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Back 2 Evil

  • Release date:
    February 20, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 19m
  • Cast:
    Manuel Ferrara|Belladonna|Nacho Vidal|Katja Kassin|Wesley Pipes|Avy Scott|Ashley Long|Boz|Julie Night|Alicia Rhodes|Velvet Rose

Back 2 Evil

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Velvet Rose, Katja Kassin, Nacho Vidal, Alicia Rhodes, Boz, Wesley Pipes, Julie Night, Ashley Long, Manuel Ferrara, Avy Scott, Belladonna

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/10/03

Extra's: 28 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, photogallery, filmography, cast list, paper dvd catalog

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. There was some grain and video noise during the darker scenes of the movie (which had a lot of darker scenes by the way) yet the action was so rough that you'd almost have to disregard what was going on to see the fairly minor problems here. I noticed a few compression artifacts and pattern noise but the darker setting introduced color saturation which was a drag for me.. The audio was presented in the standard stereo English but had very little separation between the channels. In all, it was sometimes a bit low on the vocals but pretty well done.

Body of Review: Nacho Vidal has been in porn for awhile and is known worldwide for his preference for rough sex. Evil Angel has been around awhile too and has never shied away from delivering what fans want. Put both of them together and you should expect that some limits, both your own and those of the performers, will be expanded upon. Such is the case with Back 2 Evil.

The movie is a set of 5 stories, each with it's own theme, that all centered on rougher sex. Not content with simply showing oral sex, guys drilling some gal's pussy, or even the typical anal, the Nacho/Evil Angel combination introduce bondage, interracial, slapping, spanking, and gagging-just to name a few aspects here. To be straightforward, it was a lot rougher than I like but some of it was pretty well done. If you're looking for the next major push in hardcore, this may be it. That means the jaded old porn hounds that are no longer content with watching hot babes having great sex, can check this one out. Here's a quick breakdown of the action by scene:

Scene One: Velvet, Katja, and Nacho had a scene in a dungeon where the gals were tested and trained. Neither gal was on my top ten list but they did appear to give it their all for the scene. Nacho's style of rough sex, including gag-throating, spanking, slapping, and hair pulling, permeated the usual oral, straight and anal hijinx here (with some ATM for the nasty crowd). As much as I'm not exactly a fan of rough sex, I have to admit there was some appeal here.

Scene Two: Alicia, a curvy blonde with way too much makeup on, Boz and Wesley, had a rough sex scene of their own. She is made to be their toy and they push her around and call her (and treat her) like a worthless slut. If you enjoy this type of stuff, you'll really like the presentation here (I'm sure this violates at least 4 of the Cambria List rules). Oral, straight and lots of anal were the sexual elements but it's all done in a heavy tone which really didn't appeal to me. The DP wasn't great but the rest of it seemed as extreme as you'll likely care to watch.

Scene Three: Julie, taken captive by Ashley, Manuel, and Nacho, is subjected to their whims. A bit of spanking and hair pulling with some over the top sex. The slapping and choking action on Julie didn't work much for me but Ashley seemed really into it-so her part of the show made more sense. As Julie warmed up to the extreme stuff more, it was better (although rimming Manuel? ewww), but I'd have preferred to see the whole scene with Ashley.

Scene Four: Avy, a cute blonde tied up in a cage, and Nacho, had the next scene. His holding a gun in his hand during the opening part of the scene was something you don't see very often in an adult movie, the same holds true for putting the barrel in her mouth. The only thing that really needed to be in her mouth was his penis. In any case, he poured red wine on her body and played a bit before they got busy. Oral (including her rimming him), straight and anal with no condom (condoms are almost never used in Evil Angel movies unless they are the Brazilian ones with transvestites). The scary thing about this, and the other, scenes is that part of me liked some of it.

Scene Five: Belladonna, the gal shown on network television looking like a victim, and Nacho, her on again, off again, boyfriend for a long time, had what could only be described as a scene with a lot of chemistry. The two have had a number of scenes together where they looked to be having a grudge fuck-one where the couple continued to outdo each other as possible. This scene started off with her in a cage and continually focused on her being in bondage (handcuffs or rope) as he spanked her, caned her, or did as he pleased. The sex included oral, straight and anal but what bothered me the most, and I'm sure it was all acting, was the look she gave (including crying, terror, and sadness).

Summary: The women were not the absolute best looking I've seen in Evil Angel movies and the action really wasn't my thing much of the time, but some of it worked for me. I know they're all professionals and no one was in danger, or forced to do things they didn't want to do, but in the back of my mind, I knew that what was going on was pretty sick in some ways. If you like extreme, circus act sex, you'd better check this one out while you can because the word on the street is that with the recent indictments on "cutting edge" porn, stuff like this may not be around much longer. If you prefer seeing hot women having fun sex with guys (and other hot women of course), and don't need this kind of thing to get off to, you'll want to skip it. I'm going to rate it as Rent It since you'll either love it or hate it-with very little middle ground in between.


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