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Let Me Suck You 5

  • Release date:
    March 27, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 35m
  • Cast:
    Missy Martinez|Jessi Palmer|Carlos Dee|Mischa Brooks|Adrianna Luna


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Let Me Suck You 5

Elegant Angel

Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Carlos Dee

Cast: Adrianna Luna, Dane Cross, Hope Howell, Logan Pierce, Missy Martinez, Kris Slater, Jessi Palmer, Karlo Karrera, Layla Luxxx, Eric John, Zoey Nixon, Mischa Brooks, Jake Taylor

Length: 157:20 minutes

Date of Production: 2/27/2013


Extras: The best extra was the oral-only bonus scene, a 20:03 minute long scene from Let Me Suck You 2 starring Alyssa Branch as described below. Then there were trailers, spam, photogallery, trailers, and a pop shot recap.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Let Me Suck You 5 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Carlos Dee as shot for Elegant Angel. The video bitrate was decent and the lighting minimized all the usual visual issues, showing the ladies very nicely indeed. The format was again a tease before the gals provided aggressively sexy hummers on anonymous men, no serious problems with the visual aspects (even the editing by Bruce Carter looking pretty good with a variety of camera angles and mix of distance shots while maintaining the anonymous factor of the men). I think this one looked better than previous entries into the series I have reviewed too, a plus given the company’s devotion to high end technical aspects. The audio was offered up in 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English, no major directionality or separation noticed. The teases were all shot using music instead of vocals, most of the ladies keeping quiet on vocals except for grunts, groans, and minor aural excursions, said music coming from “Freek Van Workum”.


Body of Review: Carlos Dee is a relatively new director at Elegant Angel, my exposure to his work being a couple of specialty movies. I liked his flicks enough to now pick up his latest sexual adventure called Let Me Suck You 5, a set of seven scenes where women go one on one with anonymous mopes to slob their knobs like champions. I always prefer to see full sex scenes of women actively bouncing on cocks in all sorts of ways but the cast showed that the gals were very comfortable milking the balls of the mopes, Jessi Palmer, Mischa Brooks, and Adrianna Luna earning my lust more than the others this time (Zoey Nixon coming across as pretty fuckable too though). Of note here too was that the ladies used their tits, ass cracks, labia, and feet to enhance the oral experience greatly so it was a special treat indeed. Oh, and the two bonus scenes did not hurt the appeal in the slightest. Here’s a very brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Adrianna Luna, a lean brunette hotty with a shaven snatch, was up first teasing in a bright pink dress with blue spots on it in the living room. She slowly touched herself and stripped, her allure very popular with fans and her exotic good looks a major selling point for me too. After the tease, she was paired up with moper Dane Cross, at least that is what my friends at the IAFD tell me (I used them for male credits since no one at Elegant seemed to care enough to list males by scene), her mouth easily handling his modest pecker. I liked how enthusiastic she was, the gal always smiling and making POV eye contact, the manner in which she slobbed his knob without any gash gobbling in return setting the pace for the others. Adrianna also sucked his balls a little and left streamers from her mouth to the cock, some titty fucking included before he deposited the load of genetic juice to her waiting mouth, the gal beating his meat until he lost it all over her upper torso and face (swallowing some of it).


Scene Two: Hope Howell, a particularly fetching young lady with red hair and a striped set of panties, was up next as she lounged on the sofa while masturbating, savoring some of her own juices during the tease before working on the cock of Logan Pierce as a main event. She had a shaven snatch too, the gal abruptly edited to show her embracing his cock orally once the tease cut off. I liked that she spoke during the scene, the dirty talk elevating the scene for me and her passion for pecker a nice touch. She gave some testicle love too but spent the majority of her time on his top few inches, gagging at times and slurping up her own saliva during others. Her hand to gland contact was great and the eye contact helped make this a good scene too, the population pudding kept in her mouth for swallowing in a more controlled burst of fluids this time.


Scene Three: Missy Martinez, a beautiful brunette with big boobs, was up next as the camera spent ample time spotlighting her chest and face, her red jogging shorts lifted off to reveal a wonderfully thick ass as she continued to caress herself in the home setting. After the tease ended, she crawled over to blow Kris Slater, the decadent young lady licking his balls and taint to spice things up as his fully turgid rod soon felt the sweet oral touch of her tongue. She concentrated on his head and gave him a fine titty fuck, her dirty talk making this scene a winner too, her oral devotion to duty finishing him off with a rapid fire handjob/knob slobbing that gave up the spunk all over his face as though he had been doing without sex for a week or two.


