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  • Release date:
    September 30, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 28m
  • Cast:
    Julia Ann|Asa Akira|Jessica Drake|Tommy Gunn|Xander Corvus|Capri Cavanni|Steven St. Croix|Derrick Pierce|Toni Ribas|Brad Armstrong|Eric Masterson|Asphyxia Noir|Adrianna Luna|Presley Hart|Cameron Dee|T.J. Cummings

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Wicked Pictures

Genre: Feature, Blockbuster

Director: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Jessica Drake, Steven St. Croix, Presley Hart, Brad Armstrong, Julia Ann, Xander Corvus, Asa Akira, Eric Masterson, TJ Cummings, Adrianna Luna, Cameron Dee, Tommy Gunn, Capri Cavanni, Asphyxia Noir, Toni Ribas, Derrick Pierce
Non-sex roles: David Lord, Jack Vegas, Terry Tripod, Melissa Hill, Steviee, Desiree Lynn, Maria Chavez, Kay LaRosa, Erik Williamson, Rick Bagley, Big Chief Quarterback, Claudia Greystone

Length: 148:17 minutes

Date of Production: 6/2013

Extras: The bulk of the extras were located on the second disc, the first disc possessing only the movie itself and some trailers; a matching sleeve on the DVD case with cover flap. The first extra on the second disc (after the spam) was a set of three bonus scenes from previous productions including Sexpionage (19:54 minutes), Tuff Love (15:14 minutes), and Stimulant (14:48 minutes); all reviewed below). Then there was a Behind the Scenes look at the movie by Lee Snijders called “The Making of Underworld” that lasted 28:15 minutes, much of it allowing director Brad Armstrong to guide the viewer through some of the extensive preparations for the movie, cast & crew allowed some comments as well. There was then a 30:10 minute feature called Sex in the Underworld, Brad commenting on the eight sex scenes and casting with lots of BTS clips from the movie. The next extra was a 15:10 minute showcase for the ladies of the movie called Women of the Underworld, followed by a 9:35 minute long feature about the Creating the characters of Underworld, an 11:43 minute feature Meet the Women of Underworld to give a series of interviews by the ladies of the flick, an extensive photogallery, more trailers, and a short, outdated company Promotional Reel. In all, a tight selection of splendid extras worthy of such a blockbuster title.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: Underworld was presented in a crisp, anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures. As expected, this was the yearly company blockbuster and looked like it was light years ahead of the majority of fuck flicks produced during the year, including those from Wicked itself. The atmospheric lighting by art director Rod Hopkins and his team (including Kylie Ireland and Andy Appleton), the wealth of camera angles by director of photography Francois Clousot (Alex Ladd and Paul Woodcrest also working cameras), and the solid editing by Scott Allen helped make this one stand out on technical merits alone but the feature elements were visually appealing as well. The aural components of the movie were likewise well handled, the stereo surround English presentation blending the crisp vocals, interesting music, and ambient sounds to match the visuals in most cases, Mark Nicholson listed as the audio tech.

Body of Review: Brad Armstrong is a director that has excelled over the years in every directing genre he has tried his hand at, his association with Wicked Pictures as a contract director/performer benefiting both in many ways. Every year he is allowed to make one or two larger features to complement the myriad of entertaining smaller flicks he makes, this year’s blockbuster called Underworld. The movie stars lovely Jessica Drake as a women who is shot during a robbery only to awaken and find she is in a metaphysical limbo where her fate will be decided, the talented young lady engaging in or observing most of the movie’s eight sex scenes. Going all out, the movie had wildly varying sets and costumes, the scale of which dwarfs anything released by the competition by a substantial amount, skilled production workers like David Lord and Kylie Ireland brought in to assist the usual team with making it all the more stunning. Sexually, ladies like Jessica Drake, Asa Akira, Julia Ann, Presley Hart, Adrianna Luna, Capri Cavanni, and Asphyxia Noir were given ample opportunity to shine as well, the theme of the movie tackled numerous times in the past but rarely anything so diverse and entertaining.

The back cover described the movie like this: “Wicked Pictures and award-winning director Brad Armstrong take you on a journey into the UNDERWORLD…an erotic masterpiece like no other! A film that blends breath-taking visuals, tantalizing costumes, intriguing characters, out of this world production design and of course - amazing sex! After a robbery gone wrong, Tanya (jessica drake) finds herself in a coma-like state, which has her cross into an eerie UNDERWORLD, a dream-like purgatory where lost souls go to find out their fate. Along the way she meets a cast of mystical characters, who help guide her on a journey through the UNDERWORLD. The cinematic spectacle reaches its climax as Tanya meets Death (Derrick Pierce), who has come to "take" her. Will she be able to beg or barter for her life? Will she finish her journey and live to tell the tale? Get ready to experience the erotic movie adventure of a lifetime.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Jessica Drake, the sexual dynamo with a tight hard body and strawberry blond hair featured on the front cover, was up first in bed with Steven St. Croix during the opening credits. The initial footage was presented in a montage format, a lot of editing showing the couple as very much into each other and the moment. She slobbed his knob and he gobbled her gash, some frisky moments leading to them savoring each other in a 69 before he rimmed her and started pounding her in a multitude of vaginal penetrative positions, the ending wad of genetic juice landing on her mouth and chest once he peeled off the condom and deposited it there. Jessica was as enthusiastic as ever, showed great eye contact, and provided an active riding experience, Steven complementing her nicely even if I would have preferred a longer scene.

