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Anal Chronicles: A Compilation, The

  • Release date:
    September 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    6h 38m
  • Cast:
    Kimberly Kane|Mike Adriano|Asa Akira|Bobbi Starr|Juelz Ventura|Jynx Maze|Jessie Rogers|Sheena Shaw|Penny Pax

The Anal Chronicles: A Compilation

Evil Angel/Mike Adriano Media

Genre: Gonzo, Anal, POV, Compilation

Director: Mike Adriano

Cast: Sheena Shaw, Penny Pax, Mike Adriano, Jessie Rogers, Chanel Preston, Jynx Maze, Asa Akira, Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Juelz Ventura, Lyla Storm

Length: 397:39 minutes (197:31 minutes & 200:08 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013

Extras: There was a cumshot recap, cast list, trailers, some filmographies, websites, and six photogalleries.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The Anal Chronicles: A Compilation was presented in a visually appealing anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. The scenes were all shot with basic lighting to eliminate any shadows, texture, or hints of color variations. The set up was simple with the basic tease, and then Mike would join in for various types of messy sex, all in some form of point of view fashion. The grain was minimal as was the video noise, the director trying to provide a basic porn experience here rather than cultivate favorable press by use of silly special effects; a variety of sources used in the compailtion. It was far from perfect but this did enhance the replay value for me as it showed more care than usual, fans of well rounded women certain to appreciate it. There was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner too. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English. There wasn’t much to talk about aurally speaking though, the tease portion of the scenes employed music but the rest of the show was fairly easy to hear the vocals even if it sounded like a home camera shot them.

Body of Review: Mike Adriano is a director at Evil Angel, his double disc gonzo titles showing his continuing love for POV and all forms of anal sex. The Anal Chronicles: A Compilation is his soon to be released compilation title spanning many hours of heated anal action, all of the ladies taking Mike’s pecker in their perfect puckers, and doing it oh so well too. When you get names like Jynx Maze, Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Asa Akira, Chanel Preston, and various others in a double disc offering, you tend to stand up and take notice (pun intended).

The box cover described the movie like this: “100% Anal Action” (yup, that was all she wrote). Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Anal Lessons: Sheena Shaw, Penny Pax, Mike Adriano: Sheena Shaw, a lean gal with lots of energy and a desire to work her first anal scene with geek-gal Penny Pax as well as Mike, was up last in a scene lasting over an hour. Penny had larger boobs and they were real, their lesbian credentials here nearly as well developed as the sheer volume of anal included. They rimmed each other and Mike as well as double teamed his pecker with a decent blowjob, giving the impression that they were showing off more than into the anal pounding they took from the guy. Sheena threw herself into the scene more than her partners and this made it well worth some loads tossed off (filling my spank bank accordingly), the shaven labia and saliva play enough to merit discussion too. In all though, the largely active anal penetration was the main theme of the day, the messy oral adding something as well as the frequent anal gapes. In each aspect of the scene, the ladies played as a team too, the ending wad of population pudding a ball draining venture that ended with Sheena’s dirty talk, a big load all over her ass, and Penny licking it up to cumswap and swallow with her friend.

Scene Two: Anal Sweetness: Jessie Rogers, Chanel Preston, Mike Adriano: Chanel Preston and Jessie Rogers, the fetching duo of damsels spotted featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, were up first as a feature act. Both are among the current elite in porn to a degree, Chanel always a force to be reckoned with around awards time, were up first with Mike Adriano. Chanel wore a red tube top and some booty shorts while Jessie had a yellow bra and even shorter shorts, each of them having a great ass accentuated by their attire. They lounged on the white couch as they talked with the director, Jessie teasing first but Chanel certainly no sloucher as she provided ample reason to watch her scenes. The ladies moved into the house to try the treadmill, their asses swaying too and fro as they laughed and found Mike’s playful antics arousing. He fingered them and fed them each a taste of the other, then moving back outside where he rimmed them at length. The biggest selling point of the scene was how the ladies participated fully throughout the show, savoring each other as well as Mike during the oral and penetrative positions; his ass pounding antics proving to be just what they wanted. Chanel was the better of the two ladies at slobbing knob, her rimming showing no hesitation though in fairness, Jessie had a longer and wider anal gape hang time. Both ladies were active riders and they used a lot of saliva, pushing it out of their asses and doing variations of ATM and salad tossing before draining his balls of splooge to glaze their faces. The ladies then sucked him clean with some post coital head, kissing one another while looking up at Mike to savor the moment of the nearly full hour scene.

Scene Three: Anal Inferno: Jynx Maze, Asa Akira, Mike Adriano: Jynx Maze and Asa Akira, the two babes featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, were up first as they reclined on a couch in their comfy cover attire. The ladies were frisky and enthusiastic about the scene, Mike Adriano benefitting as their male meat puppet once the lesbian action was left behind as the focal point. Their heated tryst included a lot of rimming (each other and such), some oiling up making the active anal tricks work even better. Jynx’s ass milked his nut of genetic juice for Asa to receive orally, the gal cumswapping with Jynx to close out the superior scene. The company website aptly described the scene like this: “Spunky, all-natural Jynx Maze and busty Asian cutie Asa Akira poke their tongues into each other's adorable pucker, and the girls take turns messily throat-fucking Mike's cock, trading drool back and forth. As each girl is ass-fucked, her partner sucks Mike's dick ass-to-mouth. He pulls out of Jynx' bunghole and shoots off in Asa's open mouth; the sluts swap cum and kiss.”