Scene Four: Jessi Palmer, the cover lady with red hair and fantastic pretty eyes, was up next as she playfully teased in the living room in her black thong and cover top, the gal sporting just a wisp of pubic hair as she masturbated and teased in the artistic montage. Carlo Carrera (also spelled with “K” on both names) was the reportedly lucky mope to receive her oral blessings, the gal crawling up to him to savor his taint before slowly moving northward to his balls and cock as she took off her top to inspire him. She kept most of her mouth on the upper inch or two of his cock but added something to even it out by savoring the experience, a sultry approach to giving head that I found enjoyable. Most of the time though, she concentrated on giving him a hand job to get him off, the free flowing splooge plastering her face (including her eye) as she finished him off.


Scene Five: Layla Luxxx, a lightly tattooed hotty with a lean body and all natural curves, was up next as she stripped and masturbated at very slow pace on the couch, some stubble shown on her crotch but the pussy otherwise clean of hair. She had what I think most people would consider the most beautiful face overall here, her perky ass begging for a pegging but alas it was not meant to be this time as she followed the general formula. Her mane of luxurious hair swept around and she ended up with Eric John, talking dirty to him when her mouth wasn’t full. She licked his shaft like she was rolling a huge joint, sucking the head as well as jerking him off a bunch, the baby batter soon pouring out of Eric’s rod at her command. Yeah, she nibbled his nuts along the way too but she was another that has plenty of untapped potential given her overall demeanor here, the gal closing her eyes while she tossed him off onto her forehead in what some might call a dodge move.


Scene Six: Zoey Nixon, a slutty gal with anime red hair, was up next in bed as she coyly used her boobs to start off the tease. She wore some interesting shoes and slowly caressed her body as she gave the camera something to appreciate, her eye contact superior as she fingered herself which led to her blowing Eric John. As she knelt between his legs, she gripped the base with her hand and sucked the head, tapping her face with his turgid pecker while asking the age old question regarding her work. She then sucked his sweaty nuts and lightly stroked him, removing her shirt to use her tits on him though she was an expert when it came to coordinating her hand to gland abilities with her mouth (I just wish she throated him deeper). She also rubbed her ass on his cock too, a favorite approach of mine (as a receiver of ass rubbing that is), the gal begging for him to release his ball batter all over her mouth though she did not appear to swallow any.


Scene Seven: Mischa Brooks, a very cute young lady with red highlights in her hair and a sweet ass, was up last and as much as I adore her rump, her pretty eyes called out to me this time given the POV nature of the camera work. She was given a diverse montage that included masturbation and stripping, her panties soaking wet and her eye contact again as solid as any of her peers. She gave a fun tease and ended up servicing Jake Taylor, her white top and blue skirt back on as she crawled over the carpet to orally engage him. She sucked balls and cock with equal fervor, Mischa’s passion for pecker enhancing the ending scene to make it even more memorable given how sloppy it was. She throated more than most of her peers, looking up as his wad of nut juice came forth all over her face, Jake’s holding her head on his rod weakening it a little just as his need to toss off instead of letting her do it alone did.


Bonus Scene: Let Me Suck You 2: Alyssa Branch, the appealing young blond featured on the front cover, was up first teasing in a modest living room while wearing a pink top and black booty shorts. The camera followed her body and showed her off nicely, the fetching young lass looking exceptionally hot and ready for cock. When the time came, she knelt before her uncredited mope and started inhaling his rod actively, using her hand at times to increase the friction. It got messy and included some chest rubbing of the rod and throat fucking, ball sucking and labia teasing the pecker as though some insertion might take place. The scene then abruptly cut from her beating his meat with two hands to the guy jerking off to her face, the genetic juice concentrated on her mouth area.

Summary: Let Me Suck You 5 by director Carlos Dee as shot for Elegant Angel was quite good in many ways, only a few of the ladies dropping the ball enough to lower the score to a still respectable Recommended. The movie had the kind of suck for the buck that I would expect from any release by the company, Zoey Nixon, Missy Martinez, Mischa Brooks, Adrianna Luna and others slobbing knobs with lots of enthusiasm. In short, Let Me Suck You 5 followed up on the previous volumes of series with a solid cast of orally skilled ladies, their need for facial seed a lot of fun to watch. The extras included a couple of bonus scenes well worth checking out a time or two as well, the main scenes from the movie superior though.


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