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Shades Of Pink

  • Release date:
    May 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 28m
  • Cast:
    Justine Joli

Director: Melissa Monet

Cast: Justine Joli, Kirsten Price, Maddy O' Reilly, Dana Dearmond, Sinn Sage, Kiera Winters

Length: 148 minutes

Dates of Production: 10/25/2012, 10/27/2012

Extras: There is a good fourteen minutes Behind the Scenes segment. Several trailers and a slide show are also included.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition with Sony XDCAM cameras. This DVD is presented in 16:9 widescreen format.

Overview: Shades of Pink is a take on the popular mainstream phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey. Melissa Monet directs this movie. This lesbian version is a kinky exploration of dominance and submission. Justine Joli plays a dominant mistress who makes Kirsten Price a mistress, but then, makes her a submissive for her own good use. Kirsten's character is the one who really awakens to a new life of kinkiness filled with Sado-Masochism Bondage and Discipline. Other top performers who are part of Justine's elaborate plan are Maddy O' Reilly, Dana Dearmond, Sinn Sage, and Kiera Winters.
Scene One:  After having Justine Joli pick her out at a bar and flirt with her by some suggestive fondling behavior, a turned on Kirsten Price is taken to her place. While sitting on the bed, the intrigued and soon to be surprised woman sees Maddy O' Reilly walking on all fours behind Justine. The young submissive plaything sits beside Kirsten while Justine kisses her. The domme mistress then, feels Maddy's titties and actively slaps her inner thighs. Moments later, Justine makes Kirsten kiss Maddy as the woman in charge continues to be slap happy with her submissive's inner area of her legs. One the brief kissing moment concludes, Maddy is then turned around so that Justine can spank her ass. At this point, Kirsten also joins in the ass pleasuring duties. She and Justine grind their nails into the submissive's nice looking butt. Suddenly, the mistress leaves Kirsten to take control of the situation. Some slap action occurs by Kirsten a bit before the already somewhat sensual tone becomes more erotic. Kirsten applies the good pleasuring actions on her partner. Their body language feels personal. The energy level picks up pace when Kirsten eats Maddy's pussy with good stimulated passion. When it's time for Maddy to reciprocate that gesture, she applies a more tender oral massage on Kirsten's beauty spot. Her persistence makes Kirsten cum so well. I like their eye contact, however at times, it loses track naturally on account of Kirsten's body reactions to the very effective stimulation that is being applied to her vaginal region. Afterwards, Kirsten tribs her partner with much determined effort. She also sucks the young lady's toes momentarily. The tone of their scene becomes more heated as Kirsten rubs Maddy's pussy pretty solidly before sucking it. Then, Kirsten gets in doggie position in order for Maddy to sensually lick her snatch. Finally, they are cuddling together in the middle of the bed. If I had to summarize Maddy's and Kirsten's tone of giving pleasure, I have to say that Maddy was more sensual and erotic. Meanwhile, Kirsten's body had the most eye candy appeal since she was fully naked.
Scene Two: Justine Joli and Dana Dearmond enter the mistress' bedroom where they make out. The two women are playful and kind of frisky towards each other. As they proceed, Justine sucks her partner's toes with good suction and passion. Meanwhile, Dana is getting turned on by the woman's foot and leg worshiping antics. When the pussy eating actions occur, Justine is pretty focused on Dana's passion fruit especially right between the pussy lips. Her driven effort makes Dan cum well. As a matter of fact, my mouth was watering just by watching this moment. When Justine applies the fingerfucking actions to it, Dana quivers much. As Justine sticks all four fingers into her, I could not stop but think about the idea of fisting. However, it's important to note that no fisting occurs here. Nevertheless, Dana really gets off from Justine's hot actions. Later, Dan takes control of the situation and begins to pleasure her partner while Justine is laying on her back. A cool moment occurs when Dana and Justine take turns in sucking Justine's pussy flavored fingers. They both take her fingers deep in their mouths. Afterwards, Dana sucks her partner's tits hard. Both women can be described as not wallflowers. They love to be in charge. A 69 follows with Justine on top and then, they kiss with good heat. Later, Justine rubs Dana's pussy well enough to make her squirm. Then, Dana sucks the woman's toes while rubbing her sexual plaything to good effect. A nice looking humping session by Dana follows before she really sucks Justine's pussy with good suction. Then, Justine fucks Dana a couple of times that really rocks her world.
Scene Three: Kirsten Price, Sinn Sage, and  Kiera Winters make out in the billiards room after dancing in the bar. The three ladies look very attractive in their dresses. Soon, Sinn and Kiera are kissing as Kirsten watches them. The make out activity is slow paced. However, it becomes intense when Kiera sucks Sinn's breast. I like how the camera does a fine job in shifting back and forth between the couple and Kirsten. Since Kirsten's body is so sexy, it makes the viewer want to see her. Later, Kiera is laying on the pool table while Sinn is eating her vaginal treat. The tone is steamy. It continues since their body language enhances it. Later, Sinn focuses on her partner's butt before fingering her tight pussy. In the meantime, Kirsten is seen in the background while sitting on the billiards table. Her hot legs are eye candy stimuli. Next, we see Sinn on the table as Kiera really digs into her crotch for some pussy tasting. Her persistent delivery makes Sinn cum much. Their back and forth pleasuring session is worthwhile. I really enjoyed it much when Sinn started to trib Kiera. It is at this point when the excitement level gathered good jack off action. Sinn has always been a very good fucker since she really knows how to apply it so well.
Scene Four: Mistress Justine Joli tries to take control of the situation as an angry Kristen Price erupts. She ties her on the couch as she spanks her feet a bit. I like how Justine hovers Kirsten and applies some nice caresses on the woman. Later, Kirsten is freed and Justine begins to pleasure the woman. I especially enjoyed watching Justine suck Kirsten's snatch while spanking her ass too. She sucks her pussy with more passion when Kirsten lays on the black sofa on her back. Her increasing fingerfuck along with her oral suction make Kirsten cum. Afterwards, Kirsten humps the mistress with a good demeanor. Then, I enjoyed watching her lips provide a good puckering technique on Justine's pussy. The mistress really gets off so well when the woman applies a solid fingerfuck. As their performance proceeds on, I liked how both of their bodies looked so attractive. The tone becomes personal when Justine kisses Kirsten's body and tits. The kissing moments felt personal.

Final Thoughts: After watching this film, the viewers are going to want to see more episodes. Justine Joli and Kirsten Price work very well together. It is going to be enjoyable to see how their characters develop as well as their intimacy for one another. The Sado-Masochism Bondage and Discipline (SMDB) activities between Justine and Kirsten had the appropriate tone for the Sweetheart Video demographic. Thus, it was correct it was not too rough. The pace of the storyline was effective, however it would had been nice to have seen more conversational moments between Kirsten and Justine. Melissa Monet brought a good mix of SMDB action with sensuality eroticism to this film. I recommend it.


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