Scene Four: Filthy Anal Girls: Bobbi Starr, Kimberly Kane, Mike Adriano: Bobbi Starr and Kimberly Kane, the two exceedingly popular anal queens featured on the bottom middle of the cover (how perfectly appropriate!), were up next as the first scene from the second disc, the ladies working out in the home gym (Bobbi on the stair stepper while Kimberly was on the treadmill). Bobbi wore some neon pink booty shorts and Kimberly had on some stretch pants hugging that great ass of hers, Mike Adriano unable to keep his hands off them though the ladies pawed each other too. Both women sported unfashionably hairy pubes and played with each other during the tease, walking through the house half naked as they sought a place to get funky. It was crystal clear that the ladies adored one another, Mike coat tailing off their sheer energy and enthusiasm, the gals smothering him front and back with their ass cheeks as he took turns orally servicing them. Once he took a break from eating their anal gapes, he offered them his cock to suck, both gals showing seriously demented skills with slobbing his knob. There were streamers during the messy hummer and this led to some active anal positions with taste testing, the amounts of intermittent oral plentiful as Mike banged the women silly. While the general list of circus act sex was similar to the other scenes, even a short look at the action would tell a casual viewer how important chemistry like this is to a show, Bobbi and Kimberly excelling as they got each other off well before Mike jerked off to their faces, Bobbi taking the majority of the nut to her face but both ladies sharing the splooge before ending he tryst with some post coital head in the 66 minute long scene.

Scene Five: Anal Intensity: Juelz Ventura, Mike Adriano: Juelz Ventura, the crazy hot performer featured on the center of the front cover, was up first in what was billed as her first on camera anal scene. Mike Adriano was the one putting her through the paces, pushing her limits far greater than a typical anal scene would be elsewhere. She teased at great length and proffered her perfect pucker for Mike to play with, the guy gobbling her ass like it was candy before she really let loose with the sloppy blowjob skills she has developed over the years. Her initial outfit was shown on the front cover and as skimpy as it was, it did not last long on her lean figure, a series of increasingly large toys used to warm her up for his pecker to penetrate later. What worked best for me was her sex positive attitude at all times, Juelz never shying away from the cock in her mouth or ass, the lady devotedly engulfing it with her mouth as her beautiful eyes looked up at Mike. The usual dynamic he offers up in his scenes was in evidence here too, the young beauty seemingly getting off well before Mike beat out a large load of ball batter all over her sweet cheeks.

Scene Six: Anal Supersluts: Lyla Storm, Mike Adriano: Lyla Storm, the lean brunette seen on the middle of the bottom on the front cover, was up next as Mike Adriano took her anal virginity (at least according to her comments). Unlike most ladies in Mike’s movies, she did not tease by the outside wall with all the graffiti on it, her perky nipples and toned legs leading to the firm ass she displayed in the living room. As Lyla hiked up her skirt, her purple panties came into view, the gal masturbating before kissing her partner. He then unzipped her skirt to gain access to her asshole, rimming her and fingering it before getting her off when he gobbled her gash (and ass some more). The face sitting was interesting and this was another tryst where there was no doubt that any chemistry was coincidental, the heat generated still amounting to some strokable material all the same. From there, they pushed her limits as to the knob slobbing good time she provided, the huge amount of saliva flying all about and Lyla playing with the streamers. She seemed so small compared to his cock that it was a challenge for her to go as deep as she did but she throated him almost to the balls, her eyes tearing up as she left a mess on both of them. She then used some of the massive amount of spit to lube up her hand to shove into her asshole, Mike replacing her fingers with his cock as he pounded her silly while she repetitively commented (“Oh my God! Oh my God!”). The gist of the acts were similar from that point on, Lyla taking him more passively in most positions but not all that bad either, a lot of ATM and hand to gland combat combining with the anal penetration to milk his balls dry of baby batter in a load that went to her mouth for swallowing.

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Summary: The Anal Chronicles: A Compilation by director Mike Adriano for Evil Angel offered a tremendous amount of strokable ass fucking and anal play, replay value, and the elusive fun factor I enjoy so much; the double disc set clocking in at over six and a half hours. I compared some of the scenes to their original source material and found no obvious cuts too, the sum total of quality action well worth a rating of Highly Recommended unless you either have all the original movies or just hate seeing women have a great times using their asses sexually. I know some of the weaker reviewers out there would give this one an X-Pick or whatever their equivalent but with no new footage offered up or even having the ladies introduce their scenes, I felt like the lack of unique footage kept it from really standing out. In short, The Anal Chronicles: A Compilation provided six lengthy scenes of all anal fun, Mike pounding perfect puckers silly before dousing his female colleagues with his joy juice in all the appropriate places, making this one well worth looking into if you like anal or ladies like Jynx Maze, Asa Akira, Chanel Preston, Bobbi Starr, or other worthy wenches so give it a look.


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