Scene Two: Presley Hart, a lean little hotty with a pretty face and smoking hot body, was up next as a nurse in a locker room with doctor Brad Armstrong. They couldn’t keep their hands off one another upon entry to the room, his hand dipping into her pants to excite her manually before he went down on her tasty little beaver. She then sucked him off briefly while he fingered her, the babe applying some hand to gland friction to enhance the moment for him. He then peeled off her dripping wet panties and took her in a standing doggy, removing her other attire for some vaginal fun as he boned her like he owned her. She then threw him down and jumped on top of him for some aggressive cowgirl drilling, his turgid rod appealing to her as he slapped her ass and played with her perfect pucker a little bit. He continued to bang her bald beaver until the all natural hotty drained him of population pudding, the man dousing her face with his spew before he was called away.

Scene Three: Julia Ann, as a mechanized woman seen on the center of the front cover, was up next in a blowjob only scene with equally stylish Xander Corvus, his rendition of an Edward Scissorhands character on stilts certainly imaginative. As expected, Julia worked his bone actively using her hand and mouth in unison to elicit his wealth of spunk, the popular MILF jerking him off into her open mouth as she maintained eye contact with him adding some perverse pleasure to the movie.

Scene Four: Jessica Drake, next walking in a dark area all naked and sweaty, then entered a blood red room ruled by Asa Akira, the Asian cutie featured beside her on the front cover. The ladies made out with a series of light caresses, kissing at length as Eric Masterson and TJ Cummings pawed them in subordinate roles. The ladies them split off with one of the men each, Asa tackling Eric while Jessica handled TJ, the couples experiencing various forms of oral sex before sharing each other and swapping out more than once. Asa took a cock vaginally while Jessica was still blowing the other, the ladies sharing TJ’s pecker orally while Eric continued to pound Asa’s neatly trimmed pussy. Asa then rode TJ while Eric drilled Jessica, some intermittent head by both ladies leading to anal and a DP for the light haired lass. Asa did anal too, rather flexibly I might add, the scene ending when Eric blasted Jessica in the face with splooge around the same time as TJ handed Asa his nut juice, the ladies sharing every drop of semen that came their way.

Scene Five: Adrianna Luna, Cameron Dee, and Tommy Gunn, were up next in a warriors of the wasteland scenario showing the three as fearless barbarians dressed up like they were auditioning for roles in Gonad the Barbarian. The winds swept through as they kissed and pawed each other, their loin cloths and accessories looking slightly familiar as the trio made out on the sand dunes. There was some lesbian kissing and caressing too but the majority of the action included Tommy, his turgid rod shared by the women orally before he tapped them like crazy in a number of vaginal positions. Yeah, like a few of the other scenes, the condoms looked way out of place but frankly, given some of the industry’s issues of late I really can’t fuss too loudly the safety issue. In any case, the ladies sucked his balls and looked most fetching as they readied him for riding, Cameron going first as she actively bounced on his rod in cowgirl variations while Adrianna molested and kissed her. Adrianna then bent over for Tommy to pork her pussy, Cameron reciprocating on the oral with her friend before Tommy fed them both some of his well liked ball batter. The ladies cum swapped his juices and the scene cut away to Jessica having a rough time, some feature elements showing her in a precarious state in the real world.

Scene Six: Capri Cavanni, a gorgeous woman with brilliant eyes and a winning smile, was up next after an aerial acrobatics show above a pool of water where lovely Jessica Drake laid prone and bleeding. Capri was another hard body worth checking out, this lesbian pairing offering some stilted dialogue but the ladies kissing and feeling each other up was well worth the wait. The scene was slow and sensual, Capri kneeling on top of the wounded Jessica to serve as her own angel of mercy. The background was stunning in terms of the simplicity which allowed the ladies to truly stand out by comparison, the two of them gobbling gash and using some toys, Jessica getting a glass dildo in her sweet ass while she rubbed herself, Capri eating her box while deploying a larger toy on her own pussy. While it was a basic lesbian tryst, the ladies shared some chemistry and heat, making it as strokable as most of the other scenes in its own way.

