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Just Over Eighteen #4

  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

Just Over Eighteen 4

Red Light District

Genre: Anal, Young Women, Gonzo

Director: David Luger

Cast: Paulina, Brandon Iron, Joel Lawrence, Mr. Pete, Justina, Vanessa, TT Boy, Joel Lawrence, Nicky Reed, Christina, Claudio Meloni, Brian Pumper,
Kelly, David Luger(BTS)

Length: 140 minutes

Date of Production: 8/7/02

Extra's: 11.5 minutes of boner footage, extra scene (billed as behind the scenes), 20 trailers, photogallery

Audio/Video Quality: There were a few artifacts and rough spots from time to time but generally it was a good picture. The audio was good too.

Body of Review: Just Over Eighteen #4 focuses on young women having hardcore sex. All of them were from Europe and few spoke any significant amount of English. Porn isn't generally about words though, it's about action and let me tell you, these women were good at what they do. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Paulina, a kinky haired 19 year old with tiny tits and a somewhat jaded attitude, took on Brandon Iron, Joel Lawrence, and Mr. Pete. The sex included oral, straight and anal. Aside from her seeming like the clock was running a few times, the action was pretty good.

Scene Two: Justina, a lean blond with a cutish face, had sex with wimpy TT Boy. Okay, I can see where Red Light District probably has been keeping so busy that they feel the need to use whatever guys they can get, but this guy is like a Max Hardcore wannabe little leaguer. I think the scene would've been much better had one of the RLD regular studs taken over. In any case, she easily took his small penis in her mouth, pussy and ass yet was probably wishing for someone at least a bit bigger. His rant at the end of the scene confirmed what a lot of his critics have said over the years. Let's just say that the guy makes Ed Powers seem masculine by comparison.

Scene Three: Vanessa, the woman on the dvd cover, took on Joel Lawrence and Mr. Pete. The scene included oral, straight and anal. It was pretty hot.

Scene Four: Nicky Reed, the cutest gal here who sported some great looking natural breasts, took on Joel and Mr. Pete. This was probably the best scene on the dvd and that was no small feat. The action included oral, straight, anal and even a DP. Whew!

Scene Five: Christina, a blond with girl next door looks, had both Claudio and Mr. Pete. This scene had the poor luck to follow the last, much hotter, scene. It included oral and straight only but was still warm.

Scene Six: Kelly, a sweaty little redhead with DSL's, took all Brian and Mr. Pete could give her, including oral, straight and a DP. Like most of the scenes here, she took a facial. Not the best or worst scene here.

Summary: Red Light District is fast becoming the king of the gonzo market. They've been open for about a year yet manage to combine high end production values with hot action and (usually) attractive women from all over the world. With a bit more polish, they will easily displace the much more expensive dvd's put out by their competitors without sacrificing any of the stuff that fans of hardcore action expect. That they can more for less is impressive, most impressive, to a guy like myself who demands lots of fuck for his buck. This was not their best dvd but it was head and shoulders above similar dvd's from other companies. Highly recommended for fans of hardcore gonzo and recommended for the browsers like myself.


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