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Jezebelle and Friends

  • Release date:
    January 1, 1970

The DVD:

Jezebelle and friends, from Penthouse video is a pretty benign film. 
Each scene is introduced by Jezebelle, the main character as she talks about her
friends from the nude modeling industry.  While each girl is downright
beautiful, and not your standard porn-fare, the scenes themselves are fairly
common, and not what I had expected from Penthouse.


Scene Selection:  There are three different scene selection
screens, the first two linking to the eight main scenes and the last linking to
the end credits.  The menus are easy to navigate, but extremely bland and
cookie-cutter like as the last screen has room for three more scenes...they just
used a template and threw the menus together I guess.

Main Feature:

Scene 1: Jezebelle - The scene starts with Jezebelle waking up in her bed,
turning off the fan and undressing before a long day of nothing.  She then
continues to pull out a dildo and pleasure herself.  After doing that for a
few minutes, she turns to the camera, addresses the camera as the viewer and
starts talking about her life - which I'm sure is all true...she then tells us
that she's going to tell some stories about some of her girlfriends that she met
on shoots, and whatnot.  The first girlfriend is Hannah.

Scene 2: Hannah - Apparently, Hannah's from England and she daydreams about
being an angel.  We see Hannah emerge from the clouds wearing some
wings.  She walks towards the camera, and eventually lays down on her back
where she uses her fingers to pleasure herself on a bed of clouds.  This
goes on for about two minutes before we transition to another scene in on the
shore of the Panama Diamond River.

Scene 3: A girl walks into the bait store with a skimpy outfit on and walks
towards the camera where she strips and proceeds to masturbate for the
camera.  The scene is pretty tame with no close-up shots of her vagina, nor
any shots of penetration.  While she is pretty hot, the scene is anything
but.  At one point, the camera pans to the sign listing the bait for sale
and stays there for seven seconds.  This continues for twelve minutes with
short shots of Jezebelle pleasuring herself (about 3-5 seconds long each). 
We then switch to Jezebelle and she introduces us to her next friend - Kelly.

Scene 4: Kelly - Kelly appears in the desert, with a boombox held over her
head and no top on.  She's got short, blonde hair which looks a bit too masculine,
though she is anything but.  She's got a great body, but all she does for
eight minutes is to dance provocatively in front of the camera - once again, no
close up shots of any genetalia, and no penetration shown of any part.  We
then switch back to Jezebelle who introduces us to the Russian, Nikita.

Scene 5: Nikita - Nikita is a hot blonde with what appear to be enhanced
breasts who wades in a kiddie pool while stripping as she proceeds to get out a
large plastic dildo.  She sucks on it for a while, but she never inserts it
into her pussy, nor does she do anything remotely erotic.  This lasts for
three minutes before we transition to the next scene.

Scene 6: A blonde here with short, straight blonde hair and small perky tits
is in front of a large canvas and begins to paint herself.  She then lays
down on the paint and masturbates for awhile, but again, there's really nothing
to see as the camera angles really only show her breasts (not a bad thing per
se).  She then decides she's done painting, as she is covered in it and we
jump to the next scene.

Scene 7: Jezebelle reappears, puts out her cigarette and then proceeds to
suck on her fingers for a while which then make it down to her pussy. 
After some rubbing, dancing, and teasing, the scene is over in three
minutes.  She then proceeds to talk about Hanna again, and we're taken to
the next scene.

Scene 8: Jezebelle & Hannah - Quite possibly the best scene on the disc,
this one contains both Jezebelle and Hanna as they rub each other and lick each
other's pussy, but you never really see anything close up, nor do we hear either
of the girls during this whole time.  The scene is a scant five minutes
long, and while erotic, it's nothing special as the camera is always in the
wrong position or wrong angle to show anything of substance.

Special Features:  There are no special features.


The video is a nice feature here, as the film seems to have been shot in
digital - there are very few noticeable problems and it looks great on the TV


The sound is presented in stereo (2.0).  What's disappointing here, is
other than Jezebelle's introductions, each scene just consists of music over
each girl, and you don't hear anything going on in the scene - no moans,
nothing.  Just the music.


I expected more from Penthouse.  Each scene just features the girl
dancing for the camera and pleasuring herself, yet there are no explicit shots
of the woman's pussy, nor any penetration shots when fingers or toys are
used.  I guess, this DVD coming from Image Entertainment, they were going
for softcore porn, but the Penthouse name is misleading and while the scenes are
erotic and maybe meant for viewing by couples, overall, this DVD is quite
bland.  At only $19.99, the price isn't too high, but it's still too much
for this boring DVD with absolutely no special features.


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