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Nasty Anal Tryouts 3

  • Release date:
    October 28, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 13m
  • Cast:
    Jessi Castro|Mike Adriano|Gaia

Category: Anal/Gonzo/POV


Cast: Gaia/Tori Avano/Jessi Castro/Cherry Hilson/Mike Adriano

Director: Mike Adriano

Extras: Trailers/Photo Galleries/Web

Release Date: 10/28/2013

Runtime: 193 Mins

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*All Scenes Contain Anal & ATM

Scene 1:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gaia/Mike Adriano
The premiere scene in Mike Adriano's Nasty Anal Tryouts 3 begins with a short tease from the super-hot and filthy-mouthed Gaia. After her brief introduction to the film she playfully talks with Adriano about how she has never been fucked in the ass before. A very coy, yet obviously depraved Gaia continues to stick to her story with an evil grin, and eventually gives some thorough tease to the camera. Gaia's tits jump off the screen as she pops them out for the home viewers and continues in giving some masturbation and ass play as well. Action sets in with a blowie given to superstar cock-slinger Adriano, with Gaia smacking and popping her mouth while eventually getting super-slopped up in the process. To say this introductory bj is fantastic would be an understatement; Gaia's submissive eagerness is simply mind-blowing as she works and works to take Mike's shaft as deep down her throat as possible with watered eyes and dick juice dripping out of her nose. The early stages consist of some rimming and anal dildo play as well, before Mike steps in and jams his dong into Gaia's 2-hole for some immediately hard pumping. Sex begins fantastically, moving to vaginal a couple times, and progressively getting stronger as the scene moves forward with loads of gapes, ATM's and deepthroat dick dunking provided by the beautiful Gaia. The scene caps off with Mike busting his sack sauce over Gaia's hungry face and mouth before she laps it up in the closing moments. Great scene here, Gaia played well to Mike's pervy behaviors and her camera interaction was spot on. Sweet!
Scene 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tori Avano/Mike Adriano 
Tori Avano is next up for an anal tryout, kicking the scene off looking fantastic in a slutty fishnet number, as she shares in some quick convo with Mike before giving some walk tease on his trusty treadmill. The tease is pretty nice here, mainly consisting of Tori showing off her lower half by spreading, posing, and walking for the pervs at home. Action starts with a bj from the brunette hottie, who is a little more hesitant than Gaia was in the previous scene, but still provides an adequately sloppy blowie for the home viewers to perv on. Introductory moments include some salad tossing as well, before Mike dives in Tori's fudge tunnel lightly while getting increasingly deeper and harder as it continues on. Sex jumps from vaginal to anal throughout, with Tori's facial expressions making for quite a nice watch as it all moves forward. After some gapes and a couple ATM's Mike fires off his cock cream over Tori's face, before she sucks out the remnants. Some solid action laced throughout this scene with some slower segments as well, but overall it was pretty well put together scene.
Scene 3:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jessi Castro/Mike Adriano
The third scene in the film introduces super hottie Jessi Castro to the film, as Mike shares in some brief conversation about her recent hiatus from the porn industry. Jessi looks fabulous here, wearing a tight pink bikini top and a skirt bottom that leaves literally nothing to the imagination. Action starts quickly with a wonderfully deep and throaty blow-j from Jessi, as she keeps a watchful eye on the perverts at home while doing so. Jessi's "go-getter" attitude is adorably cock-stiffening throughout this throat-throttling POV dicksuck, and she even gives Mike some deep rimjob action before the buttfuck ensues. There's some notably fantastic camerawork as the anal sets in, giving the viewer an outstanding look at Jessi's perfectly propped ass while still capturing her expressions to Mike's jizz whistle plunging her anus. This spoon style anal fuck preludes a missionary style pummeling, and as we move forward Jessi seems to enter a trancing state of anal bliss. After some various ATM's, gapes, and hard facefucks, the scene caps off with another face shot of jizz provided to Jessi for efforts, before she swallows up the goods and the screen fades. Loved this scene, Jessi's energy was spot-on, and her ass is simply delicious to the eyes. Sweet!

Scene 4:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

*Scene To Remember*
Cherry Hilson/Mike Adriano

The final scene in the film introduces ebony beauty Cherry Hilson to the film. A short interview segment opens the scene, with Cherry getting groped and grabbed from Mike as he stands off camera. He steps in soon after and gets some tit munches in, before Cherry gives what is probably the sloppiest throat job in the film. It goes on for quite a while, but not in a bad way, this is the kind of blowjob I could watch all day; Cherry's energy is fucking awesome, and Mike jams her face on his meat-whistle hard, which in turn only seems to give her more steam to move onward in this fifteen minute frenzy of facefucking. Afterwards, sex begins with anal of course, as Mike eases his Johnson into the nether depths of Cherry's gorgeous gape-hole. Another fantastic viewing of this introductory anal spoon-fuck, with Cherry moaning beautifully as she gradually gets fucked harder and harder. The anal goes through a few different positions, with an ATM in the latter stages where Cherry takes Mike's dong balls deep into her mouth. After an intensely beautiful doggie style fuck, Mike milks himself into Cherry's hungry mouth serving as the finale to this great scene. Loved it, Cherry is gorgeous, and the energy radiated in this scene. I didn't think anyone would hold a candle to Gaia in this film but this probably was as good or better than that first scene in my opinion. The blowjobs are certainly plentiful, and Cherry's ability to throat dick is a force to be reckoned with. Sweet!


All in all this film is definitely worth a watch, I think Adriano's fans will be pleasantly surprised given that it's a lesser known cast than we're used to seeing in his movies. The film is definitely a short one in accordance to the 4 or 5 hour mega-porns we're used to seeing from Mike, but there's still plenty of whackworthy material laced throughout this gem. Gaia was absolutely incredible in the film, the nastiness that this girl exudes is reminiscent of porno girls from years past, and her energy and exuberance for cock is a dream for every porn fan to watch. I thought the middle two scenes were pretty solid, but the final scene was the proverbial icing on the cum-covered cake. Cherry Hilson was outstanding in this film. I was initially fooled, thinking perhaps since she was lesser known and a little newer to the business she might be hesitant in her scene, I was wrong. That last scene was scalding and served as the most memorable in the film for me. Extras were decent, with separated photo galleries for each girl and a couple trailers. I'd place this one on the very high end of the recommended scale, but just not enough content for me to go the extra mile with a high recommendation. Nonetheless Adriano fans are certain to enjoy. If you see this one around ye old porn shop give it a whirl, I think you'll be happy you did :)


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