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Private Castings 22: Katarina Martinez

  • Release date:
    August 27, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 44m
  • Cast:
    Monika Bella|Katarina Martinez

Private Castings 22: Katarina Martinez: This Is How I Started


Genre: Compilation, Foreign

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Nicole, Raquel, Monika Bella, Ania, Grety, Frank Gunn, Mike Foster, Gwendoline, Katarina Martinez, Monica Rima
Note: The cast list was incomplete, the gals gave different names during the interviews, and the technical limitations of the dvd prevented me from capturing all the names of the males.

Length: 164 minutes

Date of Production: 6/03 (compilation only)

Extra's: 15.5 minute interview with Pierre Woodman from 7/25/97,
Production Notes, trailers, biographies with photogalleries, double sided dvd cover, subtitles,
languages (both are optional)
Note: The dvd had some quirks in that it wouldn't let me view the production notes for more than a couple of seconds before booting me to another part of the dvd. As such, the cast list information is limited to the main gals.

Audio/Video Quality: Like in Volume 21, the movie started off with a warning about below average technical matters due to the footage being shot in less than favorable conditions. If it had been posted on the dvd case, I'd have even given them credit for truth in advertising. In any case, the show was full frame and the technical matters varied a lot. Much of the footage was older and taken with crummy equipment with low lighting. I think it was important to release, given the historical significance of the material but keep in mind that the grain, colors, and other problems were far below what I've come to expect from Private. The sound varied as much with some really weak dubbing but the English subtitles were very clear and added later.

Body of Review: The Private Casting series is something of a
couch where Pierre would interview a gal and sometimes do her. The interview
format allows a viewer to see something about what people talk about when
they say he's mean to the women. There are subtitles that show most of
what's said and then the gals are shown in behind the scenes action on
photoshoots and movies. In Private Castings 22: Katarina Martinez: This Is How I Started , we get another batch of gals, most of whom went to work for Private afterwards. Here's a breakdown of the scenes:

Scene One: 2/98: Nicole, a blonde with pretty blue eyes, and Raquel, a less attractive blonde, both gave interviews before they were joined by another gal and some guys for a quick sex scene on the interviewing bed. There was oral, straight and anal but it was fairly limited.

Scene Two: 5/95: Monika Bella, having given her interview, was then shown in a scene from Triple X Video #5 after a lot of behind the scenes footage. It was a gangbang in a fire station where she took on a bunch of guys.

Scene Three: 10/94: Ania, a pasty faced brunette, did the interview and a behind the scenes look at her photoshoot from Private Magazine #126 where she did three guys (including a DP), a shoot from Pirate Magazine #38 where she did 2 guys by a lagoon (including anal), and a photoshoot from Private Magazine #133 (2 guys, and a DP). To be fair, she looked much better in action than in the interview.

Scene Four: 4/97:Grety, after her interview, had a short clip from Private Gold #32 (Lethal Information) with Frank Gunn and Mike Foster DP'ing her.

Scene Five: 2/95: Gwendoline, a redhead, did the interview and showed a short bit from her photoshoot displayed in Triple X Magazine #9. It was very short and limited with only a tiny bit of DP action.

Scene Six: 10/96: Katarina, the covergal to the whole dvd, admittedly looked better in her scene than on the cover or her interview. The scene here was pretty good and had her from Private Gold #18 (The Reporter) as well as a short bit from Triple X Magazine #20. This was another talented gal in the Private realm.

Scene Seven: 1/00: Interview Only: Monica, a blonde with closely cropped hair, a lean body, and pretty blue eyes, did Pierre after the interview. This was the longest scene, by far, and while he's no stud, he did a good job with her, anal and all.

Scene Eight: 8/93: Rima, a brunette with a hairy crotch, had a very short interview and even shorter posing session.

Summary: This was perhaps the most limited volume of the series that I had seen to date. The sex was always truncated and the only full scene was with Pierre on his casting couch. As such, I feel the usual limitations of the show, combined with lack of scenes, made it barely worth a rating of Rent It and that's being generous. In the future, I hope Private goes back to showing full scenes from their movies and concentrates on providing more entertainment value to consumers as they have in the past.



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