Scene Seven: Asphyxia Noir, a pale brunette with lots of tattoos on her body (as seen on the lower right corner of the front cover), continued the themes of the movie (the real world and fantasy world sexually tied together) as she beckoned naked hotty Jessica Drake to join her on a table. The contrast between the two ladies was interesting, Jessica’s lovely tanned figure gliding all over Asphyxia’s very pale look. They made out and felt each other up until an abrupt edit showed Jessica slobbing the knob of Toni Ribas, both gals sharing his erection orally before Jessica took first dibs riding him. Both ladies assisted each other when impaling themselves on the cock too, Asphyxia slowing down for the anal as she rubbed her pussy but Jessica sticking with vaginal excellence. While the scene bounced around a bit, the passion of the trio was markedly strong, Jessica eventually doing some anal but not half as much as her buddy did before the ending round of ejaculate flew forth on Asphyxia’s body for Jessica to lick up.

Scene Eight: Jessica Drake, dressed up in a minimalist black BDSM outfit, was then up last with Derrick Pierce, his role as “Death” notable enough to inspire comparisons to an old “Bill & Ted” movie from years back. The couple argued over her impending demise, her offer as tempting as he had heard in many eons of reaping souls. She kissed him and as vile as this “kiss of death” was for her, it was as “sweet as sugar” for him, Jessica dropping to her knees to beg for her life the old fashioned way. Yes, she aggressively blew the iconic figure, working his shaft and balls with tongue, hand, and mouth in unison to inspire his alliance. Jessica’s enthusiasm to remain among the living helped give her an added incentive to please the character, throating him as if her life depended upon it. Given the duration of the wonderful hummer, I was half surprised to see him spread her legs to bone her though it was a heated set of positions, her doggy looking especially enticing as she pushed back to meet his thrusting member and her cowgirl as active as I saw throughout the show. They soon moved to doing anal which milked his nuts dry of joy juice that was jerked off on her chin and into her open mouth, some oral cleanup by Jessica considered “magnificent” by the man as their standoff continued.

Bonus Scene: Sexpionage: The Drake Chronicles: It’s time to go into cheerleader mode and he is putty in her hands, well maybe one part of him is hard, if you know what I mean. He sets her on the desk and lifts up her top and after some heavy kissing, finds his mouth all over her tits on it’s way to her pussy. Some nice tongue work in her pussy, getting her motor running. She teases him with some pussy play, before she wraps her hand around his cock. He slides his cock in between her tits, as she gives it some spit coating, and then finds it way into her mouth. She shows her O-R-A-L spirit, working it over with both hands and her mouth, as she massages his balls. He teases her pussy with his cock, before finally sliding it inside her. As he picks up the pace she keeps the dirty talk going, keeping him hard and happy. She roles over and he continues to fuck her from behind, while shoving a finger in her ass. She sets him down and bends over and he can’t help but enjoy the view as she slowly takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl. He slides out and bursts his load in her mouth. (review by Sean)

Bonus Scene: Tuff Love: Jessica shows Adrianna the Pit, where the female fighters train. She introduces them to the girls who decide that Adrianna needs to be initiated. What they have in a mind is a steel caged lesbian orgy in which the ladies feel up Adrianna to see if she has what it takes to be in their club. As Jessica watches over them, the ladies turn on each other, rip each other’s clothes off and begin sampling each other’s holes. Of course the main treat is Adrianna which all the girls get to try. Each of these girls are smoking hot on their own and get worked on. Then Jessica joins in on the orgy and now she’s the center of attention. Each of the girls gang up on her with Adrianna and Celeste lapping at her clit while the other two make out with Jessica, causing her to quiver uncontrollably until she is weak in the knees and falls over ending this sweaty lesbian workout. (review by Rob)

Bonus Scene: Stimulant: Asa Akira pleads and tries to get Derrick Pierce to stop filming her. I like seeing her run around the room. She just wants to tweet. As her pesky guy continues to film her, it is fun to watch Asa and Derrick interact with each other. I like how she teases him by showing off portions of her breasts. Later on, the pretty woman takes out his dick and gives him a sensual bj effort at first. Afterwards, he kisses her legs and lays between them to eat her pussy. Next, he fucks her and I love Asa's facial expressions during this excitable missionary screw. A doggie follows that leads to the woman laying on her stomach. Some cockriding follows. Some of the hottest moments occur when Asa sucks his dick again and jacks him off. I love seeing her lick off the sticky white juice off his leg. (review by George)

Summary: Underworld by director Brad Armstrong for Wicked Pictures was right up there with some of Brad’s previous winners in terms of replay value, strokability, and sheer entertainment value, an absolute rarity as most companies are either sold off, folding, or downsizing to the point that features are increasingly tedious melodramas due to budgetary reasons (with limited exceptions). The fun factor I look for was evident in abundance and the ladies, particularly Jessica Drake, were well cast in their roles to the point where I had few complaints worth mentioning. In all, the movie was deserving of an Xcritic Pick rating for a great many reasons, Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake again nailing it to the point where Underworld merited special consideration for more award categories than I care to outline in this review. The movie was admittedly a bit strange, dark at times, and curiously twisted but in such a way that a lot of people should really appreciate it as a wonderful alternative to the largely dried up parody market, the gonzo genre, and the tidy little romances that all have their places too so give this double disc set a look and find out what the buzz is all about.


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