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Just Over Eighteen #2

  • Release date:
    April 2, 2002

Just Over Eighteen #2

Red Light District

Genre: Young Performers, Anal

Director: David Luger

Cast: Jenna Haze, Mark Ashley, Alexia Riley, Darren James, Marie Mandalay, Brandon Iron, Tony Michaels, Scarlet, Mariella, Cockwood, Brooke Balentine

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 11/20/01

Extra's: ~16 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, photogallery, 11 trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The picture's not quite as good as some of RLD's newest efforts but very clear for the most part. The audio is a bit above average.

Body of Review: When I got the chance to check out some of Red Light District's older releases, I thought it would help me see how much the company had improved. Most of their current releases have crystal clear pictures and very well done sound. I had heard some fussing about technical issues so I sat down to see how Just Over 18 #2 was.

Well, my conclusion was that the movie had few problems worth mentioning. The sex was a bit less hardcore than their most current releases and you can see a few rough edges from time to time but it was still better than what most of the so called "leading companies" produce. If you like really raunchy sex, you're going to like this one. The performers are all either 18 or 19 years old and while a few of them look about average for girl next door gonzo movies, the others looked attractive. Here's a brief breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Jenna, a somewhat spacey young gal with a cute face and body, took on Mark in what is easily the best scene of hers I've seen in the short time she's been making porn. The very warm scene included oral, straight, anal with a gape, and a facial. She looked and acted young if that's what you're looking for.

Scene Two: Alexia, an okay looking gal, took on both Mark and Darren. The sex only included oral and straight with a facial but wasn't bad.

Scene Three: Marie, a slightly chubby gal with a hairy crotch, had sex with Brandon and Tony. Again, the sex included oral and straight with a facial. If you like inexperienced young women, this one seemed to be right up your alley.

Scene Four: Scarlet, a redhead that just didn't appeal to me, had sex with Mark. She had oral, straight, anal and a facial with some minor ass to mouth.

Scene Five: Mariella, a cute blonde with pretty blue eyes admitted that this was her 5th scene in the business. She took on a guy names "Cockwood" and had oral, straight, and only the tip of a guy in her ass before the small facial. Still, she looked good.

Scene Six: Brooke, a gal with a taste for hardcore action, had oral, straight, anal and a facial with Brandon and Mark. She like being spanked and took a major anal pounding as well as enjoyed (ewww) ass to mouth. I liked her body a lot and she had a great rack. Very enthusiastic performance too.

Summary: Okay, not all the gals took anal and the format of a short interview on a couch before a bit of tease and then hardcore action is pretty standard, but even this early in the porn business, RLD seemed to be setting a standard of action and technical expertise. Considering how long their major competitor, Evil Angel, has been in the business, and how RLD easily beats them out on technical quality on a consistent basis, I can see why so many fans have been flocking to the far lower priced newcomer. The women looked young, the action was hot, and whole package seemed to shout "replay value" so I'm recommending this one. I'm not fixated on seeing the youngest looking women as others seem to be so adjust your personal ratings accordingly.


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