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Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick

  • Release date:
    February 10, 2000
  • Cast:
    Tera Patrick|Joone

From Digital Playground, the same folks that brought us "Virtual Sex with
Julia Ann" comes another title in the series, "Virtual Sex with Tera
Patrick." As with it predecessor, this one also supports the FantaVR interface
(see my review of "Virtual Sex with Julia Ann".) It is a method by
which you can control scene selections with your remote and how your character
(represented as a ghost actor) interacts with the leading lady in sexual situations.
Once again it provides 58 variations on the theme by using alternate dialogs
and positions in foreplay and intercourse mode viewed from two different camera
angles. The interaction in this series of virtual fantasies is basically the
same across the titles, and it really comes down to the actress to make it a
success. She has to sell it and if you have seen others in this series, you
have to want to see that particular girl. Besides the change in the solo character,
everything else is near identical. Same scene, same menu.

The actress in this VR offering is Tera Patrick, one of the hottest models from
Penthouse Magazine. She does a good job (although she doesn't have to try real
hard) in looking sexy and expressing her interest in you. Her bio and story
sections are entertaining and seductive and she performs admirably in the selectable
cut-scenes. As in the other offerings, the actors depicting you are swapped
out to keep up with the mountain of strokes and climaxes that ensue. Unlike
many adult movies that are done over a period of a couple days, the VR's appear
to be done in a single shooting. And, with a total of 58 scenes and angles,
it is a marathon that numbs the mind and, obviously, certain other body parts.

Bio Mode
With this selection, Tera dances about on screen while you hear a voice-over
narrative about her personal desires and stories of her sex life and growing
up. Provocative to be sure.

Striptease Mode
She undulates while undressing whispering suggestive comments to help get you
in the mood. Soon, everything is off and wow, those can't be real.

Foreplay Mode
You are placed in a scene where Tera is on a table and writhing with glee. You
select if you want to stimulate her with your hand, a vibrator or orally. The
oral toggle clips her off at the waist and you have to use some imagination
about what may be happening. More toggles allow you to select an innocent or
demanding tone in her vocal expressions and view the action from two different
camera angles. The angles are actually two cameras running in tandem and not
separate clips. Angle one is straight on, facing forward. Angle two is either
a side shot with camera two or a digitally zoomed version of camera one. You
are also able to select between normal foreplay mode and orgasm mode, where
various faux climaxes occur.

Sex Mode
This mode is very similar in appearance and operation to foreplay mode with
the exception of you (your ghost actor) being actually engaged in sex with Julia.
Instead of a hand, vibrator and mouth to work with, here you select the positions
of missionary, on top, on top(rear view) and doggie. In many camera angles of
top and top(rear), there is really nothing you can see except her bouncing on
top and even less when the orgasm toggle is on. In oral mode, she works you
over concluding with big time digitally enhanced eruptions.

The Pros
Most obviously, the wonderfully endowed Tera works with a real partner (the
actor playing you) that tries to keep as much of his body out of the shot as
possible except for the pieces actively engaged in the sexual gyrations. The
idea here is to make you feel it is really you in control and involved directly.
The video image is first rate and the scene well lit. The Dolby 5.1 surround
is clean and clear. Using the menu or using numeric shortcuts allow you to easily
position her in a variety of ways. When you view the DVD and try all the control
operations, you notice that the individual scenes are short, usually under two
minutes. But it adds up, as the total is a surprising 120 minutes of footage.

The Cons
I wasn't convinced I was the one in the scene with her and that's the intent
in making these types of interactive DVD's. Sure you can turn her up, down and
all around, but I personally can't envision myself as her partner. It comes
down to having the ability to switch to 58 different clips of her. Since there
is no storyline, the replay value is not as high as it could be with a performer
like this in it.

It's unclear to me at the moment how this new technology will be accepted. Console
gaming is very popular and the FantaVR interface is rudimentary similar, so
it may bring younger viewers onboard. But, I think it will be a much harder
sell for the other crowd who are used to some mere fragment of a storyline.
It's also designed for solo operation; you controlling your virtual partner,
so most satisfaction will come from viewing it without someone beside you. That
might work if your girlfriend was away on vacation, but this concept still has
a ways to go to convince the viewer it's really you in the scene. So if the
marketing is patterned toward believable interaction versus pick a position
you want to see her in, it could fall flat.

If you want to see Tera Patrick in action from a variety of angles and are intrigued
about the whole concept of virtual interaction with an adult film star, then
you will want to rent the title. But, if you're used to watching couples interact
in an adult story setting (limited as it usually is), then you'll more than
likely be disappointed.


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