being short but definitely sweet. The energy and enthusiasm adding to their chemistry to make it a solid opening scene, the gal throating him with ease before he tore into her sweet snatch in several positions. There was varied additional taste testing along the way and the resulting wad of genetic juice was put to good use on a dish for a bacon loving buddy as she left Bill dazzled with a small kiss (with a hilarious side joke by Brooklyn and Jesse).


Scene Two & Three: Jesse Jane, Erik Everhard, Kayden Kross, and Derrick Pierce, were all up next in the gym as the ladies engaged in a competition of wills; the basis for the entire story. The scenes were shot concurrently and I included them together since the company made such a big stink about having “seven” scenes but intercut them together, Jesse pouncing on Erik while Kayden hit on Derrick pretty hard. The sweaty workout showed both ladies going all out to prove their status as top hotty, the skimpy workout clothing soon cast to the mat as Jesse lowered her top to give Erik some inspiration, Kayden spreading her legs for Derrick to go down on her in a pile driver kind of manner at the same time. The guys gobbled gash to lubricate the ladies, the power sucking the gals did surely enough to drain the dragon of any normal man, the population pudding reserves of this critic such that I took breaks between scenes this time. Rather than modest couples sex like I’m used to from the company, the sly competition pushed both of them to tear into their blowjobs and vaginal pounding penetration positions, the edit of the scenes together making sense though I wished branching technology could have been used to keep the flow of each separate. Both couples had chemistry together and they did not share at all, remaining together until the last drop of splooge flew forth; Derrick tossing off on Kayden’s shoulder and tongue before Erik plastered Jesse’s slick slit with the baby batter.


Scene Four: Stoya, the sexy and all natural brunette contract gal, was up next with James Deen, a cute nod being his shirt with an “I heart Stoya” logo on it at the fitting. They played it cool while he provided an effeminate characterization, the man sending everyone on a separate mission while they went to the back to bone. The edit showed bits and pieces of their tryst at a time rather than straight through, one moment the couple giving each other subtle hints and the next his pecker being balls deep in her neatly trimmed snatch. This worked better here due to pacing and their long affirmed chemistry together helped keep him from looking like such a douche bag (a common issue for the lad), his tongue put to good use on her pussy and ass as she made exaggerated porn squeals. Stoya kept her usual repertoire of facial expressions too, her puffy pussy on the passive side in most positions this time but her wonderful eye contact handled quite well (as expected mind you). She did slob his knob and allow him to slowly fuck her in the ass too, her pussy milking him dry for the ending facial of spunk when she knelt before him and gave some post coital head.


Scene Five: Brooklyn Lee, Stoya, Kayden Kross, and Jesse Jane, were then up jumping on each other and Johnny Sins in the anticipated group grope, the bridesmaids enjoying his stripper act at the close of the bachelorette party. Initially, Jesse and Brooklyn took charge of Jonny while Kayden and Stoya did each other, the fluid nature of who partnered up giving a lot of replay value to the scene. Brooklyn devoured his cock orally and Jesse did likewise, Stoya moving over to him to get some oral as Kayden’s competitive streak came forth. While a lot of the scene was shot really close up, I appreciated how there were plenty of opportunities taken to showcase the group as a whole, the ladies diddling and munching rug as readily as Johnny’s cock, the gals taking ample chances to actively ride that vaginally as well. I could provide a laundry list of sexual acts where he was banging bald beavers left and right or going down on their as they continued eating at the Y but frankly, the impressive part of the tryst was the degree of passion and chemistry, the reverse gang bang and FWB action ending with the ladies sharing his considerable load of ball batter facially.


Scene Six: Alyssa Branch, the attractive bride of the movie, was up next as she engaged her fiancé Giovanni Francisco, just as things were looking darkest on the wedding day. Her friends were stuck in jail thanks to some trouble with the police, the gal wearing a red top and tight jeans as she cried on the bed, Giovanni trying to console her the old fashioned way. He was sweet to her and they embraced, kissing as they caressed with the appropriate music playing to make it a romantic tryst unlike the previous scenes, dispelling the cookie cutter nature so many features are saddled with these days. As the clothing slowly came off, he worked his way down her body to nestle between her legs while he gave her hairy crotch some head, Alyssa realistically enjoying the effort. She then gave him a hand assisted hummer but focused most of her efforts on the head as she diddled herself, the couple actively fucking vaginally in cowgirl variations and doggy before he unleashed his seed of baby batter on her ass cheek.


Scene Seven: Brooklyn Lee, still wearing her sexy blue bridesmaid dress, figured out a way to make the wedding and save the day courtesy of officer Danny Mountain, the couple all over each other aggressively kissing and groping in the back room. Her dress pulled down to reveal her perky tits, the lady easing down to the floor on her knees to blow him actively, pressed for time so she gave her all as a means of influencing him. Danny remained erect this time, his turgid cock getting the full treatment from the energetic young redhead as she earned her freedom, the extensive oral leading to some active vaginal plowing. Her eye contact and attitude were solid, their connection together established as a lustful set of needs meeting, the flexible lass providing a superior set of oral and vaginal tricks to elicit his round of spew all over her hairy pussy in the poorly lit room.

Summary: Bridesmaids by director Robby D. for Digital Playground was a big budget feature production showcasing ladies like Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Stoya, and Brooklyn Lee, meriting a rating of Highly Recommended for me, the story entertaining, the sex strokable, and the ladies all allowed to ham it up in fine porno form. In short, Bridesmaids had enough fuck for the buck, replay value, and strokability to fuel some inspiring sessions of self love, the feature comedic elements adding a lot to the mix this time so watch the whole thing instead of just the sexual trysts if you want to see what I appreciated about it so much. I appreciated the blu-ray version the most, liked the extras disc, and the inclusion of the vibrator (with two sets of batteries) was a major plus too, the total package impressing me as one of the best coming out of the company in some time.


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